Thursday, April 21, 2016


Sorry so much time elapsed between this post and my last post.  This is a continuation of the rug camp report that my mom and I went to earlier this month in Sebring.  In this post I will show you the lovely lakefront gardens and the WIP's that came from our class with Vivily Powers.

I don't remember all the ladies names in our class I am only going to mention "first" names of the rug owners that I can recall.  Hope no one is offended and there could be some rugs I didn't get good photos of so I am not able to post them.  No photo is better than a bad photo of someone else's rug.

Somehow last post when I showed all the finished rugs from the exhibit - I inadvertently left out my mom and her beautiful Deco Flower pillow.  This was color planned by Vivily Powers as well and expertly finished by our good friend Nancy Show. Nancy selected a backing fabric from her stash that looked as though it was made for this piece and a perfect trim as well.

AHHHHH - the gardens on the patio are ever so beautiful.

 Lush and varied - the gardens never disappoint no matter what the season.
We did not attend this camp last year and I was amazed to see that the lake had come up about 2 ft since we were last there.

Exquisite Bougainvillea by the pool.  Our EGA chapter is coming to this hotel for a retreat in late July.  I can't wait for all my friends to see and enjoy this Inn on the Lakes. 

Next up is all the rugs being worked in our class.  Some of them had already been started but many were started in this class.  I will divulge all the info I know about them.
I don't know much about this one except that it was Sherry from Canada's rug.  It is a Searsport canvas and was started here at this camp.  What beautiful colors.
This is my mom's Spring Bunny canvas.  It was given to her by DF Katie Puckett.  Mom specifically wanted a white bunny and a pink background. I think Vivily was spot on in her color plan.  She dyed a special color just for this rug called Pink Sand.  The color plan is bright and cheery and was just what my mom wanted.  I should have done a close up of the eye that Vivily hooked - it's amazing!

Next is my rug, it is a Jane McGown Flynn pattern called Hampden.  It is a rug that Vivily taught at San Antonio but mine is bigger.  I think it's 23 X 28 and is very bright colors but that is what I wanted.  I didn't have a chance to get any background put in but it is a wonderful color called Crewel Linen.
 Here is a closer shot - it is mostly hooked with a 4.  I didn't want to do fine shading but oh well - it just worked out that way.  Vivily does 5 shades in her Colorama swatches and what beautiful colors.
I have to say my 3 years studying with Sibyl Osicka paid off and I remembered some of the things I learned about shading.  Of course crewel patterns are totally whimsical so it's somewhat easier to hook a crewel than a realistic floral in my opinion.  I had fun and I plan to keep working on this one.  I usually put away my camp rugs and go back to older WIP's and continue on with them but these colors are great spring and summer colors and it's not a huge rug so off I go !
This was Sharon's Poinsettia rug.  Amazing !  it is so beautiful and I'm not positive but I think she said she started this in class.  WOW !  what progress.

Another great Searsport canvas by DF Susan.  It was so fascinating to see Susan pull stash and rummage thru Vivily's gorgeous wool and see this canvas come to life.  She did not even start this rug until day 2 of class.  She does hook with a larger cut but still ...................  Amazing progress.  I was so inspired I bought the small canvas of only 1 house.
 Judy started this wonderful colorful seahorse in class.  It was fun to see it come to life.  Brilliant colors.  This is a class that Vivily taught for the Searsport Hook in in Punta Gorda last year. Another one by Jane McGown Flynn in a small cut like a 3 or 4.
This is another gorgeous rug that was started in class.  I had not heard of Fabric Foote but I think maybe that is Angela Foote's company.  Wool by Vivily I am almost positive.

 This sugar skull rug I believe had been started.  Almost all those flowers are proddy.  I think it is a gift for a granddaughter.

This rug was being worked by our table mate - Sue from Vermont who winters in FL  Let me get this straight if I can - it was a scene of the Arcadians being ousted from Canada.  It is an Encompassing Designs rug by Christine Little in Nova Scotia.  It is all in a 3 cut and it was truly amazing.

what a fun happy rug.  I think this was all done in class as well.  Great progress!
 Another one started in class.  This is a poppy pillow size rug that Vivily is teaching or has taught at seminars.  This woman is in her 80's and she does a great job.  She had that large sunflower rug in the last post.
This was another Encompassing Design canvas.  The William Morris Peacock.  The interesting thing about this rug is the owner is doing all her own dyeing.  WOW! 

I hope to get back to blogland again before the end of April to show some progress on some needlework projects although there really isn't much to show.  I am making some progress on my Kathy Rees SAL with my EGA chapter.  I started a new shawl in a new to me yarn and I just realized I never took a photo of my hexie paper pieced travel pin cushion to show you. 

I appreciate all the comments on my blog,  I love hearing from you. I had a birthday last week and I appreciate so many of you wishing me well on FB.  Until we meet again - keep those needles and hooks flying.

Edited to add that I am saddened to hear the news of the death of Prince.  He was only a year younger than me and in my opinion that is pretty young.  Prince's music transcended race, age and genre and was appreciated and adored by many fans.  RIP Prince and I know the doves do cry for our loss.

Friday, April 08, 2016


Sebring is but a memory now.  My mom and I had 5 glorious days in Sebring last weekend.  Perfect weather, easy traveling, room with a balcony and a good class with Vivily Powers.  What more could one want except maybe to come home with a finished rug HA !  what a joke that is but I did come home with another new project started and 2 small Searsport canvas purchases from the camp store.

Let's get started on our trip !

I found the lovely Erika's Tea Room in Clermont for our first stop.  It was a wonderful place owned by Erika and her mom.  Grandma worked there too and what a great staff.  She had so many lovely tea pots, tea cups, 80 different teas and all kinds of tea accoutrements. Yes we did make a purchase, I'll show you next time.  Gosh I look like I just rolled out of the bed here but I promise I drove 3 hours to get here and my eyes were open.

My dear mom having some tea.  I liked the fact that they gave you nice large teapots with cozies to keep it toasty warm.

Yes this was the view from our balcony, gorgeous isn't it !  I could have spent the entire time on the balcony but alas we sure didn't have time to spend enjoying this view.

I'm going right into the rug exhibit.  I didn't get photos of every single rug so I apologize if your rug was left out.  Some of the photos did not come out well.  This was a neat rug done by an 80 something year old woman in our class.

The director asked for WIP's to be displayed as well.  This was a neat Mola rug done by Sue Giroud who happened to be our lovely tablemate for 4 days.  It was so nice getting to know Sue who lives in Vermont and winters in the area.

Another simply exquisite rug of Sue's - I found it amazing that Sue does most of her own dyeing.  I was so intrigued by this awesome background.  She said it was one of Nancy Bloods formulas.  This was one of my favorite rugs in the show.

I'm sorry but I don't know whose rug this was.  I think maybe it was a Deanne Fitzpatrick rug.

Teacher Carol Feeney had several pieces in the exhibit.  This was a very interesting rug of her design.

Carol has many awesome rug designs and you can see them on her at  She specializes in incorporating other fibers and embellishments.

This pillow was awesome - another by Carol.

Another Carol did this pillow.  She was working this piece several years ago in a class we were all in.

Here is another WIP with an interesting story.  This was started by this womans mother.  She ran out of wool on the turquoise, the navy blue and then didn't even have some of the gold needed.  This is Kashan - an old rug by Ruth Hall, an old designer I didn't know but my teacher and others did.  I loved this pattern - so awesome - I'm thinking about adding it to my stash.  I've been wanting to do an oriental.  Also interesting to note it's hooked on burlap and the burlap keeps breaking and tearing and this poor woman has patched and hooked thru the patched spots.  I can certainly understand why she preservers on it.  It's gorgeous !

This is also her rug.  The William Morris bunny but I don't know who canvas it is.  Vivily Powers color planned.

This is my mom's rug.  WOW - didn't it photograph great.  This was the very first rug she ever did at Sebring.  It was with Vivily, what great colors and my mom is a super hooker.  Lovely job Mom !

I don't remember anything about this rug but it's awesome too as they all are.

Here is my angel runner.  It has never been shown in Sebring so I thought I'd bring it down.
This is a Bea Brock pattern and was color planned by Diane Stoffel.  It is one of my favorite rugs.
No I haven't not decided how to hang it over my bed.  I have ideas but they have not come to fruition as yet.
Last but not least is my Antique Blue Basket by Edyth O'Neill.  I must say I never tire of looking at this rug and many people commented on it at the exhibit.  I am quite proud of these two finishes.  Probably because my finishes are few and far between.  This rug is bigger than it looks - about 3.5' x 3'.
I will have another post coming up next week showing what the WIPs from our class with Vivily Powers. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend , having fun doing what they love to do.  Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.  It means so much to me.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Welcome spring - it's already been HOT here in the deep south.  We are expecting one last blast of cool air starting tonight and lasting thru tomorrow night.  I'll take it for as long as it will stay around.
We had some record highs already this month. 

I've also had some fun this month with a great hook in last weekend down in Wildwood put on by Karen Duncklee of Shady Hill Rug Hooking.  Karen and her co-chair Mona put on a super event.  She has a good blog post on her blog so click the link above and go and see her photos from this event.  I have a few photos too.  I don't know why I didn't have a single photo of my or my mom's bunny rugs.  SHOOT!  I'll have to show one later on as we are making progress.

I got a few shots of rugs being worked around us by friends and a few from the rug exhibit but you can see all the rugs from the exhibit on Karen's blog.
Here is Barbara's beautiful hen.  Love that green and the straw effect in the nest is so cool.

This is a pattern of Polly Minick I believe because I have this same canvas.  I plan to hook mine in a similar manner but I am using antique black for the stars and outlines and I'll use my prim colored scraps for the background.  I started mine in a workshop with Polly several years ago but have never gotten back to it.  This one looked like it was almost finished.

I loved this bee purse.  So cute !  Perfect handles too !  and my dear mom's hand LOL!

I thought this was a really neat pillow.  bright fun colors and I liked how they hooked the water.

This was a rug designer I was not familiar with.  She came all the way from Missouri to vend at this event.  She had some great patterns and NO - I didn't buy a big one - just a little one.

She had these great 3D animals and the most awesome nativity set which I would have loved to have. Maybe I'll order it.  No I'm not saying what my 3D animal is right now.

Some more bunny love around my house.  That hand made nest is a treasured gift from an old friend who passed last year.  Gwen was so special to me and I think of her so often.  She and I both had April birthdays and she loved tea and scones.  The little prim bunny was a recent purchase.  I got it off Early Work Mercantile and it is by the prim artist Green Creek Primitives.  Got one of these cuties for my mom too.

I couldn't resist this guy,  I thought he really wanted to come and live at my house.  He packed his lunch for the trip.  He is cleverly situated on an old spool base.

One last thing for today, the is Sail Away by Shepherds Bush.  I started it years ago in a SAL with some now good friends Terri and Loraine and I know there was others.  Well - typical of me - I never finished it so my dear dad was needing something to stitch and he finished it in about 2 mos.  I got it framed recently and it is hanging in a perfect spot that divides my sun room and my living room.

Here is a close up of the frame.  It's just perfect for the piece.  It was hard to find a frame molding which didn't over power the subtleness of this piece.  I love how it came out.  My dad is a rock star stitcher, he does more than both my mom and I put together.
Here's to hoping everyone who celebrates Easter has a blessed Holy Week.
Also wishing everyone a long lovely Spring season with many happy stitches on the horizon.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Yes bunnies are coming out to play around my house,  I have to say very happily we are having another cool snap this weekend with night temps in the 30's.  I'll hang on to the coolness for as long as possible.

With the snowmen melting away - it's bunny time.  I usually don't get bunnies out till March but it's been so unseasonably warm in the deep south - I thought it was time.

I couldn't resist getting out this tangled bunny rug canvas last weekend for our monthly rug guild meeting.  He was started last year.  Boy do I love how this is coming out.  It was color planned by one of my very favorite teachers - Dianne Kelly from the Woolen Cottage in Hiram Ohio. 

You might can see the very rich antique red background under the belly.  There won't be much background in this rug but Dianne sure chose an unconventional one which I just loved.  This will eventually become a tote bag I believe.  I added the splashes of pink and the blue,green,pink spot dye from my stash.  I was pleased with the addition of a little more color.

I might have shown this rug last year.  It is my oldest rug WIP, it spent years hiding in a bag with the other forgotten toys.  It has some special memories for me so I decided I did indeed want to finish it.  It was the very first rug camp Dianne Kelly taught at Castle in the Clouds.  It was my first "away" camp as a newbie hooker.  the original design was a Woolley Fox pattern by Warren Kimble which is no longer being produced.  Dianne altered the pattern to include my idea of having cabbages take up the entire background.  I just love the rich black dirt effect and the carrots in the border along with the black and white check outline. 

The last bunny is in progress. The progress is slow because it's not a traveling rug, it's on my big Townsend frame and I just work on it at home when I have time.  A few minutes here and there or an hour or so.  This is probably the most primitive rug you'll ever see me hook.  It is simple, naïve  and even though it's not the first rug I completed - it certainly is a beginners attempt and it shows.  Way back 15 years ago when I started this rug - I didn't know what "style or type" of hooking I wanted to do  In spite of that, there are things I love about this rug and I do want to display in my home one day.  We all started somewhere and hopefully we continue to improve our craft as we go along. 

This little bunny is by a local prim artisan.  He's perched on a giant wool carrot.

Changing gears a bit - here is a needlepoint class piece I did some years ago.  It is Ruth Schmuff's bunny tree.  It is such a fun colorful piece and just screams Easter .
Here's a closer shot of the hopping bunnies, hidden eggs and pastel flowers. It's a fun piece with all kinds of beautiful fibers. It is a bit challenging in that it is just so dang busy.  It's one of those pieces you just have to focus on one motif at a time and not the complexity of the overall project.  I think another problem was how exactly to tackle it.  In class you just do one element and move on.  I have done a lot of jumping around on it but I wonder if starting at the top and working down or starting at the bottom and working up would be a more efficient way to get it done.  I am going to consult a np expert friend of mine tomorrow and see what she thinks.
I had a cross stitch bunny design by With Thy Needle and Thread I wanted to show a photo of but I didn't have time to hunt it down this morning before I left the house.  Maybe I'll come back again before Easter and show my progress on these 3 WIP's.
So my friends - it's Friday again and almost the end of another month.  I hope whether you are still enjoying snowmen or are playing with bunnies - you have a great weekend full of everything you love to do.  I always enjoy hearing from you - please leave me a comment - I love them all.