Thursday, May 21, 2009


come again another day - I thought I'd better check in and just say we are treading water here. Any of you that might have seen Mike Siedel from the Weather Channel broadcasting from Jacksonville Beach might have a clue that we've had more than our fair share of rain this week. It started raining Sunday afternoon before we left sampler guild and it has rained almost non stop thru this afternoon. At my house we've had 12+ inches of rain and we've had to drain off the excess water so the pool didn't overflow every afternoon - poor Jody - out there in the pouring rain tending to that stupid pool.

No I don't have any pretty photos to show this post. I have been having terrible headaches - sinus or what I don't know - but every morning this week I've had to get up and creep around struggling to get ready for work with an annoying headache. Low pressure/high pressure - I feel it is somehow related to the weather - not to mention feeling like a mushroom. I know I am just whinning here but I am just tired of this and ready to see some sunshine. I could even deal with no sun but NO MORE RAIN. Yes I know we were in a deficit condition but now we have plenty of rain on the books to carry us thru May. Sad thing is that there is a pretty large chance of rain for the next week.

Wish I had some photos to show you from our annual rug guild hook in - we had 37 women from all over north east florida and even one from GA. It was a great time - I did not get much hooking done but it was sure fun. Sunday was sampler guild and we took a roundabout route thru Gainesville to visit Hanks a great yarn shop - so I had plenty of stash to look thru this week. One saving grace about the rain - I could just sit and plunder thru stash not feeling too guilty as there was nothing else to do.

Oh - I do have one pretty photo I can show you all - some of you know that both my parents stitch - My dad does big pieces from Mirabilia, L&L and so forth - Here is his Lady of the Flag which hangs in my office. Yesterday was his 71st b-day and he is so much more productive a stitcher than I. Mom and I just put in our order and he gets it done - he is currently stitching the newest Mirabilia mermaid for moi' and Mom is in line with the 100th Mirabilia design - the Santa -

I am sorry to be in such a sour mood but I am starting to mildew I guess! Be back soon when I am dried out.


Corrina said...

I'm with you on the rain. Even now I look out and think it isn't raining, but there is still a steady drizzle. Ugh!

Margaret said...

Oh I hope the rain stops for you all down there! And I hope those headaches go away too -- you poor thing. You're so lucky to have your father stitch so many wonderful things for you -- that piece is gorgeous! Take it easy and enjoy your weekend. Hope you have a 3 day weekend!

Jackie said...

Your fathers stitching is gorgeous!

I totally forgot about stopping by to see you on Saturday until almost 5. I was so upset with myself! Glad to hear you had a good time.

Hope to see you again soon!

Tanya said...

That is so cool your father stitches and such nice designs.

I am sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. I thought we were going to have to start building an ark with as much rain as we had last week in Indiana.

Deb said...

I hope that the rain stops for you soon. I'm sure all those headaches are definitely caused by so much moisture! I can't believe that your father cross stitches. I think that's great - not only for him to be able to do that, but you get to reap the rewards. Hope the rain clears up and you have a great Memorial Weekend.

Jan said...

Dear Mel, hope things dry out for you soon, but even more then that, I pray your headaches subside! That is definitely no fun, and makes even the cheerier person moody.

I hear you on the rain, we have had way too much, for the months, March, April and May! There is a portion of my front side yard, that can't even be mowed, cuz of the swamp that is still under the grass line!:(

I envy you that gorgeous piece that your daddy stitched you! That is awesome, lucky, lucky girl!

Feel better soon, Mel (((HUGS)))

Nancy said...

The first thing I have to say is how gorgeous your dad's stitching is! It is so beautiful, and how fun that he stitches!

I thought we had a lot of rain, but I think you have us beat. It does get kind of depressing after awhile, doesn't it? Hope your headaches go away soon so you can settle in for a long stitchy day.