Monday, August 03, 2009


This past weekend was a 3 day rug hooking retreat at the Olde Green Cupboard - a great local quilt and prim shop. A lot the gals that work there and the owner is becoming enthralled with hooking - yes it's easy to get hooked on hooking - We started Friday afternoon and ended Sunday afternoon and it was practically non-stop hooking, eating, laughing, hooking, eating - you get my drift.

I was undecided on my previous post whether I would concentrate on one WIP or work on several - I was a good girl and got right down to work on my Merrie Halloween. I knew friend Jill was working on her Pumpkin Thyme which is the boyfriend of Merrie so it was fun to be at approximately the same spot on both pieces. The same teacher color planned both canvases so while they are both colorful they are different.

Sorry about the duplication of photos but I could not figure out how to get rid of the extra one I did not need - URGHHH

I was running out of the "moldy green" used on her skirt so that was somewhat nerve racking to deal with but I made it with just a few skimpy strands to spare. Here is two photos of my progress. I got a good start on the backround but I'm in the unfortunate predicament of having 4 rugs - 2 of them are large - one is huge and one is a runner that all need backrounds done. URGGHHH - To get this much backround done - I must hook at home - must hook at home - must hook at home - No reason I can't hook some every day at home - I have a wonderful new chair in my wool room - need to show you a photo of my new chair - actually not new but from a consignment shop where I also got my stitching chair in my sun room. Next time I'll try to show you a photo of the chair in my hooking corner.

I think my next focus rug to finish will be my pomgrante runner - It is a do-able finish for this year and I'm not sure Merrie Halloween is - I don't think I could finish her for Halloween - if I hooked exclusively and did not stitch and knit I might could do it. We'll see - I try not to get caught up in a race to the finish line - I like to do things in my own sweet time - I figured out a long time ago - I could not compete with people who crank out projects in a week or a month so I'm real pleased with my retreat progress on Merrie.

Not much to report on with my stitching progress. I actually have done a bit but not enough to show a photo. My knitting progress is even more pitiful - just a few rows here and there of some mindless knitting. All the fall knitting mags will be coming out soon and that will get me going I'm sure.

Oh - one exciting thing - August 5th is the start for the Sail Away SAL - Loraine and Terri have set up a special blog just for this darling SB design. I'm excited and ready to go on that one - I'll have to see how they plan to run the SAL - I'll just have to fit into rotation - I can't work exclusively on anything - so much to stitch - so little time. Cheers!


Cari said...

I am lovin' your Merri Halloween. She is ADORABLE. Your work is beautiful. And yes I have to really agree with much to stitch and not enough time. I'm looking forward to our SAL. Happy Stitching!!

Susan said...

Your Merri Halloween is gorgeous!! Love the colors since I'm an autumn person. I agree that there's no point in competing for the finish line. Just enjoy the journey!

Jackie said...

Miss Merrie is even more gorgeous in person! You got a lot done, I don't think the pictures I took show that much progress.

Would love to see a picture of your chair and you must share where you found it - I need a knitting chair!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, Melody, your Merrie Halloween is SO COOL!!! I love it. I don't know how you can't just chuck everything aside and continue working on her, but I know you have equally cool projects in your other favorite fiber areas so I get that dilemma, too. It is just so amazing.

I agree, it's the journey to be enjoyed, not a race. Work on whatever strikes your fancy and enjoy every second.

Margaret said...

Melody, she is sooooo wonderful! I so envy you your rug hooking prowess! I love her and can't wait to see more! I'm so glad you had a good time at the retreat! The Sail Away SAL should be fun! See you there!

beeinstitches said...

Boy it was a fun time! Lots of progress all around. Might have to get in on that SAL too, since I have that piece waiting in the wings. Where can we find MORE time!!!! ha-ha!

Loraine said...

Oh how cute! I love this project. I love rug hooking, but alas my wrists can't seem to handle it well. I need one of those fancy stands is I am to try it again.

Great job! I'm looking forward to the SAL as well. I'm posting stitching part 1 instructions sometime today, so check in so you can start tomorrow!

anniebeez said...

This rug is "the Bomb"!!! I love it! Can't wait to see it finished! Great work!

Karoline said...

Merri Halloween is looking lovely, great progress

Katrina said...

Oh wow gorgeous! I always say I am a one hobby woman, but rug hooking seriously tempts me :-).

I am looking forward to the stitchalong too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~ Just LOVE your Merrie Halloween! You sure do have a lot of projects going on. My head would be swimming...actually more like drowning.
When I need to delete a picture, I just click on the picture and hit delete and it's gone. Give it a try.
Pug hugs :)

Deb said...

I am in love, love, love with Merri Halloween. She is, without a doubt, gorgeous! I so love seeing your progress pictures on your rugs. I've always wanted to try this, have books on it and everything, but don't even know if the supplies are available locally. I'm sure that if I found someplace around here that carried supplies, I'd love to try it. And also, it's nice to go somewhere and be with other people in a group. It must be so much fun.

Have fun with the SAL for Sail Away. That is a fun piece to stitch and I'll watch that blog for your progress.

Jacque. said...

Hey Mel

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes, I truly love LZ...and esp. Robert. I have the album he did with A. Krauss and love it. Was very surprised at how good he sounded, actually. Other times, I've not been so impressed. ahwell. you, your Mom & Dad...WOW! It's gorgeous! And, your rughooking is, too! Merri Halloween...I've seen her handsome dude is he!

Keep on hooking & stitching!!