Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes friends - I have a finish - a knitted finish no less - this is my mom modeling her Spiral Nebula wrap knitted in Dusty Olive Malabrigo. She wanted it for a trip back to the mountains next month so I am ahead of schedule. YIPPEE - I wish you could see the detail a little more but it is dark yarn in a dark room taken at night - that's about as good as it is going to get.

I have another one of these going in a beautiful hand dyed lace weight yarn for moi' . It is a super easy pattern by Heartstrings in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

Not much else going on with me - work has been crazy this week trying to catch up from vacation and get ready for a business trip on Monday morning. I have not stitched at all since returning from vacation. I hope to get back to my Sail Away SAL this weekend but we have sampler guild sunday afternoon and that is not a project I can work on there. Has to be more mindless so I might take my Plymouth sampler and do some fill in work. It's always nice to see what my friends are working on.

I tried to finish this post earlier today but did not get it done - I am up at 4:30am not able to sleep - urghhh - I guess slipping into my wool room and getting on the PC is going to relax me and put me back to sleep - humpf !! Doubt it but I sure hope so. I would say TGIF but it is already Saturday morning - so glad I don't have to get up at regular time for work and that I have 2 whole days to do what I want to do. I'm sure those of you who work can relate.

I sat and tore out the whole completed back of a cardigan - it is gorgeous hand dyed blue sky alpaca yarn and it is a lovely fallish orangey color - I saw a wonderful cardi in the new fall Knitscene mag and it was in the exact same yarn same color - so that got me thinking about that UFO and knowing exactly what knitting bag it was stored in - I set about the find it and recycle the yarn into a hopefully enticing new project. I am trying to knit from stash when possible - One would not believe how much yarn I have - more than some shops I've seen and all neat stuff - not much for the donation bin in my yarn stash although I am going to try and have a "yarn sale " this fall when I finish (if I ever finish) cleaning out my old house. I have so much yarn - I really don't even have room to store it in my new house - egads - what a predicament.

I'm afraid my stitching friends are going to grow tired of my yarn talk but in the fall I have a terrible pull to all things wool - hence my wooley thoughts ~~~~ hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and can enjoy a taste of fall in their own favorite way.


Margaret said...

That wrap looks really cool! And it does look like a nebula! :D I would have a hard time knowing what wool to get rid of from stash. How do you know you won't regret it? That would be my problem. lol! Too hard to do. But I understand the storage problem. It's a predicament, isn't it? Good for you for working from stash. BTW, what a bummer that you couldn't sleep. Don't you hate that? URGH!

Susan said...

What a great finish!

Good luck to continuing to work from your stash. I'm trying to do that also since I also have more stitching stuff than some stores and I really don't want to part with any of it.

Love the yarn talk--my knitting skills are in the very beginning stages, but I love hearing about your stash.

How's the quilting??

beeinstitches said...

Great finish! I'm sure your Mom is going to need something to keep her warm in the mountains, and as we know MalaB is IT!!! Cayenne has been making herself a home in my short Nebula - add her to the MalaB addicts list!
VERY proud of you for shopping at home. I'm trying to do the same - hunting around my stash because I want to knit that Debbie Bliss scarf from the cover of her last issue.
Have a good weekend!

Marjo said...

I love it. I just wish I could knit worth a darn...I would make that in several colors. Oh well, I will live through what you show us. It is beautiful.

Jean in Georgia said...

The wrap is beautiful! I hope your mom loves it. :)

I have a couple of projects where I'm going to "repurpose" the yarn. They're just not speaking to me anymore, so I think something else wonderful can come out of them. :)

Jackie said...

The wrap is perfect! I'm sure it will keep your mom nice and warm.

Can't wait to see the repurposed project! I'm still knitting away on my 2 lace projects and the "real" lace is going much, much smoother!

Siobhan said...

That wrap looks so neat!! YGG, it really is cool.

I'm not a knitter or a rug hooker but I dream of doing both. So talk away--I enjoy hearing about it and seeing pics and dreaming that someday I might be able to be proficient with more than tapestry & quilting needles!

Karoline said...

The wrap is gorgeous, congratulations

Deb said...

That wrap looks fantastic. Just perfect for the cooler weather coming just about now! I don't know how I missed this post, but my blog reader is really screwed up I think! That's great that you're making one for yourself too.

I've had the hankering to knit too, but haven't gotten down to drag something out. I have friends pulling me to do the Great Aran afghan, so will probably go that way - misery loves company.

I'll definitely be watching if you get rid of some of your stash. Amazing how quickly the stuff accumulates, doesn't it!

TeresaB said...

Ohhh, love the wrap and I know your mom will enjoy it while she's in the mountains. Having just gotten home from WV I can attest that the weather got a bit chilly.