Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well - it is 15 days till Christmas and I am feeling a little humbuggy - I took a couple of photos this morning and thought I'd try to do a cheery blog post - BAH HUMBUG - I've had a crappy day on top of a crappy week at work.  I thought I could put that aside today and believe me I'm trying real hard to do so.  So instead of complaining about my lack of christmas spirit - I am going to just move on and show you a few things so that I can try to pull myself out of this funk.

Here is a wonderful hand carved santa clutching a hooked rug that I got a number of years ago from a rug hookers husband that I met along my journey.  It had been wrapped up and put away for so long I forgot about him.  As I am STILL cleaning out my old house - I am still finding treasures that I forgot I had.

The next photo is of a Mark Roberts fairy that my mom got for me the other night - She had the box all wrapped up and left it on my dining room table. I think she can sense that I am not sliding into the christmas spirit very easily this year.  He is a cute little thing - I have him sitting up in the tree on a branch - he was too heavy to hang - I watched one of Martha Stewarts old Christmas programs last night and she called this spot in the tree an "elf shelf" and I got right up out of my chair and positioned this guy on the "elf shef" - my tree is gorgeous this year - about 8 ft tall and very full - It came from Home Depot but was fresh and beautiful and a reasonable price.  I love a live tree - I had not put up a tree for probably 20 years or more at the old house so it is nice to have a live tree again and put up a few decorations.  Gosh doesn't this fairy look realistic sitting in there on that branch!

I wasn't sure if I mentioned that my mom got me another early Christmas present (yep we are in the 12 days of christmas!) it was the Joyeaux Noel book by BBD - lovely book - I am wanting so badly to start Tis the Season - I have seen several wonderful versions on blogs I read - However I opted to do something quick and something that would give me instant (or at least quick) gratification.  Here is Love Letters - I changed all the colors to Belle Soie and I think they came out to be a pretty good match - I am uncertain if I will finish it on the box top as they showed - I'm not very crafty and my finishing skills are even more pitiful so opting to do the box might be the least path of resistance for me.  I used the called for  PTP Dill linen in 32ct which is a bit busy for this design but in person it looks OK.

I have a finish - FINALLY - the lacy hat I was knitting for a friend is finished - WHEEEEEE - it is in Alpaca Sox - nice yarn but I'm not sure how well it would wear if used for socks.  I plan to give it to a friend who is knitting a jacket for me out of yarn I accumulated for this jacket.  She has done several of them and they are beautiful - I will also be doing some other knitting for her when she decides what exactly she wants me to do.  I put it on a bowl for the photo -  it looks pretty tacky but it is actually a very cute hate - it has 8 inches of k2p2 ribbing that you fold back in half so it is a very retro style hat - almost like a snood - don't ask me what a snood is - I just envision hats that have a lot of length to them and sometimes hang down in the back as snoods.  When I showed my Afghan Hounds - they wore snoods all the time to keep their ears out of their food and water.  They were in essence big puffy hats. -

Well - I hope you are all enjoying the season and having loads of fun.  Everyone gets so busy with parties, shopping, deadlines and functions - it sometimes gets overwhelming.  My mom and I are hosting our rug guild christmas luncheon on Sunday.  We are having it at a B&B that has a restaurant in the historic area near where I work.  We will have a plated meal and then have our gift exchange - I can't wait to show you photos from that event next week.  I appreciate your stopping by and reading and commenting on my blog.  Enjoy!


Margaret said...

Melody, I hope your Christmas spirit starts kicking in soon. I've had a hard time this year too, but I think the snow we've had recently and going out to cut down our tree has helped matters a bit. I love that Santa with the rug. And your fairy too -- so cool! Your little finish is wonderful, the colors are gorgeous! Would making it into a simple little pillow be too hard? Anyway, I love it! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from your rug guild event -- it sounds like it should be loads of fun! Once again, I say you're so lucky to share rug hooking and x stitching with your parents! Oh! And that hat is wonderful too! A snood is this thing, I think it was usually a sort of net possibly crocheted or something. You wore it on the back of your head and it held your hair inside it. Hard to explain. lol!

Jackie said...

Mel, I hope you feel the holiday spirit soon.

I just love your Santa holding the hooked rug! What a unique special piece. Your mom's timing with a special gift is perfect. I hope it lifts your spirits. See you Sunday!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love your Santa with the hooked rug and your new fairy... you found the perfect spot for him in your tree.

Your BD Noel looks lovely.

Sorry to hear that your week and your day has been so crappy. Hopefully the 'crappiness' will be behind you now and you can start enjoying the holiday season.

I all else fails, get yourself a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.... it's very rare for me to have crappy days now that Emma and Owen are part of my family.

Loraine said...

Hi Mel,
So sorry that your not into the Christmas spirit yet. Pop in it's a wonderful life, and do a little stitching, and that should make you feel better!
I love the elf and the Santa with the hooked rug. (What a cleaver idea!)
Take Care!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Melody,
It does seem there is something out there trying to rob our Christmas spirit! I know it's been that way here! I'm finding lots of cheer reading all the dear rug hookers and stitchers blogs. I wasn't even aware of this fantastic world last year! Hope you find some soon and have yourself a Merrie little Christmas too! Cathy G

Nancy said...

You would never know the Christmas spirit isn't with you by all the beautiful things on your blog! I love the hat you knit, and I really love your little elf sitting on his shelf!

Deb said...

Mel - I hope that you get your Christmas spirit back soon. I'm in the same boat as you too - can't get there. The only time I start getting into the swing of things is when I find something that I know my DD is going to love.

Love your little finish and your hat too!! You do some of the greatest things.

I can't wait to see your pictures from the rug event. You know how I'm dying to try this out so I can't wait to see the pictures.

Cari said...

Hey Melody... I always have a hard time slipping into Christmas and I don't know why. Maybe it's the warm weather we've been having! Yesterday it was cool here but this weekend...back up to the 80's. Your hat is beautiful. I'm still knitting away on the K2P2 ribbing...8 inches....yikes. I just take it everywhere I go just in case I have to wait a minute or so. LOL Hang in there....I always look forward to your blog updates... Hugs and Happy Holidays!!!

Siobhan said...

Melody, I hope your Christmas spirit kicks in soon. I know the feeling--it's hard to be festive when there is much to do and things are crappy.

I LOVE your santa! I have two hand carved santas and treasure them. The fairy is just adorable, too--special memories since your mom gave it to you. :)

Congrats on the Joyeux Noel finish (love that one!), and the hat! YGG!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Hey Mel,

I read your question about the snow and 'pottie' to Owen and he wanted to to reassure you that no matter the depth of the snow, a Corgi can deal with the challenge.

I shovel the Corgi run for E & O. In the spring/summer/fall the Corgi run is a pine needle covered walk between my garden beds. It offers a bit of privacy for the pups. Emma likes her privacy don't ya know!

It's the bitter cold weather that creates more of a challenge. By that I mean when the temps dip to -10 or below. Then we will use the indoor 'pee pad'.

Emma and Owen can take the cold and the snow... I'm that one that can only tolerate so much winter outdoors time.

Emma and Owen thank you for your concern.

omashee aka Barb said...

Both Santas are gorgeous but the hand carved one is to die for! Oh how I envy your knitting and rug hooking expertice! I can't do either! I'm a novice quilter and cross stitcher. Love your quilt square & the pillow. Lucky you to still have a Mom so close & in tune to your life.

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Mel, you are lucky that I don't live near you, or that Santa with the quilt fabric would have to come home with me. I love skinny (anorexic actually) looking Santas. I can understand your lack of spirit. The whole thing just wears me out, and sometimes the true meaning gets lost in the madness.

Katrina said...

Hope the Christmas funk lifts soon and you have a much better week at work :-). Love your Santa with the rug and the ornament is so cute too.