Friday, April 01, 2011


The landscaping and gardens at the Inn on the Lakes in Sebring FL are gorgeous - they have a full time gardener plus they also grow herbs and tomatoes and a few things for their restaurant.  I showed a lot more photos last year of the gardens - this year I only took a couple.

Here is a touristy shot of my DM in front of the hotel.  We were on our way to Lake Placid to visit an artisan co-op - I had been there before several times but my mom had never been.  Since we had such a beautiful day we thought we'd take the short 20 minute drive.  Lake Placid is supposedly the Caladium capital of the US.  They are also known for having these beautiful huge realistic murals painted on all the building sprinkled around the little town.  So I took mom on a little tour and also took a few shots - some of them were too dark but I think there was at least 20 or 30 huge murals painted by different artists.

This one was of particular interest to me.  My matenal ancestors came from south central GA and my great grandfather owned thousands of acres of pine trees and were into the turpentine business in the early 1900's. this mural was so huge I had to take it in two shots.  Wish you could see the gorgeous detail in this mural.

These are some shots of the rugs being worked on in my class.  These are only a few as there were 14 students in this class and these ladies were sitting in my immediate vacinity.  The first one is morning glories done in a 3 cut by a McGown certified teacher.  It was gorgeous!

This is a mandarin duck - it was awesome seeing this blank canvas come alive and to this point in 4 days.  I thought the color plan was exquisite and I think she plans to change the backround to a mt fugi type landscape - she had some museum quality note cards she was using for inspiration.

This one is called the Naples sampler - the colors are so "florida" and it was fun to watch this one too. Also hooked by another "teacher"

 This cute rug was designed by the woman who was hooking the next rug.  She has a design business (DIGO) and had some lovely canvases for sale in the camp store.  This kitty is in a larger cut but I'm not sure what.  Aren't the textures in the stripes wonderful !
this was probably one of my favorite rugs in the whole class - Do you remember the children's story Little Black Sambo - gosh I am probably giving away my age as it is probably no longer politically correct to call the name of that book as I remember it but anyway - that is the subject of this rug and I think she did an absolutely wonderful job with the color plan and hooking - it was in progress when she came - NO - she did not hook that much in 4 days LOL.

 Gorgeous bright tropical colors are what our teacher seems to love and her students flock to get her brightly colors wool.  This rug was tropcial flowers with this big lizard in the middle.  I think that is our dear teachers foot - good thing she had her pedi LOL
 This is my mom's bunny rug - toooo cute I think - isn't that daddy bunny just darling in his cool clothes.  I love how the  roof came out and the brilliant blue backround with the night sky up above is very appealing in this rug.  I know my mom will enjoy hooking it.
Here is the albatross that I don't even want to claim as my rug.  I HATE this rug - I have ripped out and reworked - re color planned and redone more on this rug than all the rugs I have hooked for the past 12 years - For some reason this rug just doesn't do it for me - I have thrown in the towel and finally given up the ghost - I am DONE DONE DONE with this rug - not a penny more or another minute am I going to waste on this rug.  I feel bad for the designer who is a good friend of mine - she designed the rug for me and I feel bad for the two teachers and another dear friend who is also a teacher who have tried to make me happy with this rug.  It just aint' happenin'  - I had a number of people in my class who loved the rug and could not believe I didn't like it.  If there are any rug hookers out there  - it is for sale - if you are interested let me know.

That is a wrap on Sebring March 2011 - Hope you all have a lovely weekend doing what you love to do.


Courtney said...

Such cool pics of your trip. As far as your "Achilles heel" rug, I think it's good you're giving it up. This should be about joy and love, don't you think? That's what art and creating are about as far as I'm concerned. It looks like a crewel embroidery work, doesn't it? And if that doesn't float your boat...well, no harm, no foul! Go forth and find a crazy love affair with a new design! It's a pretty pattern that's sure to fire up someone else!

Jackie said...

You certainly had a successful trip! I've never been to Sebring, I had no idea about all the murals. I enjoyed seeing the finished rugs you showed earlier and the ones in progress today. I think it would be a bigger travesty to push through to completion on a rug you don't love than it is to destash it. You did everything you could (more than most i'd expect) to make it work.

Margaret said...

I love seeing all the pics of your trip! And all those rugs -- they're wonderful! Your albatross rug is really pretty -- but it does sound like it's time to get rid of it. Not worth the frustration. Thanks for showing pics from your trip -- I loved it!

krayolakris said...

Thanks for posting all the gorgeous shots of the flowers, the murals and the tropical colored rugs in progress. I really like your albatross rug but if you're not feeling it, you're not.

TeresaB said...

What great pictures of the murals, they look so interesting.

I'm with everyone else, if it's not your thing then let it go to someone who will love it. I'm sure there's a rug (or 2) in your stash that will "rock your world" and you'd love to work on so why not work on one of those and be happy, it's supposed to be a hobby, something to make you happy. It shouldn't bring you down.

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your photos and descriptions of your trip so much Melody! I love the painted murals!

There are so many different styles of rugs, and they are all so beautiful! Sorry your project didn't work out for you. If you don't like a pattern, it's no fun to stitch no matter the type of needlework, so I think you made the right decision.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

Thanks for both posts about Sebring. It looks like a wonderful place, and all the rugs were so beautiful. (So glad you included Miss Merrie!). My husband and I were just talking about Little Black Sambo the other night. Not politically correct anymore, but it's still a favorite childhood story. And I do love the colors in that rug.

Sorry your project didn't work out. Actually, I admire you for throwing in the towel. I usually just keep on working on these types of things while gritting my teeth every stitch of the way.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Thank you so much for sharing Sebring with us. I really enjoyed the little tour. Were any of the murals painted by an artist named Eric Grohe? He has done a couple here in Ohio that are magnificent!
Sorry about your rug. It is lovely, but no use working on something that large and detailed if it is not going to make you happy. There are too many "happy" projects waiting, I'm sure.
Hugs :)

Katrina said...

Looks like such a fun trip!!! Loved all the pictures.

Bummer about the rug you don't like, I do but when something isn't working for you, it just isn't. Hope you find a loving home for it ;-).

Siobhan said...

What totally fun pictures! That must be a gorgeous town. All the rug pics are beautiful--even the one that doesn't trip your twanger.