Friday, August 12, 2011


Oh my goodness - what a week this has been at work - I have been trying all week long to make this post.  I did not want my friends and followers to think I had succumbed to the heat.  I know we are all oppressed this summer and I for one am ready to bid the summer of 2011 bye bye but here in NE FL - I know we have at least 1 more month of really hot weather and it can be in the 90's even into October.  I just hope and pray we don't have any bad hurricanes come our way.  With all the extreme heat - it always fires up the Atlantic and starts creating storms this time of the year. 

On to the fun stuff - the meat of the post - what everyone wants to see - the photos. 

Every year for the past umpteen years - we have spent at least one long weekend at St Augustine Beach.  I have spent a lot of time in St Aug in my life - I adore St Aug - my grandmothers sister raised her 4 boys in St Aug and their families were reared there so I had lots of cousins and many visits to that area in my life.  It is very familiar and I know my way around very well.  We have favorite restaurants we always eat at while in town and occasionally we try something different.  So come join me and enjoy a few shots of last weekend.

Here is the view of the pool area and beach from our condo balcony.  I must say this is as close to the beach as I got - it was so dang HOT - I just wasn't interested in going down there during the day.  It was much more fun to stay inside and look out the glass and stitch and knit LOL !

Here's my best friend ( my DH) JD - we did manage to sit out on the balcony for a couple of hours and had a breeze so we didn't expire.  While we were sitting out there someone down by the pool was grilling hamburgers and the power of suggestion and sense of smell was so great we decided that we simply must have a hamburger.  So we went a few blocks down the street to the Oasis. 

Oasis is a true beachy dive - however the food is very good.  They have 3 stories of seating including a roof top - this area is interesting - it has 4 walls and even has windows in the walls but no roof - it was amazing that a breeze picked up and just at dusk - it was nice enough to sit in this area that was open to the stars.  It was a really neat experience - it's not often that one can sit outside in our area especially in the summertime - what with the ravenous bugs and oppressive heat - it just doesn't happen often.

Very early Sunday morning - like 5am - I could not sleep - so finally at 6am - I got up - walked out on the balcony and snapped this shot of the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean - A rare sight for Ms Mel indeed.  Anyone who knows me well knows that if I had my  choice I would stay up late and get up late but with work - I am obliged to get up at 7am - getting up before dark is reserved for early flights or vacation departures only !

 Sunday morning after we checked out - we had already decided that we wanted to try a restaurant down in the historic area called the Bunnery - We had to park and walk about 1.5 blocks thru the historic district.  It wasn't so bad going to the restaurant but coming back at almost 11am - YIKES it was just SOOO hot - I stopped for a quick shot of this beautiful courtyard - it is near the Columbia Restaurant and St George St for anyone who knows St Aug.
Here's my buddy again reluctantly standing for a photo opp next to some old well type thing.  He's sporting new sun glasses and we decided they look a lot like those Gargoyle glasses that Arnie wore in the Terminator movies.  I guess that was a popular expensive brand in the 80's - his are cheapy knock offs but they looked good on him.  Plus who doesn't love a sovenir from a get away.

Just so you know that I do still stitch - this is a shot of the new BBD Loose Feathers bonus piece - those beautiful silks that Alma used in this piece just got me - Plus I love LL Vintage Pear - This is the first time I've used Dinky Dyes silks and I was very impressed with them.  The only thing I hate is using 2 strands - AACCKK - but it really does make the colors pop and show up beautifully on the linen.

Closer view of the stitching I have accomplished - A lot of it was done at the beach - I always associate fond memories of stitching certain pieces in certain places.  Do you do that too?

For the last shot - here is a jacket that I started for my DM - for any knitting fans it is Noro Furisode - a silk/cotton/wool blend.  I hoped to finish it for her birthday but since that is just a couple weeks away - I am doubting i can but it is a short jacket and has elbow length sleeves so there is hope.

I have not been hooking at all - so no progress to report on any rugs.  However my next post will focus on the Olde Green Cupboard retreat which is coming up next weekend.  I will hopefully get tons of hooking done next weekend and hope to take a lot of photos.  this will primarily be a quilt retreat and I hear there will be about 150 people in attendance.  Better take my earplugs I guess !  No offense to the quilters out there but hooking is basically quiet compared to the machine noise and can you imagine the chatter from 150 excited crafters.  Should be a blast. 

I see that I have gained a few followers - welcome !  for some reason - I can't very easily see the followers any more - wonder if Blogger has messed that up too.  I love hearing from you so please do leave me a comment and please come back and visit again real soon.


Penelope's Beehive said...

Such a wonderful tour of St. Augustine...Thank you most kindly! I am delighted that you enjoyed a pleasant holiday. And...that you had a wee bit of time to stitch. Your work (as always) is lovely!
I shall eagerly await a post telling of your adventures at your crafty retreats...Enjoy!

Sending smiles ...

Nancy said...

Your photos are wonderful! St. Augustine is a beautiful place, and I can see by the photos why you enjoy it so much.

Your stitching is lovely!

Jackie said...

Like you, I'm not up early enough to see our beautiful sunrises here in NE FL. After seeing your pic, I can see that I'm missing out. We'll have to try the Oasis, it sounds nice.

Margaret said...

I loved the virtual tour of St. Augustine! Such fun! I can't stand your heat and humidity, so I was feeling it as I read. lol! Loooove your BBD bonus piece! Wow -- love the colors! Love that sweater for your mom too -- such pretty colors! Looking forward to hearing about your Old Green Cupboard retreat!

mdgtjulie said...

Wonderful pics!!! Hope you get some good hooking in soon!!

Cari said...

Thanks for the vacation Mel !! I enjoyed it just about as much as you did !! I'm not one for the heat either but I sure love the outside life in Florida. I'm just getting ready to start the very same BBD piece myself. Too much fun isn't it? Have fun at your retreat. WOW oh WOW -- 150 women !! sure to take lots of pics. It actually sounds like something I could really get in to!! Hugs dear friend....and stay cool!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great post, Mel! St. Aug looked like great fun and hubby sure is a cutie!
Hope you get some hooking done to share with us.
Pug hugs ;)

Katrina said...

What a fun trip!!!! Hope you are managing to stay cool. Love your stitching and knitting pics.

Siobhan said...

Wow, what a fun get away!! Good for you. Beautiful stitching and knitting! Even though I'm not a big beach person, I would love to go to St. Augustine sometime, so I loved seeing your pics. I'm also not a red meat eater, but now I want a hamburger... LOL

Have a great weekend!

Jeanne said...

I'm totally in agreement Melody - have really HAD it with summer and anxiously waiting for some cooler weather. This time of year I always get very grouchy, I don't like August at all.

Looks like you had another great time in St. Aug, the ocean looks so nice, we're parched over here in the desert lol. Like the new projects too - I need to make at least a dent in my BBD inventory, it's quite shameful how much I have that has never been touched!

Hoping we get to cool off soon......

geeky Heather said...

LOL...only time I get up early is for a flight as well! Sorry it was too hot to enjoy the beach...for me who doesn't get to go to the beach very often, that's tragic.

Is the Furisode nice to work with?