Monday, February 06, 2012


Can't believe 2 plus weeks have flown by since OTO 2012 ended. I promised to show you photos from the rug exhibit. PLEASE do not be offended if I did not show a photo of your rug or if I don't remember who hooked certain rugs. I don't make notes - I am not a professional photographer - these were taken in a big hurry with my IPhone in between people who are all trying to see and photo the rugs. If I don't comment about the rug - it is just because I don't remember who hooked it - they are beautiful one and all and have many hours hooked with love.

Here is a shot of my DM hard at work on her new Poinsettia christmas rug.  She does not typically do a fine cut but she was doing an awesome job and enjoying the color plan our teacher Dianne Kelly did for her.  Way to go Mom !

In the front right of the photo is my pile of wool - hard to believe my beautiful santa and ewe came out of that pile of wool.  Some hookers are neat freaks - apparently I am not LOL !

On to the exhibit - here is a stunning rug by one of the teachers Sybil Osika.  Her animals are so realistic.

This rug is called Ling and was hooked in a 3cut by fellow guild member Jackie Mesnick

This was the Best in Show winner for wide cuts - it is called 4 Seasons and was by Sara Beth Black from NC.  I believe Diane Stoffel assisted with the color plan and possibly supplied some of the wool for this stunning rug.

This was hooked by DF Susan Morin and started at last years OTO with Bev Conway.  I believe most of these wools were from the creative mind of Susan.  She does awesome prims.

Here is my Hare family all framed up.  It was gifted to my DF Anne Marie and she wanted to have it framed. The design was adapted (with permission) from Hare Easter a cross stitch freebie by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers. Next door is a lovely iris but I don't know the hooker on that one.

This was a story rug of sorts - don't know the details of it but I overheard that being said.

Loved this mermaid !

The bathtub girl was hooked by DF Sharon Carter who is also a fellow guild member.  She started this at a previous camp with Joan Reckwerdt.  Love the wallpaper - so many cute things about this rug !

This beauty is called Amanda - it was 2nd place in wide cuts to the 4 Seasons rug.  I'm sorry but I don't remember the hookers name.  This rug was quite large - about 5' across I think.  Lovely!

Another rug by guild member Jackie Mesnick and the 2nd place winner in fine cuts.  It is quite large - about 5' x 5' and was hooked in a 3 cut.  I'm pretty sure the wool and color plan was by DF Katie Puckett as was the previous rug by Jackie - Ling.

Here is my pomegranate runner by Searsport Rugs.  The color plan was by Linda Bell of the Hookery.  I started this in a workshop with her.

This is one of Michelle March stunning rugs in a 3 cut with a white backround.  She has another entry which was very similar and about twice as long which ended up being the Best in Show winner for fine cuts.  I tried several times to get a phot but there was always a crowd around it.  The canvas I think was designed by Connie Charleson.  Stunning to say the least.  Michelle has been a winner at this exhibit a number of times before and one can see why - her work is such pure perfection it looks machine made.

Seated is co-director of OTO and DF Katie Puckett chatting with fellow guild member Sheila.  Katie is working on a Bea Brock rug she started at the Yellow Rose of TX rug camp last year in Bea's class.

This rug was hooked by a woman name Lady who lives on St Simons Island.  She was in our class several years ago when she started the rug.  Nice to see it finished.

So my friends - that concludes the 2012 Off the Ocean tour of rugs.  There were many more great rugs and it's too bad I did not get photos of all of them.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Santa and Ewe - I was thrilled to hear from each and every one of you.


Margaret said...

Wow! Thanks so much for showing us all these wonderful rugs. I immediately recognized your rugs. :D They look so great! Love the pic of your mom too. And the pile of wool at your place -- yummy!

Nancy said...

So many talented people. These are all gorgeous, and it's impossible to pick one as a favorite!

Kim said...

Way to go Mom!!! ;o) Mel the rugs all look fabulous! I especially love your pomegranate rug! LOVE it!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Thanks for sharing all the rug photos with us... I really enjoyed seeing them all. I love your Hare Family rug.

krayolakris said...

Thanks for posting the rugs Mel. They are all so beautiful, from prim to classic. What a nice snap of your mom too! Your wool looks gorgeous!

Katrina said...

Everything is so, so wonderful!!!! All that talent in one room, amazing :-). Thanks for sharing, your pomegranate rug is my favorite and the mermaid one a close second!!!!!

Cari said...

Thanks Mel for a wonderful stroll through the EYE CANDY rug hooking store!! I'm still drooling over the work shown. WOW oh WOW. I simply must get into rug hooking. It's lovely. Hugs

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh my gosh! Whata talented group! These piece are a long way from the little boxed numbers that I did as a child!! LOL!
So enjoyed seeing them ! They are all just stunning pieces of art! Love your adaptation!

Siobhán said...

Wow, everything looks amazing!! So many talented people and gorgeous creations. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Ellen said...

Your blog always has such beautiful eye candy.

Sounds like you all had great fun at the retreat.