Monday, March 05, 2012


Here's small proof that I do still stitch ! Finally a finish - This is Garden of Love by  Citrouille's DesignsI had not heard of this designer before - I think they are from Canada.

I am participating in a fun blog 2012 Year of Smalls - every month a new "small" is announced and that's how I was introduced to this lovely designer.  I had such a fun time stitching the garden - the Belle Soie colors used are so fresh and bright and it was a much needed break coming out of winter.  I'm not sure what I will do with the design but I am thinking maybe a cube or some type of flat finish.  I'll be sure and show you what I do with it.  So if you need a break from time to time from stitching your large sampler projects - think about joining this "smalls" blog.  A nice group of stitchers over there and Cathy of Inspired Needle provides kits or supplies needed for all the "smalls" blog projects.  Cathy is a pleasure to deal with if you've never tried her shop before - I would highly recommend her.

My local sampler guild (Azalea Sampler Guild) is doing Ann Dale as a SAL.  here is a close up shot of my Ann - I changed the color of the linen to a treasured piece of BOAF Barn Owl I had stashed away for a special project.  I have also changed some of the colors.

Here is my progress so far - it doesn't look like much but considering Ann is on a full 1/2 yard piece of linen - I am about 1/2 way across the top border.  If you check our guild blog - you will see the other WIP's and see that some have more done than I do and some have less - it's not a race after all - I am glad to be participating but it has to be at my own pace.  Some people are dedicated to one project - one craft and some don't work so I never feel bad about my seeming lack of progress.  At best I have maybe 2 hours a night to stitch and if I am too tired from work then I get -0- done. 

another sweet project that has captured my attention lately is the With my Needle hornbook project.  I only have one of the half medallions left to go and the initial to personalize and of course the affixing to the wooden hornbook.

I am using Belle Soie Rosebud for the fiber.

While it is not much progress - that is about all I have in the stitching dept.

Is everyone excited about market releases?  I tried to keep steady on the course and my nose off the trail of new market purchases.  I have ordered a few things - a must have for me was Jane Pattison by Theresa Venette - Theresa has been keeping us all in the poorhouse lately with very good designs.  Another one that caught my eye was Mary Roe by Tanya over at the Scarlett House.  Tanya is also putting out some great designs.  Had to have me of of them bunnies from Brenda Gervais - With Thy Needle and Thread - they were precious!  The April word play and Peter and Peep - just darling.  So what did you bring home from market?

March roared into NE FL like a lion over the weekend.  I feel so bad for the people whose lives were affected forever by the devastating tornados and storms.  Thankfully we did not have a lot of damage in our area just strong winds and some rain. 


Margaret said...

I love your finish! I'm trying so hard to resist that group, but I keep getting closer and closer to breaking down. lol! Love your Ann Dale progress -- she's so pretty! Market was dangerous for me this time. I limited myself to a few things, but I was still bad. lol!

Deb said...

I love your finish!! And love your Ann Dale progress too. That is one chart that I just ordered. I tried to hold out but couldn't any longer. I didn't really order anything from market. I figure that I already have a small shop here so best to resist (at least for now)! :o)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Oh, I am going to love Ann Dale! I'd say you've been making some great progress in the stitching department. There just aren't enough hours in the day...sigh.
Hugs :)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on your finish. Love that sweet, colorful design. I'm admiring your Guild's progress pics of Ann Dale. I think it's a perfect use of your cherished piece of Barn Owl linen. Your hornbook piece looks great too.
I haven't placed my Market order yet... but SP's Jane P is at the top of the list. She really has come out with beautiful repros recently.

Jackie said...

Your Garden of Love is GORGEOUS! I love the colors. I'm looking forward too seeing how you finish this one as well as the hornbook.

You selected a fabulous piece of linen for Ann Dale!

No market purchases for me as yet! Several things caught my eye but you know how that one goes. Even thought my stash is very small, I still have a couple of years of stitching projects stashed.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Your "small" is just darling. I am fortunate enough to belong to that group of stitchers and believe me, I'm exposed to so many beautiful designs! So glad that you are enjoying stitching with us!!! Ann Dale is going to be magnificent!!! Keep the updates coming!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for your kind words about the Smalls blog! I love your finish and am so glad that the colors were exciting for you!

Next project is one I chose! I am so excited!!!!

I bought Peter and Peep too!!!

Love all your WIPS!!!!

Have a great week!!

Katrina said...

Fun finish and Ann is gorgeous!!!! We won't talk about my market must haves, LOL.

henri said...

Great finish and your Hornbook sampler is looking
good!! It'll be a finish before you know it! Peter and
Peep is really cute and will be a fun stitch.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wonderful, colorful finish in the Garden of Love piece. I didn't know about that group... Ann Dale looks stunning and the fabric is perfect!! I love your colors and will be watching your progress! The Hornbook will be fab, as well; I love your floss color. I think I have that in my stash, may need to pull that back out.
I know exactly what you mean about working full time and trying to get stitch time in as well. I used to be able to squeeze some time in at lunch, on occasion but that hasn't happened in a long while. Oh well, I guess it's about the journey and not the destination. Unless we're talking about Charleston or Savannah. Then, it's all about the destination, baby!!! Have a good week, Mel!

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh my goodness, Ann Dale is a real beauty!! Can't wait to see more!! I love your little hornbook. We've been asking our LNS to get that piece in. I too would really like to stitch this piece. As far as Market goes, I brought home WAY too much.

Karoline said...

Lovely finish, congratulations

Your wips are looking lovely. I have the hornbook in my stash, I must get to stitching it someday soon.

Jeanne said...

Garden of Love looks good Mel - another 'notch in the belt' so to speak :). Ann Dale looks huge, it would take me forever to complete that! So far I haven't picked up anything from Market....not that I'm not still stashing here and there but nothing really grabbed me yet. I'm sure it will though as I start to see people posting finishes!

Susan said...

I read every one of your posts as soon as they are up, but I am horrible at commenting promptly. Oh, well, that just gives me another opportunity to come back and look at your lovely stitching. I have been waiting on the fabric and fibers for Ann Dale as I got the chart at a sale at my LNS at the end of the year. I haven't minded the wait as I have a *few* other things to stitch, but looking at your progress is giving me the urge to get going on this piece.