Monday, June 25, 2012


night when I got home from work.  Debby is knocking on our back door - we have been saturated with rain here in NE FL - about 6 inches in 24 hours.  It was one of those creepy nights when it wasn't quite dark - somewhere between dusk and dark when I got home.

I stumbled into the living room and AAAAACKKKKK -  imagine my surprise to see my Peaks Island Hood being modeled by our crystal skull.

I think Jody thought this would be funny since I asked him yesterday to model this for me so I could take my photo for the Loopy Ewe camp loopy project.

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at Hitchcock humor

On to Camp Loopy 2 - are you with me????????

Have a great week !


Margaret said...

lol! I love it! Great model for sure! (And I really do love your hood -- such a pretty color!)

Cari said...

Oh my gosh...way too funny !! Hang in there with the weather. Our rain has slowed down but the wind seems to have picked up. Debby, Debby, Debby....go away!!

Stay safe and dry !!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Good heavens...such a fright...but so very fashionable! Perhaps s/he shall chase Miss Debby far, far away?
Be safe and enjoy your loopy time!
Sending sunny hugs from here...

Katrina said...

Too funny, cute model ;-). Hope you are staying dry!!!!

Loraine said...

Yikes! I hate it when people scare me like that. :)
Love the scarf! It's a gorgeous color, and style.

Here's wishing the rain will leave soon.

Deb said...

LOL. What a jokester Jody is. That would be a good thing to hang up for Halloween.

Hope that the storm ends soon. I've been hearing about all the water down there!!

Siobhán said...

ROFLOL!!! I love Jody's sense of humor!