Friday, July 27, 2012


WOW - looks like I almost let all of July slip by without another post to my blog.  I see that I have picked up another couple of followers - welcome !  

The reason I have not posted is because I really didn't have anything exciting to say or to show  you.  I have been involved this summer with Camp Loopy projects.  Camp Loopy is a summer knitting challenge run by The Loopy Ewe  - a great shop in Colorado.  Sheri  does an awesome job selling online but also has brick and mortar you can visit.  Anyway - last month I met the challenge and finished the Peak Island Hood and yesterday I finished my challenge for this month which was Stripe Study - I used Skein hand dyed yarn from Australia and I LOVE LOVE the finish.  The yarn is gorgeous to work with and the colors are warm and rich.  Stripe Study was easy but not boring.  Take a look

Stripe Study is a biggie - I used every bit of the two skeins which was over 800 yards - I CAN NOT believe I was able to knit over 800 yards in a month.

nope this is not an illusion or trick of the camera - the left side is definitely smaller stripes than the right side - this is achieved by short rows -

So - I have done very little else but KNIT KNIT KNIT this past month.  I was stitching a little on BBD Flowers for You earlier in July - I am really starting to miss my stitching especially since I have gotten some stash enhancements lately.  Last weekend I picked up the JCS Halloween issue and can't wait to start the Town of Halloween by Primitive Hare and last week I also got my order of Old Salem linen for that design from the Attic as well as the Sampler of the Month for July - the Land of the Free with some yummy lakeside linen for it.  Just can't wait to get back to stitching but alas - there is yet one more Camp Loopy project to do.

This is my exquisite Fiberphile MCN luxe sock yarn that will be used for Daybreak - The requirements for CL3 are that the design be at least 500 yards or more and be a design that is 2 colors or more and something you have never knitted before.  I have done a few of Stephen Wests' designs and am excited about finally knitting Daybreak.  Still have to wind my skeins but I'm sure I will probably start tonight or tomorrow.

Well that's about all my news - it's lean I know but aside from finishing that BIG shawl - I don't have any more news.  It's just hot as blue blazes here in NE FL just as I know it is in many areas of the country - of course it is the end of July and very typical for this time of the year.  So whether knitting, stitching or hooking (what is that?  I think I forgot how) - I hope you have a cool fun filled weekend !


Margaret said...

That stripe study shawl is gorgeous! So cool! I love it! Love seeing what's coming up next to knit too! The Attic is always tempting me to get the Sampler of the Month or some other luscious offering. I'd love to visit that place someday!

Kim said...

Mel it turned out GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful!!! It's going in my queue! Wooohoo! I'm passing up Camp 3....but can't wait to see your Daybreak!

mdgtjulie said...

Yeah, cool would be nice, lol. I'm so ready for fall, it's not funny. Your shawl is HUGE!!! Wow, 800 yards in a month. I love the pattern of it too. Way to go!!! And the new colors are gorgeous. I love purple and green together. They're my fave two colors.

Devon said...

stripey shawly turned out lovely,,,congrats on another finished,,

Laurie in Iowa said...

The striped shawl is beautiful!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Gorgeous shawl, Mel! It looks so lush and warm and cozy! Your new project will also be a stunner, I'm sure. The heat has been oppressive but we, thankfully cooled off a little bit today. Stay cool!

Jackie said...

Wow! What a wonderful finish! I love the colors you selected - I keep looking at the lighter color. It's has subtle variations that I love. It also looks really soft.

Cheering you on with your next Camp Loopy project.

Penelope's Beehive said...

Upon my word, your shawl is absolutely lovely...perfection for cooler temperatures surely. And I do fancy the yarns in your next colour palette...Yummmy.
Enjoy a splendid weekend creating your lovelies!
Ever warmly,

Roberta said...

Finally, getting somewhat caught up, love your shawl challenge and 800 yards in one month - you are speedy!!!

Should have contacted you when I headed to Savannah, I think we were there at the same time!!! DH had a conference there.

Susan said...

Congratulations on meeting the challenge! The shawl is beautiful. Good for you knitting in this heat!

Karoline said...

Your shawl is gorgeous, congratulations

Love the yarn for your next camp project