Thursday, March 06, 2014


Mr. Snowman is still standing strong .  He is there in honor of all my blog friends who are still in the throes of winter weather.  Even way down here in the deep south - we have liquid snow and chilly conditions.  I did get to dust off my sandals last weekend but it was more of a statement than a necessity - It's March 1st dang it - I'm ready for a change in my wardrobe !!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that the entire month of February went by and I didn't make a post.  Well dear blog friends - I always feel like I need to show some finishes, some photos or at least some progress.  I did do some knitting in January and February - finished a beautiful 4 color cowl during these months.

For any interested knitters out there - it was printed in the winter Knit Simple mag and I used a new to me yarn Universal Deluxe Worsted.  Gray was my main color with the cream, rosy red and avocado green.  It is quite long and can be doubled to be worn up around the neck and yes I have had a chance to wear it.
The Loopy Ewe has issued their Spring challenge and I have accepted the challenge.  It was such an easy one - knit anything you want at least 250 yards and finish by the end of March to get your bonus points. My chosen project is WAY more than 250 yards - it is about 740 yards of beautiful Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Fingering.  The turquoise and the unwound skein is going to be Different Lines .  A lovely pattern by Veera.  Here is a Ravelry link if you want to see it :
My DF Henri is also knitting in the Spring challenge and her yarn is the lovely tan with colored specs.  She is making Knit Night and we enjoyed our time together at Starbucks getting the challenge going.
I always hook a lot in the winter - or try to hook a lot.  Recently I had 4 days of hooking bliss.  Starting off attending a hook-in at the Ocala Rug Guild in Wildwood FL - it was great !  The ladies in the area provided lunch for everyone - what a great spread of food.  I do have photos of their awesome rug display but I will have to try and post them later.  I am still fumbling thru loading my photos into Picassa - they seem to land in Google + and then I struggle and struggle to get them into Picassa - sheesh  - it shouldn't be this hard.  However I do have photos of my Angel Runner after 4 days of progress on it.  This poor rug has not been touched since last January.  I was running out of backround and I waited for 10 mos to get more backround.  I am glad to be in the home stretch on this rug.  I would say I probably only have 1/4 of the backround left and then it's all but the binding left to do.
I love these 6 crazy angels.  Not much left to go.  For anyone interested - this is a Bea Brock pattern. It is hooked with a 3, 4 and 5 cut, all hand dyed wool.
This is my mom's beautiful art deco flower canvas.  She hooked for two days of that 4 day marathon and she made great progress.  Almost finishing her outer border and filling in lots of backround.  I think this canvas is going to be a big throw pillow.

Nothing to show on the stitching scene.  Sadly - I am just not getting that much stitching done lately.  I am still working on the FB SAL Snooty Parrots but am way behind.  I did take in something for framing that I have never shown on my blog so that will be fun to have a big reveal in the very near future.   I also started a new fun piece of needlepoint and am enjoying working on that.  All the different fibers you can use in np just excite me and I have a great stash of stuff to pull from as well.

Well blog friends - I've rambled on long enough - I promise to be back again soon.  Until then - stay safe and warm and keep those needles and hooks moving.  With warm and wooly-thoughts  . . .



Penelope's Beehive said... have had busy fingers!!! As always, each one of your projects is lovely. I tend to particularly eye your rugs with are an inspiration as I struggle with my woolly worms.
Wishing you a splendid day!
Sending love your way ...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, my, your angel rug is gorgeous!!! Will we be seeing a finish soon? Your mom's hooked mat is gorgeous, too. I see where you get your talent.
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

OMG! What a great post! I'm in love with your cowl. Totally in love. Love the colors and everything. I'm also in love with your angel rug. I remember this one and am so glad to see it almost finished. It's so so wonderful! Hope you finish your Loopy Ewe challenge piece in time! (Your mom's rug is gorgeous too!)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Mom's flower rug is beautiful and I love your Angels rug!

Susan said...

Mel, I am in awe of your rug!! It is drop-dead gorgeous! Love the cowl, too. And thanks for thinking of all of us who have been freezing it his winter.

Henrietta Allegrante said...

The angel runner is looking fabulous. . . the
colors just pop!! Looks like it will be a FO
very soon. You Mom's piece looks terrific!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing your cowl, it's lovely. Different lines looks a great pattern and the yarn is gorgeous.

Your Angel runner is stunning, looking forward to seeing your finish