Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Memorial Day has come and gone, like someone said yesterday on Facebook - it's not all about BBQ's and boating.  I hope you remembered all those who gave everything for our freedom and said a prayer for those today - in our time who are still trying to protect our country and our liberties that so many sacrificed so much to preserve in generations past.

I have a few shots from our hook in last weekend to show.  I did plenty of socializing - I don't know why I didn't take more photos than I did.   However if you pop over to my friend Karen's blog over at Shady Hill Rug Hooking , she did a great post with photos of our hook in and she even got a good shot of my Antique Blue Basket rug. For some reason there wasn't much of a display of finishes this time.  As always we had a great time and we had a big crowd this time from all over north and central florida which is the way it should be at an annual event.

This is a beautiful little design that my mom hooked.  It was color planned by Vivily Powers and it hooked mostly with a 6cut.  It is a Susan Feller design but I don't remember the name of it.  I love the simplistic stylized look and my mom did a great job.  It is going to be made into a pillow so once that happens - I will show how it finished out.

This is probably the last photo you will see of the tangled bunny tote for a long time.   At least I got the bunny finished at the hook in and started putting in some of the dark maroon backround, you can see that under the bunny's belly.  Now it's time to put bunnies away and get out my patriotic rug for summer.  I have a ton left to do on my Polly Uncle Sam piece so it won't be finished in 2015 but I'll show you a progress shot in June.
I'd like to introduce you to my Bee Eyes - my buds who I knit with among many other things, we're all "hookers" too. Fortunately we were all at the hook in with our choices in hand for the upcoming Camp Loopy summer season of knitting.  In my last post I gave you a link to the Loopy Ewe - the shop who puts this event on every year.  There's still time to get your yarn from Loopy Ewe and get started on a project by June 1st.  From left to right - DF Karen, me, DF Starr and last but certainly not least on the far right is DF Henri.  As you can see - we are very happy to BEE again this summer.

DH and I were very excited to be seeing one of our favorite bands right in our area this past weekend.
Yes I'm talking about Boston !

Fans of Boston will recognize this as their long time logo - the bands name in the shape of a spaceship.  A number of their album (showing my age) covers used this logo. I'm glad they still honor it although it is updated from the 70's.

Here is the great Tom Scholz.  Founder, front man and creative genius behind Boston.
Brad Delp singer and co-founder died a few years back, so that is a sad loss but the new singer does an admirable job.  Here is what google says about Tom Scholz:
"Tom" Scholz is an American rock musician, inventor, engineer, and philanthropist, best known as the founder of the band Boston. He is also the inventor of the Rockman guitar amplifier.
That is Tom pictured on the big screen.

 One of the many amazing shots during one of their songs.  can't believe my little I phone did so well
We don't go to many concerts any more - ticket prices are mostly outrageous and most of our faves, we've seen before.  Going to this little small amphitheater over on the coast in St Augustine FL is one of our favorite venues.  It's small and intimate you can see that we had dead center seats.  There really isn't a bad seat in the house.  It was a beautiful night for the end of May, cool breezes blowing and after a lovely shrimp dinner at our favorite seafood restaurants - it was a rockin' good time with Boston.  At our age and the age of the bands we love - we enjoy every show like it might be the last.
Not much else to show but I hope to have more in the next post.  I just started a patriotic SAL on the Little House Needlework Facebook group led by Vonna of the Twisted Stitcher blog.  Vonna is a great cheerleader and I jumped right in on Old Glory.  Had the chart and linen and most of the threads I needed to get started.  I should be able to juggle that small piece along with Camp Loopy.  Hope you all enjoy the last week of May to the fullest.  Thanks as always for visiting my blog and for commenting.  I enjoy reading them all and hearing from you.


Marjo said...

I love your Rugs! Your Mom's is beautiful! Great work.

Margaret said...

Love seeing your rug and your mom's rug too! The bunny tote is beautiful! Love the pic of you and your Loppy comrades. :D The Boston concert looks like lots of fun!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Gosh, what a fun post! Love the rugs. Your mom did a great job and I love the shape of that bunny. I like to stitch seasonally too so I totally get why the bunny is going away and the patriotic things are coming out. 'Tis the season! I haven't been to a concert in years. What fun!

Jackie said...

Love, love, love your mom's rug finish! Your bunny is coming along too! I've never been to the St. Aug Amphitheater but have heard good things about it. It's been years since we've been to a concert. Need to fix that!

Karoline said...

Your rugs are looking great, love your Mum's flower

Lucky you getting to see Boston