Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Tried my best to make this post yesterday while it was still August.  I was actually ready to bid farewell to August.  I had some fun in August with a vacation to the Smoky mountains in Tenn. and my mom's birthday to celebrate and a partial rug hooking workshop.  I'll highlight some of the fun in photos for you.

This is Peace and Plenty - A Not Forgotten Farm design.  I had started it years ago and lost some of the wool when we moved.  I also found out the bird was a distelfink not a turkey and my whole color plan fell apart.  It was rolled up and put in the wool cupboard for years.  I really got a nice boost from Carrie Martin at a recent rug workshop.  I rehooked all the tail feathers, started the bird body and hooked the sunflower which I like very much.  The squirrel, urn and Plenty was hooked in a prior workshop.  I will now be able to happily continue on with it.  I got a lot done in 1 day, I was leaving to go on vacation so I missed 2/3 of the workshop.

This is my Old Glory finish - It was a SAL on FB with the LHN group.  It was the patriotic SAL which bled over into the summer SAL.  Just no time for stitching this summer because all my spare time was taken up with Camp Loopy knitting challenges.

Here is my beautiful perch on the balcony at the condo in Tenn.  This is where I put the last stitches in Old Glory.

Gorgeous view of the Smoky mountain range  - Wish I was there now.  We actually didn't sit on the balcony much.  It rained a lot but at least it was a break from the oppressive heat and humidity we've had in NE FL this year.

Here is my dear ones at the Apple Barn.  See the beautiful apple tree and barn in the background.  Always have to pay a visit to this place and pick up some jellies, jams and apple BBQ sauce. oh and fried apple hand pies. 

This wool pincushion was a "taste of " wool applique project in our duClay EGA chapter .
It was led by my DF Katie and each pin cushion was completely different.  Almost all 16 people left that day with a completed pincushion.  DF Becky made the beautiful beaded pins for each chapter member to adorn their pincushion.  We have some great gals in our group, so giving and so willing to share.

I have a love/hate relationship with this project.  This is an early photo of my Camp Loopy project for August.  This is the beauty that killed me and kept me from finishing my 3rd Camp Loopy in  a row.  My other friends all finished theirs and August just didn't go my way.  This was a beautiful well written pattern by Laura Aylor called Woods in Winter.  You might not can see too well but the whole border has a row of staggered leaves.  It is a 37 row repeat and every single row is different.  I had to use highlighter tape and still mark every row.  I did not mess up but it became apparent after vacation I was in danger of not finishing but I kept pressing myself to stay on task.  some nights a row or two was all I could muster and this past week, there were several nights no progress was made at all.  The outcome was eminent - I was not going to finish this year.  I was very disappointed but I have decided what is past is past and I'm ready for some fun fall stitching and hooking.  I'm going to give this project a rest for a while and pick up my Sailing KAL - I'll show a photo next time of the gorgeous bright blue yarn I purchased from the designer down under.

Here's my dearest buddy after having lunch one day on vacation.

He wanted to stop by a stream on the way home but it was too slippery and too steep for him to get down in the water.
I hope to come back more often, I see more and more people not posting to their blogs any more. I enjoy mine and I enjoy yours too.  Thanks as always for visiting and commenting.  Hope you have a simply marvelous September !


Brenda said...

Oh I LOVE the Smokey Mountains!!! I could see them from my parents farm growing up, spent time on many dates w/my husband over our summers just driving through the mountains, and I LOVE eating at The Apple Barn!!! Great sewing projects and knitting project!!!! Love it all!!

Mary said...

Looks like you've a busy summer Mel! I'm ready for some climate change too. Love all the projects!

Margaret said...

Love seeing the pics of your family -- glad you had a good vacation. Love the rug WIP -- I don't even know what a distelfink is! Sorry about your CL3 project. It definitely sounds like the kind of knitting that would drive me up a wall. I'm not good with such non-repetitive patterns these days. Love your stitchy finish too -- very pretty! Happy September!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a fun post! I'm glad you enjoyed your time away. It's always a great place to visit. Love seeing your projects too. Happy September!

Jackie said...

I don't know what a distelfink is either - I'm going to have to look it up! Your sunflower is AMAZING! I love the whole rug and that is my favorite bit!

You've had a very productive summer!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You always are working on the most wonderful projects :)
Vacation looked heavenly.
Hugs :)