Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Happy May Day everyone !   For the past week I kept thinking every day I needed to do a blog post or I wouldn't have an entry for April.  I wanted to do a post for April - it's been a great month !  My birthday is in April, Easter is in April this year, Spring has sprung !  A delightful time of the year in the deep south.

Here are some beautiful flowers to share for your May Day.  These were a lovely surprise gift from a DF for my birthday.  They lasted well into the second week and looked lovely for Easter.

 This is a gorgeous shawl kit my DH ordered all the way from Stephen and Penelope shop in Amsterdam.  This is a photo from their website - NO - I have not already cranked out the shawl in the photo but that is the shawl which is so apropos for me !  Café Knitting is the pattern and was included with the kit.  I fell in love with the colors and the  yarn is the lovely La Bien Aimee from France.  Not readily available in the US - all the  more reason I wanted it.  It came with a pretty little S&P bag too.  The yarn is still tucked in there.  I'm trying to finish up another big Westknits (Stephen West) pattern called Fading Waves.  Camp Loopy is looming on the horizon and in 1 month - I will be embroiled in knitting for that challenge.  If I don't finish Fading Waves - it will be fall before I finish and likely fall before I start Café Knitting.  oh well - what is life without our next project !
my mom's beautiful table scape for Easter dessert.  She did that creative centerpiece herself.  She's such a sweetie - she had those plastic eggs all around the house and my DH , dad and myself all got to pick 3 eggs each.  She had stashed money in each egg, not a lot mind you but it was fun and so thoughtful of her.  That's my dear mom, always thinking of others especially her family.

 Here is my contribution to the Easter dessert table - a lovely and delish carrot cake from a new bakery near my office.  They did a birthday cake for me too but I failed to get a photo of that.  This was one of the best carrot cakes I've ever had.
Just so my friends and faithful blog readers don't think I have completely abandoned my stitching - here is a finish.  He leapt across the finish line last night just before bunny season was over at midnight.  I will be sending him to Faye/Carolina Stitcher in he near future for her to work her magic and make him into something pretty.  She did the model finishing for the designer - I believe it was Heart in Hand but not positive.  I refined his head some - I thought it was too retriever looking for my taste and I added some silk ribbon carrot tops and a turkey tufted tail with wool.

I hope those of you who have been experiencing the endless winter have been seeing some signs of Spring.  It's already shot up to the upper 80's here in the deep south - fortunately it's still cooling down into the 60's at night and there are gentle breezes and low humidity.  I'll take it while I can.

Going to the Sun Region EGA seminar this weekend.  I'm not taking a class but will be working on several projects in the stitching lounge with friends.  Hope to be back soon with a report on that and another exciting trip in May.  Until then - happy handwork to you !


Susan said...

Always fun to read what you’ve been up to, Mel. The yarn is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your finished project with it. Have a great time at Sun Region!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you! What a beautiful tablescape your Mom put together for Easter. Yum, carrot cake! What did the bakery create for your birthday cake? Congratulations on your bunny finish! I look forward to hearing about your adventure to the EGA gathering. Happy May!

acorn hollow said...

Happy Birthday and Easter looks like a busy and good month. We are still cool and winter like

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Happy Birthday! The yarn is beautiful. Carrott Cake is one of my favorites and the bunny is a perfect stitch for spring and Easter.

Margaret said...

Happy belated birthday! i love your Stephen West future shawl project! So exciting! Those colors are gorgeous! Beautiful stitching finish too! Glad you had a good April. (Carrot cake is one of my very favorite things!)