Monday, March 23, 2009


you know the song - Rainy days and Monday's always get me down! Well that's not exactly true - I just wanted to curl up and go back to sleep this morning when the clock went off at 5am and I heard something that "sounded" like rain. - could it be rain? We have not had any rain in so long - the wildfire threat is coming into the media again and there was a big wildfire in the next county over from where I live over the weekend so I'm not complaining about a little rain. However it sure would have been great if it was not a day that I had to get up and get moving.

Had a nice time at our ANG chapter meeting on Saturday - it was a combined stitch in and meeting at DF Candy's house - Not to say that I got a lot of stitching done - what with looking at everyone's WIP's = talking - eating - talking some more - you get my drift - I finally did thread my needle and take a few stitches. I know I know - where are your WIP photos Mel ??? My blog is so boring compared to other friends who post all kinds of interesting photos for us to drool over. I keep saying I will do better and one of these days I will surprise you with photos on the blog and the boards I frequent.

This Friday my mom and I are heading down to south central florida for a rug hooking workshop. It is held at a lovely family owned inn on a big lake - very picturesque - very relaxing and their restaurant has awesome food. We sprung for a lakeside room with a small balcony overlooking the lake - Hey what a great photo opp - I promise I'll take my camera and try to get a some photos of the rug exhibit or at least my little oriental that will be in the exhibit.

I'm starting the new A&E sampler by Primitive Needle this weekend - incentive stitching on one of the Yuku needlework boards I frequent - I love this design - the deer and the little hedge hoggy critter is the same as the one on my A&E rug. I know you need to see a photo of that WIP too - it's way cool if I do say so myself.

Still raining - still wishing I was stitching or knitting in my chair at home but on the other hand I am very very thankful I have a wonderful job to go to every day.


Margaret said...

Have a great time at the workshop, Melody! I love that Primitive Needle A&E too. I can't wait to see pics of your workshop!

Jan said...

Dear Mel, oh I do feel your pain, at wanting to just stay in bed just a few minutes longer and then enjoy the day, with whatever you feel like doing!! Poor dear, one of these days you can do just that. I envy your jaunt with your mother this weekend, that sounds like such a peaceful and fun trip! Do remember that camera and snap a few pics for us!:)

Jean in Georgia said...

Hedgehog?? Must see pics!

Jackie said...

Have an enjoyable weekend! It sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing those pictures.

Siobhan said...

Have a great workshop, and do share some pics! Shoot, I just want pics of your stash. ;) And some more of your rugs. I always drool when I see your blog header pic!

I haven't stitched the PN A&E but it's on my short list. Cindy (Never Enough Thyme), CindyVA on the boards, might be joining me in stitching Cape Cod Girls but is waiting on her linen. I might start the A&E while I wait, or the Hare Gameboard. Lisa is too flippin' talented, I can't choose just ONE thing to work on! LOL