Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well it's April Fools Day and I have not played any tricks but I'm not fooling around when I say I actually have a photo to show that *I* took with my new Cyber Shot camera - it's not perfect mind you but it is a long awaited photo of my little miniature oriental rug that I finished in December. It is approximately 18" X 26" and for any hookers out there - it is in a 4cut with a little 3 for fine lines and veining.

I hope to start adding more photos as I become more proficient - it has only taken me about 2 hours to figure out how to unload the photo from the camera to the PC and then to my folders and webshots album. Too much like work I say!

My mom and I had a wonderful time at our rug hooking workshop downstate this past weekend. I got very little done on the rug I was working on which was a project I started 2 years ago at the same workshop with a different teacher. I thought it was a scroll rug but another teacher told me it was actually a rosemaling pattern that includes some scroll type motifs - the name of the rug is Telemark and she said that was a type of rosemaling - gees I need to do some research on rosemaling I guess - she said my colors were correct and my hooking to simulate brush strokes were correct - OK folks that was a total fluke because I wasn't trying to simulate anything but I just smiled proudly and said "oh thank you" ! So I got a whopping two motifs done in about 10 hours of hooking - a palm size bud and a fern frond thingy. WHOOPPEEE! I don't think this rug is going to be high on my priority list - I have WAY too many rugs that are calling my name. So this lovely telemark will be rolled back up and stuffed right back into the red rug hooking cupboard. * Make mental note to get photo of red rug hooking cupboard to show to friends*

On a more personal note - I got drug into a meeting at work on monday to be told that in an effort to keep our company from going bankrupt - we were all going to get a mandatory pay cut starting April 1st - no fooling on that one friends. I was not shocked as I see the financials every month - I know we are losing millions and can not keep up like this for long and so the bank reiterated to our owners last week - we have 3 mos to start showing a profit or they will pull our backing. I have been very depressed all week but trying to pull myself out of it and remind self how lucky I am - still more fortunate than those who are already out of a job. I just dread at my age being jobless and having to compete with thousands of younger people for what few jobs are out there - I have only had this job and one other job in over 30 years so to say I am out of practice is an understatement.

Well - enough of my depressing stuff - just need some prayers or good thoughts from those who can spare any to come our way. Our owners are lovely people and they don't deserve this bad hand they've been dealt. they are 3rd generation car people and are fair and honest and are wonderful to work for.

Hope you all have spring weather and wonderful plans for Easter and spring breaks and so forth.


Margaret said...

Wow! Beautiful!!!! I love it, Melody! The picture taking stuff will get easier as you get used to the camera, don't worry. I'll send good prayers your way for your job. I do hope things get better. I'm sorry to hear the bad news.

Corrina said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts for the job situation.

The oriental is breath-taking!

Karoline said...

Sending hugs and prayers for the job situation. The rug is lovely.

Jean in Georgia said...

Will be keeping you in my prayers and hoping that things turn around at your job. Hugs!

Siobhan said...

The rug is beautiful, Melody! As Margaret said, the more you take pics & download them and upload them and all the other fun technical terms, the more comfortable & easier it'll be for you.

Lots of prayers & good thoughts on the job front. Bury yourself in your needlework--it'll help make you feel a bit calmer.

Jan said...

OH Mel, I truly am keeping you in prayer on the job front. I know how scary that must seem, just picture God holding you in the palm of His hand, and all will be well!

That is such a beautiful little rug, the colors are gorgeous!!

Glad you had a good weekend and I can't wait to see a pic/pics of that pretty red cupboard!!


Jackie said...

The rug is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors you chose for the pattern.

I hope the job situation turns itself around quickly.

Deb said...

Melody - Thanks so much for making the comment on my blog. I love your rug. I've always wanted to try this, but just haven't gotten around to trying it. Yours is so pretty! And you should work on Shores. There are a bunch of us working on it and we'd love to have one more. And prayers and wishes about your job situation. We're experiencing so much of that here in Michigan so I totally understand how this is. Fingers crossed that things improve!!

Anonymous said...