Friday, April 17, 2009


I usually enjoy April - my birthday is in April - Easter is usually in April - the weather is usually still great in NE FL in April - My mom and I usually take a little trip to our ancestral home in GA in April - WELL - this April has been NOTHING like it usually is.

Tuesday was my birthday - we had plans for dinner and our owners always take each person out for their birthday so I was looking forward to Tuesday. There had been storms in the area on Monday and they predicted additional storms on Tues morning - they did NOT predict 60mph winds and tornadic conditions. I work in a historic home on the river near downtown Jacksonville - lovely location on a great day - scarey stuff in storms - Hurricane force winds hit our front door at 9:35am Tuesday morning with no warning at all - It looked like the perfect storm out on the river - waves crashing over the seawall and splashing into the street, wind howling thru the fireplace - it was almost as bad a being here in a hurricane which I have done before. Anyway - little did I know that one of the huge oaks in my back yard had come down on our back neighbors house - EGADS - fortunately it was braced by two large magnolias and they did not get the full force of the weight of that tree hitting their roof - once the tree guy got it out of there - it looked like they had very little damage to the roof. So thankful for that.

Next thing that happened this week is that I started getting a sore place on my upper inner thigh - got worse and worse and finally had to go to the dr today - abcess - EEEECCCKKKK - it was disgusting and hurt like hell - good thing I went as it was badly infected and I am on 2 antibotics - must be serious as I have to go back for follow up on monday.

The week was not totally a bummer - I had my mom staying with me this week while my dad went on a fishing trip - she is a big help around the house especially since I was not feeling well and was completely stressed out about the fallen tree. We had several nice meals and she drove me to the dr today - just what a girl needs is her mommy on a day like today.

I'm hosting our local ANG chapter for a luncheon/meeting/stitch in tomorrow - About the last thing I feel like doing right now is standing on my feet all day. I'm SOOO glad I had our favorite caterer do all the food for me - God must have been looking ahead as to the week I was going to have and said "hummm Mel I think you'd better order all the food" that's the little subliminal message I got last week.

Just needed to vent a little about my month so far - hope to show some photos next time. Until then - I hope your April is lovely and full of spring flowers and many happy stitches.


Siobhan said...

Ugh! It sounds like a horrible month so far! I'm so glad that the tree didn't do much damage, and that you went to the dr's office when you did. That sounds pretty serious--and painful!!

Hey, you mentioned on my blog that you wanted to do a playlist thingie. It's really easy to do. Go to and add the songs that you want, and then they walk you through the steps till you get to where you end up with the html code for your blog. Then you go to 'add a gadget' on your blog, scroll down to where the html code thing is, and copy and paste the code that blogger gave you into it. If you have any problems, e-mail me!

Have a good weekend... grab some stitching and work out some of the tension!

Deb said...

Wow! I hope the last part of this month goes better for you. Luckily the tree didn't do much damage. And your absess sounds frightening! Hope that it clears up soon!!!

Margaret said...

Wow, Melody! What a month you've been having! I hope the rest of the month goes better and that abscess leaves you alone!

Karoline said...

I hope you feel better soon Melody. Glad that the tree didn't cause too much damage. I hope the rest of April is a lot less fraught.

Jackie said...

Sounds like an especially tough week. I'm glad your mom was there to support you and take care of you! It should get better quickly and I hope to see you soon!

Jan said...

OH my poor dear Mel!! My daughter had something like that on her inner thigh a couple of years ago, and it was not pleasant! So sorry, and even sorrier your birthday was ruined by that awful storm. Thankfully no really bad damage! Have a much better week this week, k, Mel? I have been without internet for several days and just now getting caught up!