Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Since so many of you are spring cleaning, reorganizing, sprucing up your nest - I thought I would show you my *wool room* - Since my yarn stash takes up the majority of this room followed closely by my rug hooking stash - it is deemed "the wool room" - My organizing is on-going because I am STILL bringing stuff over from my old house. I am trying to come up with a plan for the large closet to house most of my yarn and I have a huge primitive cabinet that contains most of the rug hooking stuff. I have some photos of my "corner" which I am enjoying very much since deciding last week I would never get that big rug finished if I did not put it up on the frame and work on it. I'm trying the "strand a day" mantra and it is working - I am filling in a lot of spaces on the backround of this rug and I'm lovin' it! I end up doing more than a strand so my progress is amazing. I snapped a shot of the rug on the frame but I will show you a complete WIP photo one day soon.

I tried to get a WIP shot of Scarlet Letters "Where the Hart Lives" - it was crummy - I am all the way across the top - I mentioned somewhere that I was terribly afraid I was going to fall short on the right margin as I miscounted and started too far to the right on the left corner - EEECCCKKK - but I made it with only about 1 1/4 inches to spare but I'm rocking on otherwise this project would have hit the scrap pile and I really do like it and it will be perfect for my folks anniversary in 2010.
There is a LOT of solid stitching on this piece so I'm trying to get a jump on the deadline which is over a year away but I can't be dedicated to one project or even one needle art so I m being proactive with this deadline.

I'll try to do better with my photos - it's new to me - I just admire so much all the beautiful artfully presented photos so many of you share on your blogs - maybe I'll get there one day - for now this is it - Enjoy!


Deb said...

Isn't it amazing how our stash of supplies takes over so much space! But it is fun organizing everything and feels so good when you know just where everything is. Your rug looks incredible. I have always wanted to try my hand at this. I'll love to see your progress on it as you go along - keep up with the strand a day mantra and it will be done in no time (easy for me to say, right). And I love your start on your Scarlett Letter piece. The colors are so nice in it.

Margaret said...

Oh what fun to see some of your stash! And that rug is gorgeous -- is it the pomegranate one? Your Where the Hart Lives looks great too! I love that piece! Can't wait to see more!

Siobhan said...

Oh, wow!! So, so neat to see in your space. :) I love that rug--omg, how stunning!! I can't wait to see more pics as you progress. Your SL sampler is going to be incredible, and your folks will love it. Love that cabinet that your wool stash is in!

And hey, share a pic of that Hare's Easter that your friend did!! I'm dying to see it.

Yeay! I'm so glad that you posted some photos. Now keep going, take more so that you can share with us! :)

woolwoman said...

Margaret - this is the antique reproduction called "Antique Blue Basket" that is 3' X 5' and the center motif is finished with almost 1/2 the interior backround complete - It is by Edyth O'Neill a Fredericksburg TX designer who specializes in antique repros and primtives. I have only just started the BBD Pomgranate and Acorn rug in January and it is put away now. Next I will try to show the Notforgotten Farm Merrie Halloween -

Siobhan - I can show you the Hare Easter canvas my friend did for my birthday but I haven't started hooking it yet. Next time - promise! Mel

Jan said...

Oh oh dear Mel, that rug is so gorgeous!!!! I am so proud of you for persevering and making progress!! Good for YOU!!!

Love your lil wool room, and I know you will get it organized when time allows.

I just looked at Where A Hart Lives, that is just so lovely, know you will get it done, I will do my bestest to bug you about it!:)


Jackie said...

Mel, I love the peek into your wool room. Your artistry with fiber is amazing as always! Looking forward to seeing more!

Nancy said...

Your rug looks amazing! I really can't wait to see it when you finish. Nice WIP too!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

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