Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well - we finally have a door after over 2 weeks with plywood standing between us and the elements. It is certainly not as pretty as our old door which had 9 panes of glass in the upper section of the door. It will just have to do. Apparently the more glass you have the more expensive the door so I had to opt for just a little glass. Doesn't really make a whole lot of difference as there is a whole glass wall right next to the front door. This craftsman house we live in has a lot of glass and wood which I love however when something like this happens - it does make you feel somewhat vulnerable.
Another blogger friend posted about losing their stitching mojo - I think I have lost all the wind in my sails too. I have done very little stitching and June is slipping away just like all my valued possessions did. I think maybe I have been sorta depressed - you just keep going as you do with any trauma in your life. This is not as serious as a death or accident, illness or other tragedy but to me it was a loss and a blow to my sense of security in my new home. We moved from a very bad area to an area that we thought was very safe. I had lived in the home my grandparents built since I was born - never in all those years - even in the recent years of decline in that area were we ever broken into. Of course there is always a first time and I am still glad we left that area.
Oh I've stitched a little this month but not enough to show WIP photos - I am almost finished with the wording on the A&E by Primitive Needle, am working on the fill in on the top border of Where the Hart Lives by SL and have hardly touched Shores of HRH. I did start the quaker SAL Mary Wigham but barely enough to say I started.
Hooking progress is even worse - nothing to talk about there - it's been dreadfully hot here in NE Florida - I mean record highs HOT - it was 100+ over the weekend with a heat index of about 110+ - I'm sure my Arizona friends will scoff and laugh but that is hot for June in NE FL. So sitting under a wool rug doesn't seem too appealing at the present time. I do have rug guild this coming weekend so I will find a "not so big" rug to work on there.
Knitting WIP;s are in about the same sad state - I have some mindless knitting next to my chair and I may do a few rows on one of the shawls that don't require a pattern to keep track of but that is about it.
Thanks for all the kind words on my last post. It really helps to know that you have friends out there who do care what you are going thru. So - I'm going to close my new door on the feelings of resentment and anger and go and hunt for my stitching mojo - be back with you soon and some WIP photos - I promise!


Margaret said...

Melody, going through a burglary is a really traumatic thing. I'm so sorry you had to experience it -- especially in your new house. It's not at all surprising that you feel violated or depressed after such an episode. I hope that you start feeling more yourself and get some of that mojo back. Hugs to you.

Jackie said...

You have every reason to feel the way you do...you've gone through an experience that affects you on a very personal level and would shake anyone's sense of security. I hope to see you soon at the shop where we can all just give you a big hug.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Melody ~
You've been through a very emotional ordeal. Your personal space has been violated, so you have every right to feel the way you do. It is something that will always be with you, but time will help.
I'm sure you'll get your mojo back ~ perhaps when it's not so dang hot and humid!
Pug hugs to you!

Susan said...

Melody, Be kind to yourself and take it one step at a time. You've had a very frightening experience and you shouldn't expect yourself to recover overnight. You'll find yourself stitching again when you are ready.

Jan said...

Mel, give yourself a break, dear one! You have had a strong traumatic event happen to you, and it will take time to feel like yourself again. Bless your heart.

That stitching mojo will probably come back a little at a time. So just try to get some stitching out and do a little, and be sure to stay cool. It is dreadfully hot here too, for this early in the summer months, so I can certainly understand you not wanting to hook or knit.

You are in my prayers and thoughts daily...btw, love your new door, and I love that brick entryway! Too cool!

(((((((((bighugs)))))))) Jan

Deb said...

I think that you can have your house broken into in almost any area you live in now. I think that when something like that happens, it really takes a good amount of time to get over the feeling that you can't feel save in your own home. I know that this would really put a damper on my stitching! Plus, I'm sure the hot weather doesn't help.

It's gotten really hot here in Michigan and I haven't felt like having fabric touch me or threads sticking to my fingers.

I hope that you find your stitching mojo soon. I would love to see some progress on Shores! I need some company stitching it!

I hope that you start getting your mojo back real soon.

Siobhan said...

Awww, hang in there, Melody. You have every right to feel violated. You have your beautiful new home and somebody came in and shook up your world, messed up the house, took away your sense of security. Take time to let yourself process it and your stitching and hooking will be there when you need it again. Big hugs.

Loraine said...

Oh my, what a terrible ordeal! I can't imagine how awful that would be. I'm so glad you weren't hurt. It's got to be such a violating experience. My thoughts are with you.

So great that you want to join our SAL. I'll post more in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to stitching this together.

I love your stitching, and rugs. Just gorgeous! Talk more soon.

I hope you mojo returns, and you can have peace again.

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness Melody! What a horrible experience you have gone through. I'm glad you are safe, and I think any emotions you are feeling is what you are entitled to. Take care, and your stitching will come back when you are ready.

Tanya said...

Oh Melody, I wish I could give you a big hug and take away the awful experience. You are in my prayers.

woolwoman said...

Thank you all for your kindness - I did get a big hug from friend Jackie and it was very comforting. The door is complete - painter was there saturday and it was quite boring "watching paint dry" but now it's done - finally - I can close the door on this incident - well almost - there is the insurance company to haggle with (sigh) but that's another story I'm sure - thank you all for your support during this difficult time ! Hugs Mel