Thursday, July 02, 2009


I know I'm early on this one but lots of people are taking off tomorrow and heading off for a 3 day weekend away from home and their computers. I hope many of you are planning a fun holiday weekend with some time for stitching, family, friends and great food.
Actually I have to work tomorrow and poor Jody has to work on Saturday - it is the first time that the natural food market where he works is open on major holidays. They were also open on Memorial day and will likely be open on Labor Day too. How sad that our economy has driven business owners and employers to do things that would have never been considered in previous years.
We will be going to the lake on Saturday afternoon. My mom and I have planned a great meal for Saturday night. She'll do part and I'll do part and we'll be done eating and cleaning up before the awesome fire works display over their lake. I expect to have time to do a little stitching over the weekend.
This weekend also marks the one year anniversary of our moving into the new (old) house. So in honor of that I thought I'd show you a photo of our favorite summer time spot.
here is our pool and garden taken a few weeks ago when the hydrangeas were looking so wonderful - they are about gone now and I need to spend some time deadheading them.
Still not much progress on anything I am stitching and I am feeling the lure of new projects since I just joined the Plantation Sampler SAL - WHOOOO - I am so excited that my DF Henrietta helped me out with the chart since I could not locate one anywhere. Henri has this framed and hanging - she does exquisite work. I will go to the LNS next week or I may go to JoAnn's on Saturday if they are open and pull the DMC colors for it but I am considering adding some overdyes in logical places. I love the colors on the sampler so I would not want to detract from the original charting but just maybe slightly enhance (in my opinion) by adding a few overdyes.
The other thing I am revisiting this week in my quest to "stitch in the season" is Betsy by Sheepish Designs. I knew I had the chart because I had my friend Katie draw off a rug canvas from it a number of years ago but never started hooking it. I love doing things "in the season" so I'm in the patriotic mode now so I was lucky enough to find the chart and even found a piece of 35ct R&R sheeps straw - I knew I had a big piece - another WHOOOOOOO - This design is already charted for silk but I decided to again put some overdyes in this one - I have a pretty complete collection of Belle Soie silk so I am able to add some BS in places that I feel enhance the design. Old Glory needs to be bright and new since Betsy is just stitching it so some things in the design I will leave in NPI. I'm excited about this one as I have wanted to stitch it for years. I'm just so impressed with myself for being able to find the chart and even the called for "sheeps straw" in about 2 minutes time.
Well - nothing much going on in the knitting world - For those knitters out there who follow my blog - I was led down the garden path by my friend Jackie (who should remain nameless but NOT) who was led by friend Teresa who should also remain nameless - Teresa and I were sorely tempted some months ago when we visited the Atanta crew ( you shall remain nameless LOL)and found out they were all knitting Jared Floods Noro scarf - WHHHEEEEEE - it was soooo beautiful and mindlessly easy. Well - I was able to supress my *need* for this scarf after coming home from Atlanta but poor Teresa was not. So friend Jackie saw Teresa's and found she must have - so Friday at Knit Night - I saw Jackies and found *I MUST HAVE* and so I have started the Jared Noro scarf in Yuzen - it is not as dramatic as Jackies but it is very pretty.
Hooking - I must show a photo soon of my Pomgranate runner by Searsport Rugs - it is coming along nicely and if I actually worked on it more - I would be able to use it on my new dining room set. We have a retreat coming up at the Olde Green Cupboard the end of July which is just to bunk in - stay cool - eat lots of food and hook hook hook. No teacher - just focus on WIP's - I could probably finish that rug in this retreat however I feel a strong tug from the lovely Miss Merrie Halloween - so we'll see who wins!
Wishing you blissful days full of big bowls of ice cream, giant hamburgers, ice cold belly washers ( a southern expression for sure)a hammock in the cool breeze or a lounge chair under a shady tree - many happy stitches and a safe and colorful 4th of July - Be thankful and celebrate our Independance Day!


Margaret said...

Wow, has it really been a year since you moved to your new house? It doesn't seem that long! We've already talked about your projects -- hope to see some of your WIPs! It's a bummer about work too. I hope you enjoy your 4th!

Deb said...

Love your post. You've mentioned so many things that just make my heart race!

Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I'd love to spent the 4th on the lake and watch the fireworks!

To move your picture into a different area of your post, all you have to do is clink on it and drag it to where you want it to go. It took me a while to figure that one out myself.

I'm so glad to hear that you joined the Plantation Sampler SAL! I did too, although I don't have one stitch into it yet. Hopefully over the weekend. I'm just doing mine in DMC and NPIs, but I love your idea of adding in some overdyed and it's going to be fun to have you stitching along with some of the rest of us.

And I can't wait to see pictures of your start on Betsy. I love that chart and would really love to stitch it one of these days. The colors are so prety in it.

And Noro yarn, I love that stuff. They always have some great patterns to accompany their yarns. I started an Entralec scarf out of their books last year and it's amazing how the colors of that yarn progress through the piece. Would love to see a post of your scarf.

Hope that you have a wonderful 4th weekend!!!

Susan said...

What a great idea to stitch "in the season." I'm usually trying to stitch something for an upcoming season or holiday and sometimes it feels like I'm rushing through the year. So stitching patriotic things now could really help focus on this holiday. Betsy is a wonderful design. Have fun stitching it!!

Jean in Georgia said...

We knew we could drag you to the dark side with the "crack scarf". :) Actually, I haven't finished mine yet. Hope you're doing well otherwise. Come to see me!

Jackie said...

So glad to hear you started your scarf! It's simple, but addictive!

I'd love to see some of your stitching! :)

The Scarlett House said...

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Your pool looks absolutely wonderful to this Arizonan. We don't have one in our backyard, but I spend a lot of time in our community pool.
I hope you enjoy stitching TPS. I sure did. I've had Betsy kitted up forever, too. Maybe you can inspire me to start her!

Tracy J said...

Your yard and pool look so inviting; it is such a pretty place.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Melody ~
Thought I would comment here so you would see it. (I didn't find your email address anywhere on your blog or I would have responded in that manner.)
I was a cross stitcher for YEARS!!! Then life changed (got, got older and the eyes aren't what they used to be. I only stitched on linen. It got to the point where I couldn't see well enough to enjoy hooking on dark linen, so I stitched on white and off-white. Then I just put the hoop down one day and in the last 15 years or so, have only done a few smaller pieces (using a magnifying glass). Just a few weeks ago I was in the attic looking for something, and came across several unfinished samplers. I really should look for the charts and finish them! Since you also knit and rug hook it's no wonder you don't have time to finish samplers!
Your pool is gorgeous ~ looks very inviting.
Thanks again for stopping by my blog.
Pug hugs :)

Siobhan said...

Deb's heart is racing; my mouth is drooling. ACK! You have so many wonderful projects going on or getting ready to start. I've wanted to stitch Betsy, too, so I'll enjoy watching your progress. YGG on finding what you need when you need it! That, in itself, is a treat! ;) Love your special summer spot, too--it's beautiful!

Loraine said...

Hi there,

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend. I hope it was great!
Love the pool. It looks like heaven to stitch next to.
Thanks for the heads up on plantation sampler. I'm going to look that one up!
I'm looking forward to our Sail Away SAL. It should be fairly fast and easy. Take care!

Jan said...

Mel Dear~ Well, you know that Miss Allie Bug has been busy capturing all of Nana's attention of late, and I am just now getting around to leaving comments!! Lots to catch up with!

Oh, it sounds like you had a glorious 4th weekend! Love your pool!!

I love Betsy too, have loved it since it was first released, and have yet to stitch it. Will have to wait for another time, because my stitching wips are more then I can handle right now. But will enjoy seeing your pics, hopefully and I do like the idea of adding Belle Soie to the piece, that will be wonderful!!

I am on the hunt for the Plantation Sampler, still unable to find it, I adore that one too! Hopefully I will find it soon!

Have a great week, dear one!!

Kim said...

Melody I love the pool and the garden! LOVELY! Lucky you!! :o) Can't wait to see the pomegranete rug! And oh my...let's not even talk abou the Noro scarf....I have yarn for two different bright and funky...and one more subdued! Haven't started yet. Any pointers are welcome, as I'm a newby knitter! Getting ready to sign up for a sock class too! Wooohoo! Have a great week!