Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Time to finally show another hooked rug project in progress. This is a close up of my pomegranate runner. I started it a couple of years ago in a workshop and then stuffed it away which is typical for me with rug projects. For any rug hooking fans (or wanna be hookers) the rug is in a 6 cut - the teal border is an 8 so I could do just one strand for a beauty line. The wool is by Linda Bell of the Hookery in Hiawassee GA. She brought a huge amount of wool from her studio and I was able to adjust things she had already pulled for this canvas. She uses all new wool and my rug has mostly spot dyes with a few textures for interest. The backround is her antique black but it has a lot of highlights in it and is really nice for this runner.

Of course it is not a realistic pomegranate - more of a folk art interpretation of acorns and pomegranates. I will use it on the dining room table or on a glass sofa table when it is complete. I was just telling a friend today that I have SO many rugs in progress that are fall themed rugs. So NO MORE fall rugs - I am so drawn to the colors of fall and it is probably my favorite season that I just always seem to pick those colors when planning a new rug.

I have another rug hooking retreat this weekend at the Olde Green Cupboard - it is small this time so if you are in the area and want to have a fun weekend of hooking, eating, laughing, shopping, hooking - come on down and get yourself a seat. We have so much fun and the owner and her twin sister sit and hook with us. It's a blast and in July I got a ton of hooking done so I hope to get close to finishing this runner. HA - lofty goal I'm sure but if I keep my seat and keep focused - I can get a lot done - I am saving a tiny little bit of color for when I am going crazy from too much backround. that will be my treat!

I have a knitting WIP that is close to being completed. The easy lace hat from Vogue Knitting Fall 09 - I'm on the 8" of ribbing to finish up the hat - I could finish in one night but I never concentrate on anything that hard LOL - I have way too much fun starting something new all the time. Anyway here is a crummy photo

it doesn't show the wide ribbing at all and it looks more like a beret but it is really more like a snood hopefully I can get a better photo when it's finished.

Stitching progress is limited to just working on Where the Hart Lives - I've been closing in the left side border and will start the fill in grass soon since the reclining stag is complete. I want to get that over one flower in there next to Lady Jane soon.

I hope to make it back to blogland before Thanksgiving. We are having my folks come to our house for the holiday and we'll go down to the lake for Christmas. I will probably be working on Friday after the holiday but things are always quiet at work so it's OK. In case I don't make it back to wish you a grand holiday - please do have a wonderful time and remember your many blessings at this time of Thanksgiving.


Jan said...

That is truly gorgeous, dear Mel!! Sorry, haven't been around and missed reading and commenting for a bit, but you are, as always, in my thoughts!

Jackie said...

Your pomegranate runner is gorgeous! I love the colors and the folk art interpretation!

I'm going to try and stop by and see you on Saturday or Sunday. I always enjoying seeing what you're working on in person.

Margaret said...

Oh finally I get to see the mythical pomegranate rug! lol! I just love it! I've been wanting to see it for so long -- and it totally lives up to expectation. Beautiful! I so envy you your talent! Love the hat too -- the word snood came up in the NYT crossword puzzle the other day and my DH didn't even know what a snood was. It cracked him up. lol! It is a funny word when you think of it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season! Have fun with your parents! And at the rug hooking too!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wow! Your pomegranate tablerunner is gorgeous. The colors are wonderful and I love your folk art interpretation of the pomegranate.

I've been so tempted to take up rug hooking. Each summer they have a rug hooking event at the college in my town... it's very advanced... but they open up the displayed rugs to the public. I try not to drool too badly on the rugs.

I need to find a beginner 'hookers' class.

Nancy said...

Wow! Your hooked rug project is gorgeous. Pomegranates are one of my favorite things.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
THANK YOU for sharing your pomegranate runner. It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished.
Have fun at your hook-in.
Pug hugs :)

Siobhan said...

Mel, I love the runner--it is spectacular. The colors are SO pretty. The knitting is lovely, too! Enjoy your weekend.

katie said...

So happy to have found your blog this morning.
I love the pomegranate runner and the color choices are fabulous.
I love rug hooking.

Deb said...

I just love that rug, Mel! The colors and everything are just so yummy and ones that I know I would have picked out too. I tried to enlarge them because I'm intrigued by the directions those stitches are made, but Blogger is being bad and wouldn't let me. I really can't wait to try my hand at this. I picked up the Rug Hooker Mag yesterday and plan to spend some time reading it on the plane tomorrow.

Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you don't post before then!

Loraine said...

So amazing! I love, love, love your hooked rug! The colors are perfect!
Take care! Sorry for such a short comment. I'm doing some marathon blog reading!

Katrina said...

Oh wow, it's so gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

Have fun at your retreat.

Anonymous said...

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stitchin' girl said...

Your pomegranate runner is beautiful!! I used to rug hook (before kids) and after seeing yours I am wondering why I ever stopped!