Monday, January 04, 2010


Well - I thought I would get around to posting a Happy New Year wish to everyone but I never did.  Not sure what happened to my 3 day weekend but it just flew by.  I spent a lot of time sitting in my wool room and organizing my yarn stash.  I have an exciting announcement about my yarn stash but I am going to wait until things are actually in place before I mention it in blog land.

I got a neat plate from Cazan redware back in December - one for me and one for my rug hooking guild exchange gift.  A good friend got my gift and I was SO glad - I know she likes pottery pieces so that was perfect.  I know lots of you got the personalized sampler plate but I thought the rug hooker one would be great for my wool room.  The tiny little acorn is a gift from DF Henrietta - she did the felted bottom and put a real acorn cap on top - tooooo cute!

I got these beautiful hand knit wool socks from DF Kris.  I think she said the yarn was plymouth happy feet for those curious knitters out there.  Will sure need them this week - we are having a "real" cold snap this week with night time temps in the low 20's all week.  It normally doesn't get that cold and doesn't stay that cold for this long - sure hope I don't lose my palms by the pool but they are covered with plant blankets. The angle of the photo makes them look HUGE - my feet are not nearly that big

I know I must sound like a broken record - all I have been doing is knitting.  We have so little "real winter" weather here is North Florida - I try to hit the wooley things very hard in the fall and winter months.  Speaking of wooley things - my annual "Off the Ocean" rug hooking conference starts in a little less than 2 weeks - I love this camp being in January - traditionally January was always a depressing month for me - a big let down after all the holiday activities, festive occasions to attend, beautiful decorations, food and more food and then the big wall hits - JANUARY - a time to dither about gaining weight, buckling down to a more strict schedule, what I did not accomplish in the previous year - yadda yadda - Having rug camp in January for the past 10 years has helped me pull out of the post holiday funk - I start looking forward to camp in the fall and usually have my project picked out and am working with my teacher on the color plan way in advance of the big day - the start of rug camp - I'll post more about that later.

Here is one last photo for you - this is a cowl with a bobble border on the top and bottom of the cowl.  It is knit on 13 needles which I definitely do NOT care for and a lovely hand dyed icelandic wool by Blue Moon Fibers - the pattern is from for all the knitters out there.  I saw this on a blog for a shop in Atlanta that I visited last February Knitch - it was so neat I knew I had to make one.  So I called them and had them ship me the wool.
This progress was all in 2 evenings - about 6 hrs total - that's why a lot of people like using big needles - you get instant gratification.  I hope to have it finished soon but I got the stink eye from Jody on Saturday night when he realized I was not hard at work on his scarf.  You know the one that was for christmas LOL - Last night I picked up some stitching and he definitely could tell I was NOT knitting on his scarf so I had to get busy as he said in the "oh so pitiful" voice that he could "really" use that scarf right now it was so cold.

So many blogs I read talk about new starts.  I dithered about this so long that I finally just gave up and did start something new on NYD - I started the Elizabeth Bechtel sampler by Essamplaire - it is a Schwankfelder (sp may not be correct) sampler from PA.  It has the silks in the kit but I changed the linen out to R&R Iced Cappuchino - I just did not care for the starkness of the kit linen.  It is sure a pretty sampler and I hope to devote a little time to her but my main focus this year will be the sampler for my folks anniversary - I'm about ready to show another progress photo.  Maybe I can get a little more done on it before I do.

Well - it's time to wish you all health and happiness in the new year - many happy stitches too.  I enjoy all your blogs very much and the friendship you offer me thru your comments and support.


Nancy said...

Happy New Year Melody!

I like your rug hooking plate, and you're right, the acorn is very cute! The socks are beautiful - such pretty yarn. And, your knitting project is lovely. Enjoy!

Cari said...

And Happy New Year to you Melody!! AND, what is with this weather in Florida? So cold for so long...and just when I thought I'd get a break from the A/C bill I've turned on the heat! I'm so chilly now I'm thinking I need to knit up some wrist warmers.... Love the color and fiber of your cowl and I'm looking forward to progress pics on all your projects!! Stay warm and keep on knitting! Hugs

Loraine said...

Love all the projects. Love those socks! Take care, and really keep warm! The socks should help.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Happy New Year Mel! Love your new redware plate!

Margaret said...

Happy New Year! Lovely gifts from your friends -- when I saw that rug hooker plate at Kazan, I immediately thought of you! I love that cowl with the bobbles too! It's so nice that you have that rug hooking camp to look forward to. I hope we get to see pics of your rug hooking progress afterwards!

Jackie said...

Poor Jody! He knows where he is on the knitting org chart, doesn't he?! If not, just pull out the hat you made him to remind him! :)

I'm looking forward to stopping by to see you while you're at rug camp. I know you're looking forward to it and will have a fantastic time. The plate, the little acorn, and the socks are all just precious!

Happy New Year!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
What cool socks! For cold, you should try northern Ohio with our gale force winds. Brrrr!
Love your scarf story. Too funny.
Have a great time at camp and post lost of pictures for us.
Pug hugs :)

Jean in Georgia said...

Happy New Year!! Love the cowl... I may look into that after I get some new size 13 needles since Penny decided to chomp on mine (really my fault... I left them where she could get hold of them!).

Stay warm...

Deb said...

I just love your plate Mel! I've got my eye on a few others of hers (although where I'm going to put them is beyond me.

Would love to see the new sampler that you started! And I think that your cowl is going to come in handy. I understand you're going to get some pretty cold weather!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Happy New Year, Mel! Enjoy your cool weather while you can - I wish I could share some of ours with you! Love your knitted socks ~ the colors are so pretty but that cowl scarf - va-va-va-voom! Love it!

Good luck with your new sampler start (already forgot the name, what a dork I am), and I can't wait to see the progress pics!

Siobhan said...

Happy new year, Melody! I love the plate--doesn't Ginger do such beautiful work?! I love redware. Beautiful knitting!

Karoline said...

Happy New Year Melody, the socks and the cowl are lovely colours

Annemiek said...

Happy New Year Melody! Love all your projects. The plate is gorgeous. I've bookmarked your blog to be able to keep up with you.

Susan said...

Happy New Year, Melody!

I've been hearing about your cold weather and I'm sorry this is happening to you. But as you said, it makes you feel more like knitting.

My Elizabeth Bechtel is hanging on my dining room wall. I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as I did.