Monday, January 25, 2010


This seems so anticlimactic to post photos of this little runner after all the beautiful WIP's rugs from the last post.  Here is a close up of the center of the rug.

It is hooked in predominantly a 6 cut.  the wool was all dyed by Linda Bell of the Hookery in Haiwassee Ga. I started this a little over 2 years ago at a weekend workshop Linda taught in my area.  No it did not take 2 years to hook this little runner - I just did not work on it at all for at least a year after the workshop.  Typically if I start a new rug at a camp or workshop - I come home and put it away and go back to whatever my focus rug is at the time - that's why it seems like they have been WIP's for years - they have - well sorta but they are mostly in hibernation waiting their turning.  Here is the completed runner.  It is about 18" X 36" and looks really nice on my glass top sofa table.  I'm glad to have another rug completed.

I was gifted with not ONE but TWO pair of hand knit socks this week.  The first pair were knitted by DF and mentor Diane Stoffel. She is a great rug hooking teacher and dyer extraordinaire.  She has color planned a number of my favorite rugs including the mermaid and Shakespeare the marmoset moneky and Merrie Halloween. She bought this sock yarn (Fiesta Baby Boom) a couple of years ago while visiting Jacksonville for a rug workshop.  I had no idea when she bought the yarn they were for me - what a sweetie to make these lovely socks for me - they are a perfect fit too !.

the next pair of socks were a gift from a perfect stranger.  I arranged for a trade of a skein of yarn that I was looking for with someone on Ravelry. (an online knitting community) and so I met Colleen from Kansas.  She said she would be interested in trying some brand new sock yarn I had bought from the LYS since she had never seen it before.  When she shipped my skein - she said she put in a "little" surprise - OK nice - I was expecting a piece of candy - a freebie pattern - maybe a couple of stitch markers - OMGOSH - imagine my surprise when I opened the package on Saturday and inside was this  lovely pair of hand knit socks.

What a beautiful color they are and they are so well made with the reinforced heel and fit very well.  I am astounded with this random act of kindness Colleen.  You do meet the nicest people in the online communities.

I'm still knitting a lot - started a new pullover this weekend - I ordered the yarn from the LYS many months ago but was already distracted by the time it came in and never got around to casting on.  It is  a freebie pattern from Berroco using Inca Gold which is a Dk weight wool/silk blend in a beautiful rusty brown color.  The pattern is Wishbone and is very simple with a center cable down the front and back - I was calling it Fishbone because that's what the cable reminds me of.  I'll show a photo when I get enough of it done.

got the new SANQ issue on Saturday and there is a wonderful little Vierlande sampler in there repro'd by my friend Lorraine Mootz from Celle Germany.  I have pulled some suitable linen from my stash and gotten the DMC colors out and already started stitching the border.  I have suggested our local guild do this as a SAL since Lorraine has taught several classes and given lectures for our group - she is very dear to us.  I know a few people are committed already so that will be fun to do together as a group.  Thanks for visiting my blog - I'll try to come back for a chat real soon.


Nancy said...

No way this is anti-climatic. This is gorgeous Melody! The pattern is wonderful, and the colors are just amazing. Congratulations on your finish!

The socks you received are both lovely! Such sweet friends you have.

Cari said...

I love your rug Melody...the colors are spectacular and I love the design. Excellent finish!! And your nice sock friends...great surprise!! :)

Jackie said...

What a gorgeous rug! I love it! The colors are wonderful. How lucky you are to get 2 pairs of socks this week! What a nice surprise!

Margaret said...

Melody, how could you say this is anticlimactic? OMG! It is just gorgeous! I'm so glad you've shown it to us -- it's totally lived up to my dreams of it! And yes, I've dreamed about it! lol! I love the socks too! How nice is that that you got those socks totally by surprise! Oh, and that Vierlande sampler in the latest SANQ is so pretty! I fell in love when I saw it! Can't wait to see your progress!

Vonna said...

What a gorgeous hooked runner, you do beautiful work.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Beautiful runner.... and NOT anti-climatic at all... we want to see it all. Love to socks too... what a nice surprise.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~ Your runner is gorgeous. It must feel good to have it done and have the perfect place for it!
Love the socks :)

Kim said...

LOVE the rug AND the socks! Oh I hope I take to this hooking! I just love the rugs!!!

Jean in Georgia said...

The rug is beautiful... I so enjoy it when you share these wonderful items that you've finished!!

And I would just d-i-e if I received one pair of socks... but two?? Wow! What incredible friends you have!!! Such blessings in your life! :)

Love ya!

Deb said...

I think I know what you mean about it being anti-climatic. I feel that way with some of the things I do too, but Mel, your runner is absolutely gorgeous. OMG!! The colors - everything! You must be so happy to have it finished!!!

And those socks you received are great. I've heard that those are so warm (and I think so great too with all their patterns).

beeinstitches said...

WOO-HOO! Another finish and lucky you - with not ONE, but TWO new pairs of socks. You can certainly put those to use!
I pulled the DMC for the Vierlande and will be hunting up a piece of linen today - love it! Was thrilled to see Lorraine's piece in SANQ and a guild SAL is a great idea! Thanks!!!

Katrina said...

I absolutely love your pomegranate rug, nothing remotely anti-climatic about it. It's gorgeous. Pretty socks too :-).

KnittinHoney said...

Melody - I'm so glad you loved the socks and, honestly, I crank out more of those babies than I can possibly wear in a lifetime since they're my (when I'm not driving the) carpool knitting, and my sitting-on-the-sidelines-of-my-kids'-sporting-events knitting. I only knit for people who I know will appreciate these sorts of things - and I knew you would.

I can't wait the end results incorporating the yarn I sent you, too! Your rugs are just amazingly gorgeous.

Must. Resist. Temptation.


Siobhan said...

I agree with Nancy, this post is definitely not anti-climatic!! Instead it's more gorgeous eye candy from you. Wow. I just LOVE the colors in that rug!! The socks are so neat--what wonderful friends you have!

Annemiek said...

You have been busy Melody, I love your rug. The colors are really wonderful. And getting not only one but two pair of socks would make anybody's week. They are both gorgeous.

Susan said...

Sorry to be so late in commenting (it's been a busy couple of weeks).

The rug is GORGEOUS!! I love the colors and your work looks great (not that I know a thing about rug hooking!)

Love the socks, too. What great friends!