Sunday, September 05, 2010


I have so many friends who have August birthdays not to mention my dear mother who turned 70 this year.  I sure don't think she looks or acts her age.

I usually host an August birthday party every year for a few friends who are in the illustrious group.  DF Karen came up to spend the weekend and she sure livened up the party with party favors for all and cupcakes too.
Here is a shot of the gift table - look closely and you'll see a lovely BBD Bluebird framed piece that Karen stitched for my folks 30th anniversary - I'm sick I did not get a close up of it but I did not - suffice to say I did not finish the "hart" sampler I was working on for their anniversary but I will finish it one day.

I also did not get a photo of the gorgeous aqua "mara" shawl that DF Henrietta knit for my mom for her birthday - However here is DF Anne Marie showing off the Mara I knit for her.
Ooops sorry - that shot is a bit blurry but she was twirling around and the others were worse. LOL

Here is Henri with her little Quaker Swan needlebook kit I gave her .

Mom getting the first glimpse of the BBD Happy Birthday that I stitched for her.

I have to show you a close up of the beautiful finish that Lois at Elegant Stitch did on this piece.  It was exactly as I had envisioned it - a lovely little package for my dear mom.
and the back - we used the lovely Old Primrose Inn fabric from BBD.  I LOVE how it came out and I'm so proud I actually got it completed and Lois was able to get it back to me before the party.
It was a delightful day had by all - I got two lovely hostess gifts - a lovely Pandora bead from Anne Marie and this beautiful Just Enough Ruffles scarf hand knit by DF Karen in an OH so typical "mel" color.
Karen also presented each guest with party favors - most of us (knitters)  received this wonderful book
You would have thought it was a party of 10 year olds when the squeals of joy went up as the guests opened their party favor packages.  It was such a thoughtful gesture but then I am the luckiest person in the world to have so many dear and wonderful friends.  Greatly missed this year was DF Katie whose daughter fell at church just before the party and she spent the day in the hospital emergency room and DF Jill who was celebrating her Mom's 80th birthday out of state.  Hopefully there's always next year !

Because I am currently sitting in the Smokie mountains on vacation and Jody keeps asking me what I am doing - I am going to cut this post off with these happy memories of a fabulous day with very special friends.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day doing whatever it is you love doing !


Margaret said...

It looks like you all had such fun! Love all the presents and goodies and cupcakes and everything! Fantastic! I love what Lois did with your BBD piece for your mom! She's wonderful, isn't she? What wonderful friends you have! Happy birthday to everyone! My daughter was is an August baby too! Hope you're enjoying the Smokies!

Katrina said...

Looks such a sweet, fun party! Great goodies and what a cute stand up. Love the BBD AoTH :-).

beeinstitches said...

Thanks for documenting the memories! It was a really fun time and a great weekend! So wonderful to celebrate great friends!!!

Susan said...

Hey, I have an August birthday, too--maybe I'll get an invite to next year's party?? Love all the goodies, but especially the cube for your mom. Great stitching and a lovely finish!

Siobhan said...

It looks like a fantastic, fun party! You and Lois make a great team--the AotH piece turned out so nicely!

Jeanne said...

I'm remiss in keeping up with my blog reading Melody. It looks like a grand celebration. Your BBD finish for your mom is fabulous! I'm sure she was thrilled. I too get excited when I find the perfect fabric to match a stitched piece. I took Lois' online Cube-It class several years ago and made a few of my own. I just am not good witht the bows on top. I used to be in some quilting groups where we always exchanged handmade birthday gifts. I'm kind of missing it lately as it was so much fun to have something especially made for you by someone who knows you and knows what you like! Thanks for visiting my blog, I always enjoy your comments.