Monday, August 23, 2010


Looking for interesting blog post titles can always be a daunting challenge.  The birthday part is for my mom.
We had a great time celebrating her birthday this weekend.  Jody and I went to the lake on Saturday afternoon - we decided since we are so close to vacation time that we would just hang around the lake and have a catfish fry and maybe take a boat ride.  That was what my mom requested.  I got some beautiful flowers from the local flower shop and my assistant and I arranged them for my mom.  I went foraging outside the office and found these great fox tail ferns growing in abundance so I clipped off a few and I think they made a dramatic statement in the arrangment.
Here is a closer shot

I can't believe I didn't get a single photo of my DM (sigh) I should have gotten one with her flowers - she loved them or with the special coconut essence cake I got from a local cake designer.  I guess in the world of cakes you are better if you are a "cake designer" instead of a bakery LOL.  No photo of that either.

After we had our delicious fried catfish, my dad's world famous hushpuppies and a few glasses of iced tea - we hit the lake for a long sunset ride.  It was so much fun !

Here's Jody trying to catch some bugs LOL ! and my DD driving the boat.  My mom said "don't you dare take a picture of me"  - her hair was blowing and she had on no makeup - AAACKKK - I should have anyway but she was the birthday girl and I did not want to upset her.

Isn't that the most blissful sunset - the lake was so calm and beautiful and all the egrets were heading for their roost in the cypress tree around from my folks house.  It was getting a little to dusky to get a good photo of them.  Happy Birthday to my dear mom - the "special" BBD gift is on it's way and I'll give that to her this week - maybe I 'll post a photo of her then.

Can you believe I had a knitting finish ! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOT - I bought this yarn in the spring and this was intended for me however I need a special gift for a special GF of mine - she is a knitter too so she will appreciate the effort and hours that went into this.  It is the Mara Shawl -  a free pattern produced and available on the Madeline Tosh website.  This shawl is so easy and I found it to be a very relaxing knit - the yarn is exquisite but the color Port is very dark - almost black with little flecks of dark pink. 
Can't see a thing in that photo except the shape but here is a closer view of the tip and you can see the beautiful ruffled edge.

I loved making this SO much that I have already decided to order more MT yarn and make another one for myself.  When I was on their website today perusing around - I saw another cute pattern I am now coveting and want to make out of their sock weight yarn.  You get so addicted to these hand dyed yarns it's hard not to be day dreaming constantly of casting on your next beautiful project.

Speaking of beautiful projects - I just have to say - Miss Merry Halloween has come out to play after a long hot summer of hiding in the old red cupboard.  She is a little more than 1/2 finished - if I would get to work - she might get to make her debut for the Halloween season this year. 
Isn't she the cutest thing !
This is one of my favorite seasonal pieces - I showed her in a previous post but I've gotten lots of new followers since then and I just thought she should be seen again.  It will give me incentive to keep working on that BORING inky green black backround.  It looks black but it is really a very dark green plaid.  This color plan was done by Diane Stoffel and is predominantly in a 6 cut  but of course the tiny detail is in a 3 & 4 cut.
I don't know why this looks so washed out - the colors are really very vivid on this canvas.  Oh and the design is by Lori Brechlin/Not Forgotten Farm adapated by Spruce Ridge Studios.

Thanks so much for coming around to visit me and for your comments.  Without you - it would not be much fun to do a blog - so please come and visit me again real soon !


Kim said...

Great weekend~~birthdays, cakes, flowers, and boat rides! FUN.
Your halloween rug is coming along. You have lots of time to get her finished before the big day.

Jackie said...

Knit Witz has some Madeline Tosh coming! I loved using it in my Traveling Woman shawl. Your Mara shawl came out nice. The ruffle is wonderful. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

MH is a favorite of mine! I'm glad she is featured again. You've gotten a lot done since I saw her last.

Happy Birthday to your mom. She is a special lady!

Laura said...

Sounds like your Mom had a wonderful birthday! A sunset boat ride sounds like a perfect capper to the day!!!

Love, love, love your Autumn Lady!!!!! Is it punch needle?

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the Halloween hooked rug piece. You have to get that one done in time for the spooky holiday.
Beautiful flowers... your Mom's party sounded like fun.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Love the flowers and boat rides! And your Halloween rug -- OMG! So gorgeous!! Love it!! Congrats on the knitty finish. Beautiful!

Katrina said...

What a fun birthday for your mom!!! And the flower arrangement is gorgeous.

I definitely think the pumpkin lady should be ready for the fall, it's so sweet. Pretty shawl too :-).

Jean in Georgia said...

Happy birthday to your mom! And love the shawl and the Halloween piece! :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Happy belated birthday to your dear Mom! Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday. May you share many more with her :)
Of course, I LOVE your hooked rug. It is just amazing, especially being hooked with spagetti, er I mean, a #3,4 & 6 cut! I hope you keep us posted on your progress and get it done for Halloween!
Pug hugs :)

TeresaB said...

Can't believe I missed it was your mom's birthday. Looks like she had a wonderful day.

Your finish is so pretty. I love the MT colors I have but haven't started anything with them. Soon I hope.

MH is also one of my favs. Can't wait to see her all finished.

Susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The lake looks so relaxing. Congrats on your finish! I'm cheering you on to finish the rug!

Loraine said...

What a fabulous weekend! Love the pictures, and seeing your family. The lake is wonderful.
and that rug...Can I come and steal that when your finished? That is too wonderful!

Siobhan said...

I just love that Merry Halloween! It is soooo fantastic! I'm glad to hear that the birthday was so fun. Love the shawl!