Thursday, August 05, 2010


Two posts in one week - WOW - that must be a record for me.

I promised to show you the yarn shop I visited while in the Clearwater area this past weekend.  It is called Uncommon Threads and was a very nice shop.  Sadly I did not have time to peruse every bin as Jody was patiently sitting in the car in the blazing 100 degree temps - I did of course leave the a/c on for him but still - it was a quick trip.  They do promote spinning in this shop so there was yummy fibers and wheels there as well.
There was a class going on behind the cash register area so I could not get any closer to the spinning fibers.

Here is another shot near the front of the shop

I can shop quick when under pressure.  I had already gotten the scoop from Cari on what they carry and since this is her LYS - she made it easier for me to focus quickly.  I spotted a beautiful hand dyed 100% silk yarn by Claudia Handpaint.  I did not know this company did silk - I have seen their sock yarn locally but that was it.  This was a little more than I wanted to pay but it was 1100 yards and there is that Eiffel Tower shawl I have been toying with starting.  OOH LA LA  - perfect I think.  The color is called Woodland Moss - it looks quite brown in the photo but is actually a "typical Mel color" a goldish greenish moss color and while I perused the bins around the store - I could not get this skein off my mind.
Then at the last minute - I spotted on the very botton bin some Malabrigo Lace - funny thing about malabrigo - you either love it or hate it - I don't hate it but I m not that enamoured with the worsted weight.  I have a lovely skein of their sock yarn that I have never tried however I really do like the lace weight.  I did the Ruffled Fichu in malabrigo lace and I recently started the Featherweight Cardi in MalaB lace.  So I was able to snag 3 skeins of Little Lovely - which is shades of pink - all the way from petal pink to almost lipstick red.
Not sure why this photo is so orangey because it is truly lovely shades of pink.
I took a photo of the front of the shop but the glare was too bad to post.  So quick trip but nice shop - if you are ever in the area of Palm Harbor - go check them out and maybe if you're lucky you'll see our blog friend Cari there.

One last shot before I go - I have been really putting the needle to the linen on the newest BBD AoTH piece Happy Birthday.  My DM's  birthday is this month and when this came out a couple of weeks ago - I thought ...... do I dare ........ can I ........ will I .......... I sure am going to try stitch this for her birthday.  I hope she will think it's a special gift - she knows how little I actually finish - not that I am not constantly doing something - knitting - hooking - stitching but I work on so many different things - I don't get that many actual finishes. 
If I had known this dang thing had all those lazy daisys in it - I probably would have skipped trying to get it done for her and just left it for my big AoTH sampler however I imagine they will be cute and I hope they will go fast.

Thanks for all the commenters on my last blog post - It was fun hearing your glory days of Rock and Roll stories and to you girls - I would say - when you're driving down the road or cleaning your house - turn up that radio and rock out to your favorite band and sing it loud!


Cari said...

Love your post Mel !! So glad you had a nice visit to our fun shop. Too bad you couldn't get your hands on all that roving!! The Tussah silk and baby camel is TOO DIE FOR!! You would be in so much trouble...after you bought a spinning wheel....LOL

Love your new stitchy piece...have a great week!! HUGS

Margaret said...

ohhhh, nice yarn!!! Nice store too! I love that yarn though. lol! Good luck getting that AotH piece done in time for your mom's birthday. It's perfect for the occasion! Too bad about the lazy daisies. Not my favorite thing either.

Laura said...

Shopping while husbands wait in the car is almost tortuous!!!!!

That is very cool that you saw Robert Plant...I really like him too. I love to read about people who stitch and knit and all of that perceived "old lady" stuff but at the same time they can really rock!!!

Jackie said...

I need to get some Malabrigo lace. Like you, I'm not fond of the worsted. I do have some silky merino around here.....

You're really smoking the needle. Your mom is going to love it.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a fun store and great pictures!

Good luck on finishing your AotH. I don't mind Lazy Daisies once I get going on them but at first - uck.

Have a great day!

Loraine said...

Wow! You must have been in yarn heaven. Lovely store! I have a friend that is just getting into spinning. I'll tell her to visit your post.
Your stitching is beautiful too! Happy birthday is one of my favorite houses.
Love the mermaid mailbox in your last post. Too fun!
Hugs to you!

Karoline said...

Gorgeous shop and yarn.

Your new start is lovely

Isadarena said...

Hi Melody, you are lucky to have close to you such a nice shop and your yarn are so beautiful colors!!
Happy stitching on your Aoth progress :-)
Have a great week-end ,