Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been meaning for quite some time to post some photos of the GORGEOUS king size quilt our DF Vicki (of Olde Green Cupboard fame) made for my mom.  We picked out the fabric in March before they announced they were closing (which we are still mourning btw).  The fabric is Moda from the BBD line called Old Primrose Inn.  I sure hope I got that right and did not step on anyone's toes like I did last time I said the wrong name for a quilt line or manufacturer or something - I got a nasty gram on that one and I will just apologize right now if I got something wrong.  I'm not a quilter and neither is my mom so we just don't know as much as some of you gals do about fabric lines, designers and so forth - however I'm pretty positive I got this right because I looked on the selvage and got the name AND when we bought it we were specifically looking for Blackbird designed fabric.  Vicki did a fantastic job on this quilt - it is exactly what my mom was hoping for - she wanted a vintage look so Vicki chose Buggy Whip as the pattern.  Some of the gals who used to work for OGC bought one of the fancy long arm quilters and opened their own finishing shop -  Sorry but I don't know the name of it - anyway that is who did the actual quilting on this one. 

I think this looks marvelous in "MY" guestroom on this antique iron bed but I don't think mom is going to part with it - wonder if I begged a little harder LOL.

I had a close up of the quilting pattern but it just did not show up in the photo so I won't waste the space.

Another really neat quilted item I have in my possession is this awesome carrier made by friend Susan - also a former OGC associate and who also now has a long arm quilter and cottage industry finishing quilts for people in need.  Isn't this a beauty.
Sadly - I do not remember the designer or the fabric maker.  I also got my mom one of these but she quickly moved it from my house to her house and I have not seen it since LOL - smart cookie !  because her's is just gorgeous also !  Here is a close up of the beautiful quilting pattern Susan used on my carrier.

Just so you know I am still hooking some - here is a shot of the border I have been focusing on.  I am excited about the backround wool used in the border - it has been in my stash for about 10 years - it was the very first "project" that I had dyed for me and I just never did the rug.  I actually gave away the canvas to a friend not long ago but I did not want to part with the wool since DF Judy Colley - master of the dye pot did for me.  I am so thrilled that it worked so well in this rug since I had the unfortunate dilemma of not having enough of the center motif backround to finish the rug and this tea dyed interior backround can not be duplicated - I think I told you of that saga when I showed you shots of this Antique Blue Basket rug a few months ago.
Look at this awesome place I found in Auburn AL when I was there on business last week.  The Market serves freshly made crepes, soups, and other healthy options.  they also have the most awesome market attached to the little cafe - last time I was there I brought home dried organic beans of several types that were unfamilar to me - has anyone heard of Christmas beans?  they are huge like brown limas only a deep speckled maroon color and we cooked them yesterday with some ham hocks and rice - WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO - were they ever good - I'm showing my "southern" now but then ya'll already knew I was a GRITS (girl raised in the south) didn't you .

One last thing in this post - HALLELUIAH - I finished the BBD Happy Birthday for my mom.  It is not perfect - there are several boo boos and one glaring issue that I will just admit - even though I counted and counted - I did not center my mom's name correctly.  AAAACCKKKK - since it was over one and I worked on it for hours and hours - I decided I was NOT going to pull it out.  She will love it all the same I hope.  I am going to have it finished into a cube with an excessive amount of ribbons. 
That's the fastest I have ever stitched anything in my life - only about 3 weeks - for me that is astounding plus I did work on the Hem Stitch class piece and have done a little knitting and the Clearwater weekend was a wash for getting any stitching done.  So I am mighty proud I got this done in time to get it finished like I wanted.  Look at how great the Old Primrose Inn fabric goes with this piece. 
So I can't wait to see this finished up and I will do a post when I get it back.

Next update - I hope to have some knitting projects to show.  I've been working on a gift for a friend but Mom's took priority.

So until we meet again - I wish you happy times with your needles.


Kim said...

Mel, Mel, Mel....LOLOL OMGOsh that quilt looks great! I have a bundle of that yummy fabric line just become something. And a bolt of that border print toooo!!! Great minds....

I absolutely love that tote!! I wish you'd remember the pattern designer! ;o) And I will be drooling over that Antique Basket Rug....I'm waiting for the heat to subside and fall to usher in before I set up my frame and get busy on falling in love with rug hooking! But I've got everything at the ready!

Your BBD piece for your mom looks great too!

Such fun things you've shared!!! Have a great evening!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh my goodness, what a great, newsy post! The quilt is gorgeous! I can see why your mom loves it and I can see why you'd so enjoy sleeping under it! And, oooh, love, love, love the quilted bag - the handles are fabulous - can I buy one? Seriously, can I buy one? Love it!

The rug is stunning - you do the most gorgeous work - love the colors and the vintage feel to it!

Your mom will love her birthday piece - no need to worry!

And finally, that place you visited sounds/looks awesome! I'm a southern gal, too and pinto beans and cornbread are one of my favorites!

Cari said...

Holy Smokes Mel....what a great post. Love, love, love the quilt for your Mom. It is just beautiful. And your the design and the wool. Way too much fun. The BBD birthday piece for your Mom is beautiful too. The Primrose fabrics are a perfect match. You go girl!! Hugs

Jackie said...

Mel, the quilt came out fantastic! It looks especially nice with the antique iron bed. A perfect combination.

Your bag is wonderful too! I'm hoping to see it in real life. :) What are you carrying in it?

You always run into the quaintest places to eat. I've never heard of Christmas beans but beans + ham hocks = heaven!

Margaret said...

What a lot of eye candy in this post! lol! First off, congrats on finishing the BBD piece in time for your mom's b'day! It's gorgeous -- and I'm sure the mistake won't be noticed. (Wherever it is. :D) Love the quilt and the tote both. So pretty! And your rug! Beautiful!! Thanks for showing everything off to us!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The quilt looks fabulous. Lucky mom! The tote looks wonderful too, as does the BBD piece for your mom.

Jackie said...

Oh! I forgot to mention how much I love the color of your background. It reminds me of hand dyed sampler fabric. Gorgeous! You always have impeccable color choices and this time is no exception.

Jean in Georgia said...

The cross stitch piece for your mom is beautiful. I'm sure she'll love it! :)

Isadarena said...

Oh Melodi, what a nice and interesting post! The quilt is just gorgeous on its bed and I love the quilted bag too :-)
The rug is also stunning: you really make a gorgeous work!!
the photos from your trip look wonderful : it looks like a peaceful place !!
I wish you a great day ,
Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog .

Alice said...

Wonderful post! Such beautiful projects.

Loraine said...

What a fabulous post, and quilt! Your bag is awesome too.
Stitching and rugs are also wonderful. You have been up to very good things!!

Jan said...

Oh Mel dear....I am just over the top thrilled for you to have that BBD design stitched in time to give your momma!! Way to go, my friend!!

I loved reading this post and that quilt is gorgeous, one to die for, absolutely breathtaking! And I know your momma won't be parting with it anytime soon, so you will have to enjoy it when you go and visit! lol

Love your rug progress, that is truly going to be gorgeous. Love that pretty quilted tote too, my oh my such lovely things, my dear!

Keep up the great postings, dear Mel!! hugs!

Karoline said...

Your Mum's quilt is gorgeous as is the tote.

Congratulations on finishing your Mum's birthday piece,it will look lovely as a cube. Nice to see the rug again.

Michelle said...

Oh so many beautiful things in one post! I love the quilt - so gorgeous, no wonder you want to keep it. And the BBD piece is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Everything is so beautiful! The quilt is amazing (and so is the bag!), and I think it looks perfect on the white iron bed. Do you really have to part with it?!!

Your hooked project is gorgeous, and I still don't know how you do that. Your Happy Birthday sampler for your Mom is lovely! This series stitches up so pretty, and they do seem to go quick. Can't wait to see it when you get it back with the pretty fabrics!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Siobhan said...

Oh my GOSH, what a fantastic post filled with such eye candy. The quilt is fantastic--LOVE it! I am using BBD in a quilt for my daughter and I just love their stuff. Your mom will love the Happy Birthday piece that you did for her; it is SO pretty. Love the tote, too. The rug--the colors are just scrumptious.