Monday, August 02, 2010


What a fantastic show - I have seen Robert Plant and his various bands (including Led Zeppelin way back in the day) but he never ceases to put on an awesome performance.  I was SOOO excited about the show I wanted to start blogging the minute I returned to the hotel but I knew I would receive the stink eye from Jody for sure !  While is he also a big RP fan - he was not as impressed with the current band as he was with the Strange Sensation - his band before the Allison Krause endeavor.  I saw the Strange Sensation tour in NYC about 5 years ago and it was fantastic too.  Robert has a birthday this month ( yes I know I am too old to be a groupie so I have slide into the "fanatic fan" category) and for 60+ - he is just too hot to be believed - wrinkles, long curly gray/blond hair and all - it is still my dream to meet him and since I am no longer that hot 20 something 100 lb chickie I used to be - just chatting would be a pretty cool thing. 

We were in a small venue in Clearwater Fl.  Here is a shot of how good our seats were - I'm sorry but I don't know how to make the subject larger when I shot the picture on my IPhone (note to self to learn how to do this)

For anyone who doesn't care two hoots about this concert - you might want to bail out now  - I am going to post later about my yarn shop stop and a couple of other things but this post will be all about the trip to Clearwater.

anyway - I thought the concert was very unique - they did play more RP solo songs than I've heard in a number of years.  He opened with Down by the Sea which is off Fate of Nations - a little known song in my opinion but a great one.  He also did I'm in the Mood (for a Melody) which of course I like to pretend is just for moi' !!!!!!!!  It was fantastic to hear it live after probably 15 or so years.  He did Tangerine - a fabulous Zeppelin song and Thank You another favorite of mine along with several other Zep and solo songs.  I noticed he also did 2 songs from the Raising Cane CD he had done with Allison Krause and had a female singer on stage thru the entire performance named Patti Griffin - she had a sultry voice but little stage presentation.  His current band - the Band of Joy is apparently a bunch of guys he played with prior to meeting Jimmy Page and getting started with LedZep - they were all extremely talented and all did songs from the newest CD - I think it's titled Band of Joy - I have to rush out and get it - it was just released last week.  Well - I could go on and on but just suffice to say it was a magical evening in my opinion. 

Thru a little internet research - I found a great little restaurant in Safety Harbor which is on Tampa Bay near our hotel.  The Green Springs Bistro was nestled on a side street in the cutest little cottage.  Brick streets and cute shops made this an interesting area - too bad we didn't have time to explore.

I think I need this mermaid mailbox !   Jody again gave me the stink eye !

Here is a shot of the interior of the restaurant which had  bright colors and an inhouse guitarist who was really really good. It was interesting that the whole restaurant was filled with fellow Robert Plant fans garnering their various concert t-shrts from the past 30+ years.
 The Green Springs is chef owned and had some good reviews listed. We had a fabulous meal - jody had crab stuffed Mahi and I had shrimp and grits.  The wait staff was excellent and it was a super pleasant way to start off a fabulous evening.

On Saturday morning I wanted to find Cari's local yarn shop which is in Palm Harbor.  I had emailed Cari last week and asked about shops to visit in the area.  I did visit Uncommon threads but I forgot to take a photo of my purchases so I'll leave that post for another time.

Instead of heading home on I 75 - we decided to drive up the gulf coast - I had never been in those areas - Tarpon Springs, Homosassa Springs, Crystal River - they were quaint little spots but it was far too hot to stop and get out anywhere so I have no photos of those little towns.  I knew I wanted to stop in Williston which is in horse country (Marion County) for a late lunch on the way home.  The Ivy House is a neat place - it is housed in a historic home built in 1912 I think I read.

It had been about 5 years since I was there but it was just as wonderful as I remember it being.

Beautiful gardens surround the grand old home and inside there are numerous fireplaces and wood floors.  Good food is the reason people flock there from far far away.  I ordered fried shrimp and Jody ordered their specialty crispy oven roasted chicken - both came with fresh veggies, cornbread and a yeast roll.  I was full but not too full to pass up a wonderful house made dessert.  We opted to share a piece of chocolate layer cake - we both thought it was just DEE-VINE!

What a great way to end a lovely weekend ! 


Alice said...

I am glad you had such a fab time. Lucky you!

Katrina said...

Glad you had such a good time!!!! Love that mermaid mailbox :-).

Margaret said...

That's fantastic, Melody! My son and I just watched a documentary that had Jimmy Paige in it. Now I'm wondering if I should get myself a Led Zeppelin album. And if so, which one. Mothership?? Anyway, I'm glad you had such a good time. I do think you need that Mermaid mailbox. It's wonderful!! And the places you ate and the food -- fantastic!

Jan said...

Awww a wonderful weekend with Jodie and so definitely deserved by you both!!!

And I agree that mermaid mailbox needs to come and life at your address!

Kim said...

Melody it sure sounds like a grand weekend! And I agree on the hotness of RP...even the aging RP. ;o)

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Clearwater looks so pretty, and I'm glad you enjoyed Robert Plant so much. How could you not! I love that mermaid mailbox. I want one too!

Jackie said...

I was just thinking about your trip! It sounds fantastic!

I always laugh to myself when you mention Jody giving you the stink eye. The mermaid mailbox is a MUST!

I'm so glad you had a fabulous groupie-ish weekend. You're never too old to be a groupie!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great time, Mel! Rob and I love going to concerts and anytime we can see someone in a small venue like that, we go! I saw LZ more years ago than I care to remember but have not seen Robert Plant solo. He's on the list - even more so now!

I wish I lived in a coastal town so I could have things like whale or mermaid mailboxes!

All the places you went look like such fun!

Jeanne said...

Wow Melody - so happy for you. You know, I think I appreciate seeing the 'great ones' more now than I did even when I was younger. (Maybe we're thinking someday they might not be around!) I've never seen RP but would like to and wish I had seen Led Zepp in its heyday darn it. I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan - have seen them many times including my first time when I slept all night on the sidewalk outside Soldier Field in Chicago with my girlfriend. :) Last time my DH and I spent a bundle and got fantastic seats right next to this 'island stage' they had out in the middle of the floor audience. When they came out there to perform 5 or 6 songs, DH and I were right next to the stage 3 feet from Mick & Keith. It was just unreal. I'm almost afraid to go again as I know I will never top those seats! Every time they tour I say I have to go cause it could be the last one LOL. I might be middle-aged but still love my R&R.

Cari said...

Mel...I'm so glad you had a great trip! Looks and sounds like everything went well!! Good for you. And I definitely think you should have a mermaid mailbox!! LOL Hugs

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time

Susan said...

Mel, I'm pretty sure "Mood" *was* written for you. Glad you enjoyed the concert and the rest of the weekend!

anniebeez said...

I saw RP with Allison Krause in Chicago-it was fantastic! I still love him!!

Miccosukee said...

Reading your posts made me feel so much at home. I grew up in Dunedin and my parents still live there. Where exactly was the concert held in Clearwater?

There used to be a bandshell right before you took the causeway to Clearwater beach that held concerts while I was growing up.

I am sure that it's gone as the majority of that part of town is now all Scientologists.

My mother goes to that yarn shop as she is an outstanding knitter. She now makes sweaters and hats each year for charity. When I get my new house, she will knit me an afghan for it. It's traditional.


Katie said...

so jealous that you got to go and see him!! seeing him in concert would be a dream!