Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have been trying to eek out a blog post for a couple of weeks now. I take a bunch of photos of nothing important and then time slips away and I don't get the post done (sigh) - Now Thanksgiving is upon us and I am still struggling to do a post. I am still in the office and there is NOTHING going on so I thought I could maybe whip out a post and wish all my friends in the US a happy turkey day !

My folks will be coming up tonight and will spend a couple of nights with us. It will just be the 4 of us but we'll enjoy preparing and eating our meal just as if we had 12 at our table. We've always had a very small group for holidays since I am an only child and have no children. Anyway - I am working from home Friday so I almost have a 4 day to look forward to . Saturday is sampler guild and that is a fun afternoon to visit with friends and get some serious stitching done in between eating snacks, drinking coffee and chatting about eating too much over the holiday LOL.

OK - I just have to say I HATE whatever change blogger made to posting photos - it is SOOO much harder now to manipulate the photos - makes me dread having to do it which means I seem to be posting less and we all know that these posts are all about the photos. SO ........... without further ado - I am going to show you some great photos from my trip last weekend to Sweet Savannah - that was almost my blog post title but since I ran right into turkey time - that won out for a title.

Last weekend Jody and I went to Savannah - I had some business to take care of so it was a mix of work and pleasure but pleasures abound in Sweet Savannah.

We had a marvelous dinner on Friday night in the historic area at Local 11 Ten which is housed in an old 50's bank building. It was a very posh expensive restaurant but the food was excellent and we actually had a friendly accomodating server. I find that many times in this type of trendy restaurant - the server somehow didn't get the message that "he was serving" - it's like they are doing a favor by visiting your table and dropping off some food. there is no semblance of "service" to be had by this type of "server" I just get tired of this type of attitude and I'm sure you can all relate. Anyway this was a very pleasant experience.
Saturday - we putzed around and enjoyed our room at the Residence Inn - I actually slept fairly well and we already knew we were heading straight to Soho Cafe down town.  I've featured them before so I won't bore you again but here is Jody perusing their artwork.

 Can't you just see this portrait in one of those huge victorian mansions.
  We had a lovely lunch - I think we both had the crabcake sandwich which is really done right here at Soho.  I am picky about crabcakes and not everyone does them or Shrimp and Grits well but this place does for sure.

In the next block down from Soho is one of my fave yarn shops in the whole world - Wild Fibre
I had already prepped Jody for a visit to a new needlepoint shop and did not elude to a visit to any more local haunts.  He knows how I can spend hours and mucho bucks in any yarn shop but I did manage a quick perusal and got a chance to say hi to the gals that own the shop.  I knew they were a participating shop for Yarns on Stage - these are a collection of limited edition sock yarns from wonderful companies both mainstream and indie dyers.  I was under pressure to grab something quick and  hit  the local needlepoint shop before Jody ran out of patience.  He was running a bit thin since our lunch required over a 30 min wait.  His personal limit is 15 but I got an extension because "hey it's sweet savannah" !  Anyway here is the beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Sweet Pea - have no idea what I will do with it - there is enough yardage for a small shawlette - so we'll see what I can find to do with it.
So now - the real treat of this post - There is a marvelous new needlepoint shop in the historic district - The French Knot -

 What a fantastic shop !!!!!!!  Everything about this shop exudes elegance and taste.  It was rather difficult to find on Whitaker Street which is one way with no street parking.  I got good advice from the owner of Wild Fibre to park on Jones and walk the 1/2 block to the shop which is actually facing an alley off Whitaker.  Anyway - it was definitely worth taking the time to find.

You can read about Audrey the owner on her website so I won't belabor those who are not interested in needlepoint.

Threads anyone?
Oh my goodness - her walls of threads were just awesome - she had several brands of silk such as Planet Earth that I had been wanting to see.  I like the fact they were arranged in color families - and the canvas selection was no less stunning.

She had all these gorgeous built in cabinets all around the perimeter of the shop.  All filled with awesome finished items and artfully displayed accessories and canvases.

Such a beautiful place.  I can't wait to go back and am already schedule to take her ornament finishing class next month.  I only have to get the ornament completed LOL

Here are some gorgeous threads I pulled for my Autumn House canvas.  Audrey had some great suggestions for fibers to finish up my stitching adventure on that canvas.

Well friends - that concludes my pre-turkey day visit with you - hope you enjoyed your tour of the French Knot.  Wishing you the best of holidays with you and yours.


Margaret said...

I think a nice small Thanksgiving is so nice! My husband is an only child too. I love the pics of your travels to Savannah! What pretty sock yarn you got! And that needlepoint shop! Wow! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy your Sampler Guild meeting!

Jeanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving right back at you Melody! We are just having 3 ourselves - hubby, me and FIL. I am directing the cooking and husband will do most of it since I am one-handed temporarily. :) What a gorgeous shop that new one is - I'm so glad to see a shop opening even if it is needlepoint LOL, after all seems mostly we are hearing about shops CLOSING. I don't needlepoint but of course I will visit the shops for fibers. Enjoy your long weekend away from work!

Katrina said...

A small Thanksgiving is just as nice as a big one and I always cook a lot no matter the number of people :-). Fun pictures too, love all the threads!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Sounds like you and Jody had a fun time in Savannah. That's one place I'd love to visit.
Hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever with mom, dad and hubby.
Hugs :)

Susan said...

Did you hear me oohing and aahing over the wall of fibers? I, too, love it that they display them in color families. Love the Cherry Tree Hill yarn, too. Savannah is on my list of places to visit--maybe this spring.

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Ours was just the five of us, but I think I cooked enough for 10!

Nancy said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Such beautiful threads and yarn - what a fun time!

Karoline said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Lovely photos of your trip. The yarn is gorgeous and the shop looks stunning

Michelle said...

Oh it looks like you had a lovely time and got some pretty things too! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!

Siobhan said...

Okay, be honest... don't you want to throw yourself down on those silks and just roll around?? LOL I always feel that way when I see a bunch of silks. I loved going along with you on your Savannah trip. Great pics! It looks like such an amazing place; I hope to get there someday.