Friday, December 03, 2010


I wish I had more progress photos to share with you but I don't seem to be get getting much done these days.

My Autumn House needlepoint canvas has been sitting since I finished the fields - I am stymied about what to do about those wheat stacks or corn bundles or whatever they are.  I should start experimenting with stitches.

I did finish my seahorse - I am taking an ornament finishing class next week at the French Knot so I'll show it again when it is "finished" - this will hang next to my mermaid rug so it is not a christmas tree ornament but something I will display year round.
For anyone interested in the fibers - this was my first purchase of Vineyard silk - that was used on the entire seahorse except for the gold which is krenik braid and the backround is Frosty Rays - which I might add is the biggest pain to work with.  The backround is a simple wave pattern which would be more obvious in person or with a better camera.
Here is a closer shot so you can see more detail. Obviously I had to draw in my own oval shape and I went a little too big with it initially but those big black lines won't show.
It's amazing how much fun I've been having with NP this fall.  I did start this seahorse well over a year ago - and put it down.  It was only in the last couple of weeks that I picked it up and decided to finish that backround and take this class.

This past week I also picked up an old knitting project that was probably half done.  A beautiful tri-color wrap using a very fine gauge Rowan wool.  I had misplaced the mag with the pattern in the move but a shop in Scotland was clearing out a lot of their old Rowan mags so the owner helped me pinpoint the issue I was missing and I ordered from Scotland.  It arrived and I was able to pick up the garment and just keep going right where I left off - that was a big SIGH of relief - sometimes I am lost when I let things sit for years and can't pick it up again or I have completely lost interest and I am finding that re-purposing the yarn is a real AHHHH moment.  Gives the lovely yarn a chance to come alive again in a new project.  So next time I'll try to show some other WIP's. 

This is the time of the year rug hooking really kicks into gear.  I would dearly love to finish Merry Halloween for the annual exhibit here in January.  that is not going to happen unless I spent some serious time with my hook and frame.  It's possible at this point but that goal is slipping away day by day and as Christmas approaches there will be more and more to do and less and less time to do it.  I vow to hook at least 4 hours on Merry this weekend!  Pinky swear OK?

We got the tree up last night - a Frasier Fur and it is a beauty.  About 7.5 ft - the lights are up and we'll finish putting on the ornaments this weekend.  I can assure you my BBD "Noel" ornament that I finished myself will be the first one up on the tree in a place of prominence where I can see it every day.

I hope you are all having a great start to the holiday season with many happy times to look forward to this month.  Don't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season and keep him in your busy every day life.
Be Merry and Enjoy ! 


Margaret said...

What a gorgeous seahorse! I'm so glad you tracked down that Rowan mag for your knitting WIP -- I've had that happen as well so I understand! Those Rowan mags can be hard to find! I hope you get Merrie Halloween done soon -- it's so pretty! Good for you for getting the tree up! I'm not sure when it will happen for us. It's so unusually busy around here that none of the usual holiday preparations are getting done at all. I'll be running around like a maniac at the last minute! lol!

Deb said...

I just love your seahorse and that's good that you'll be able to display it all year with your rug. I've used Frosty Rays before and I definitely know what you're talking about - a real pain to work with.

Thank goodness you managed to track down the pattern for your knitting. There is nothing worse that not being able to find something (I'm discovering that with all my old quilting WIPs).

Hope you get back to your hooking and can finish your rug by January. I seriously need to get back to it again, but there has just been too much going on lately.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Ok, try wheat sheaf stitches on the haystacks. It's very easy to do but you will have to find a thread that pleases you and looks good with the rest of the piece.

Here are two tutorials to get you thinking--

Jackie said...

Your seahorse will look lovely displayed year round.

Did you see Kathe's finished jacket? I thought of you when I saw it because it's made out of Rowan.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your seahorse is beautiful.

Roberta said...

Hey Melanie love the Seahorse, looking forward to seeing the finishing.

OK, so I was in Savannah, maybe around the same time you where!!! We need to touch base when we get near to each others home ground.

Thanks for the heads up on the needlepoint shop - will have to check it out!!!

Roberta said...

Oh Melody, I have been trying to get caught up with my blog reading and your name is above Melanie's name and I just wasn't paying attention. Sorry about that!!! I have about 25 blogs that I hope to get caught up with this weekend.

Are you going to the Dixie Tea Cup on Sunday???

Cari said...

Beautiful seahorse do such fabulous work. HUGS

Karoline said...

Your Seahorse is gorgeous, congratulations