Thursday, December 30, 2010


I wanted to post my list for Crazy Challenge – I am modifying it a bit further to be my “Crazy Challenge for completing 11 in 2011. It is a collection of new starts and WIP’s. It’s a mix of all the things I love to do – stitching on both canvas and linen, hooking and knitting.  I would like to be able to figure out how to pin this to the sidebar like Vonna and some of the others have done.  I'll work on that.


Spanish Mystery Sampler by Shakespeare’s Peddler - NYE/NYD new start – 2011 SAL with the Attic

Elizabeth J Mears by Queenstown Samplers - 2011 SAL on the With my Needle & Pen newsletter group

Garden Glade by CHS  WIP started in 2010 - hibernating for a few months now soon to return to rotation.

Where the Hart Lives by Scarlet Letter WIP started in 2009 - supposed to be for my folks anniversary in 2010 - oh well - it didn't happen - however I am determined to finish this one so it made the list.


Medieval Melody by Katie Puckett KISS Rug Studio – a huge oriental/floral rug designed for me which I will start at rug camp in January

 Blue Basket Antique by Edyth O'Neill – my oldest rug WIP – a 3’ x 5’ started in 2001 – I think 10 years is long enough to devote and this beauty needs to be finished and on my floor.  I am on the border now so this is attainable in 2011.

Merrie Halloween by Spruce Ridge Studios - A Not Forgotten Farm adaptation  – started in October 2009 –  She is sooooo close to being finished - She will be hanging Halloween 2011.


ANG ( Am Needlepoint Guild)  – SOTM (stitch of the Month) – new SAL by Ro Pace  for 2011 on 24 ct congress cloth. It is a mystery which grows as the year progresses.  ANG offered one in 2010 that many of the local ANG chapter members stitched and it was a neat project so this time I am jumping in.

Autumn House by Melissa Shirley - WIP that I had a ball stitching and using stashed fibers in the fall of 2010 - it should be an easy finish for 2011 *IF* I continue to work on it.


Sweet Little Nothing - a beret by French designer Marie Adeline Boyer - this is a new start to go with a beautiful new wool/cashmere coat my mom gave me for Christmas.  It will also be a KAL for the 1st Quarter of 2011 with online shop The Loopy Ewe and I think I have settled on the yarn and will get it ordered next week.

Debbie Bliss Cowl - WIP using  exquisite hand dyed yarn by Dream in Color - this was a special colorway offered only to select yarn shops. 

I've had a list on my desk for days now - adding, deleting, adding deleting projects as they come to me and as I think about how realistic it will be to finish them in 2011. I knew my list of SAL projects was growing for 2011.  There will be much more knitting started and hopefully finished in 2011 than what is on  my challenge list.  Knitting is so zen to me - I can knit when I am too tired to even think - Simple needlepoint also can be very relaxing for me - the canvas is easier to see than linen and I usually am not following a chart - maybe a stitch pattern but not a chart like linen work.

  I still adore samplers and I always dream of being like my stitching idols Margaret, Siobhan, Deb, Laurie and so many others that I hold in high esteem but I know I will never ever be like them.  It's just a dream world I like to go to and wile away the hours - choosing charts, linens and pretty silks.  In my dreams - I too finish huge impressive samplers and have whole walls filled with my workes.

I think the new year is great for people who do goals, lists and resolutions - to get a fresh perspective on their life and get rejuvenated.  For me - I prefer to just aspire to do the best I can do - to be blessed with good health, continued employment and be surrounded by family and friends.

On this Eve of the New Years Eve - I wish for all my friends in blog land all the things that make you most happy.  I appreciate your support of my blog and your comments.  Peace my friends and many happy stitches in the New Year ~ ~ ~


Margaret said...

What fun to see your crazy challenge list! I really like it too -- at least the projects that I know. And I trust you to have gorgeous projects for the rest. You have wonderful taste. I hope you and yours have a happy, healthy New Year!

Sue at The Boar's Breath Ranch said...

I too will be at rug camp with Bev.
See you there.

Michelle said...

Love your list - you've got some great projects to work on!!! Happy New Year!

krayolakris said...

Mel - each item on your 2011 list is beautiful. I know you will enjoy working on them & finish as many as you care to. Here's to a blessed 2011!

Jan said...

Everything looks fun, Mel!! I just know 2011 is going to be a wonderful stitching year! Enjoy that needle and hook of do such beautiful work!

Happiest of New Years, may 2011 be full of good and plenty for you!

Laurie in Iowa said...

That's a very impressive crazy challenge list. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress photos in 2011.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Kim said...

Happy New Year, Mel! Love your list and I know you'll get lots done! Can't wait to see it all! :o)

Margie said...

I love your challenge for the year! I can't wait to see it all unfold. Happy New Year!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
What an ambitious list. I hope you can cross many off the list by year's end.
I've enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog. I look forward to many more post in 2011.
Pug hugs :)

Katrina said...

Happy New Year!!!! Love your list and I am looking forward to watching your progress :-).

Cari said...

Happy New Year Mel. Thanks for sharing your will be more than fun to watch each project finished. You are a wonderful needlewoman. Warm Hugs

Susan said...

I played around with joining a challenge this year, but decided I really just need to go with the flow as far as stitching is concerned. I did make up a couple of lists in my head and that's really half the fun, isn't it? I'll be cheering you on with these projects and looking forward to seeing progress pictures.

Best wishes for a very happy 2011, Mel!

henri said...

Happy New Year (almost)!

Will be looking forward to seeing the progress
on 'the list'!!


Siobhan said...

What a fantastic list of projects!! As you've said yourself many times, the object of it all is to enjoy the process, and I hope that you have a great time creating whatever thread object you choose to work on. Wishing you & yours a blessed new year!

Nancy said...

Happy New Year Melody! By your list it sounds like you are going to be enjoying a creative 2011. I think it's such fun to plan a new year of creative projects. I plan to continue to do a lot of cross stitch, finishing up some WIPs I have, but also finishing up a few needlepoint projects I have and stitching some vintage linens I have that are stamped for embroidery or cross stitch. Hope you have a very happy and healthy New Year!