Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Good day friends - I have a couple of finishes to show - Lots of my local friends laughed when they heard the story of Jody's one fingerless mitt for Christmas. Well to all those skeptics who might have doubted I would finish the 2nd mitt before NYD - it did happen !

I really love how they turned out and JD has already worn them a couple of times. I was so impressed I think I am going to make myself a pair right away so I can use them this winter.

The next finish is a scarf for my friend and our admin assistant at the office - Betsy - You might recall last December Betsy gave me a wonderful gift at christmas - an antique sampler which had been passed down in her family. For those knitters out there - the scarf is Hand Maiden Sea Silk and I don't remember the colorway but it is much prettier than this photo shows - actually the photo is pretty crummy but I was in a hurry this morning and wanted a snap before I presented the gift.

Here is my progress so far on my NYE/NYD new start. The Spanish Mystery sampler by Shakespeares Peddler and the 2011 SAL with the Attic .
It is worked on the new Lakeside linen color vintage Pecan Butter 36ct using Jean's silk conversion. This is actually one shade of Gloriana Florimell and one shade of Belle Soie - you can't tell much difference as they are two shades of brown - this is the color scheme for the foreseeable future on this BAP so I am already seeing stitchy-itis raising it's ugly head. Plus reading everyone's great challenge lists is not helping matters - I'm getting the OOOOOO - I want to do that one and oh I have that chart in stash - " I should start that one syndrome." Frances Eden is one of those which may see a start real soon. What a schlup I am - 5 days into the new year and I am already back sliding on my challenge commitments - oh well - I have made some progress on the list - I ordered yarn, purchased needle and downloaded the pattern for the beret that was on my challenge list. ( see previous post )

Speaking of challenge lists and finishes for 2011 - DF Teresa (girl with needles blog) has set up a new blog called Working to Finish in 2011 - please become a follower and add to your list of blog reading.  The gals who have become contributors so far are all in our Azalea Sampler Guild group but I think this blog is going to be open to anyone who would like to post their 2011 Challenge goals, photos and finishes in 2011  in one spot. I am excited about this as several who have joined don't have blogs of their own.  There are some very talented stitchers and needlewomen in our Azalea group and this will be a way for them to get their work out there for you all to see. More to come on that as our developer/creator TeresaB puts out more information about who can join or how to receive an invitation to join.

Thanks for all your comments on my Finish 11 in 2011 challenge list. I think mine should have been called "working on 111 in 2011" - that is about how many WIP's and new starts are rolling around in my head this week.  You are all wonderful inspirations to me and I value your comments and readership of my blog - thank you and please come back again real soon.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
The fingerless mitts are wonderful and so is the scarf.
You are to funny ~ 111 in 2011. Better quit your day!
Happy New Year!
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

Nice mitts! Glad Jody has both to wear now. lol! I think you should definitely make some for yourself too. Nice scarf for your friend as well. And the SAL piece is beautiful! I so agree with you -- this 15 challenge thing is a real distraction! lol! I love Frances Eden so far -- I'm not a crazy 15 person but I still did a New Year start. Have fun with all your stitching/hooking/knitting!

Nancy said...

Your knitting projects are beautiful Melody! I've seen fingerless gloves on a few blogs, and I think they are very nifty!

Nice start on your sampler. Enjoy all your projects, and I look forward to seeing what you do in 2011!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The mitts are so cool. Congrats on your knitting finishes. I'm sure your friend is enjoying that scarf.
You have to come join us in stitching Frances Eden. Margaret, Katrina and I will be stitching it on the weekends. Come join in on the stitching madness.

Cari said... are so funny... 111 wips in 2011 sounds like my world!! Love it! I love your fingerless gloves too! I downloaded the pattern after reading your blog. And I thank you very much. Hugs

Michelle said...

OOoh, beautiful knitting - and both will be appreciated, I'm sure. And I love your start on the Spanish Sampler - that's one I'd really like to start too. I'm cheering you on with your challenge, and trying to work on my own challenge - crossing some of these wips off my list!

Jan said...

Mel, you are such a silly and sweet girl! I love the way your mind works. I am thrilled that you finished Jody's other hand for him...I just knew you would! They are lovely, as is the scarf you lovingly made for your co-worker!

Thanks for the link, I just might have to add that blog to my roll...will look forward to seeing some lovely finishes there!

Your start is looking great!

krayolakris said...

Oh Mel, I love the notion of 111 in 2011~~let's adopt it! Congrats on the mitts...they are wonderful.

Susan said...

Way to go on the finishes, Mel!! I hope we'll see lots more of them this year. Had to laugh about 111 in 2011, though. I can so relate to that!

Glenna said...

Thank you for your nice comment! I will be adding your blog to my reader as well! Love your banner photo with the mermaid's tail, and now I'm going back through your old posts to see what you've got going on!

Karoline said...

The mittens and scarf are lovely, congratulations.

Your new start looks lovely, good luck with your goals

Siobhan said...

Great finishes, Mel! Nice start on your challenge piece, too. I'm off to check that other blog--thanks!

Roberta said...

Hi there, finally getting some time to get caught up. Love the fingerless mits - there great, love the long arm part.

I am thinking everyone is jumping onto the 2011 challenge of getting things done, whether it be WIPs or new. Good luck with your goals.

Chat with you soon.