Monday, January 24, 2011


Coming up for air - that is exactly how I feel today - last week whirled by me in a vacuum of being sick at rug camp - being in the office only 1 day last week and leaving on Thursday - still not 100% for a long drive to Auburn AL for a meeting I needed to head up. 

I promised a complete run down of the Off the Ocean rug camp however the first day of camp I was already beginning to feel sick.  I went home Friday night instead of staying at the hotel with my mom - Saturday I was worse and by Sunday I was holed up in the hotel room too sick to even get dressed or venture very far from the bed.  How horrible is it to be sick at an event like this????  too sick to even get in my car and drive 10 miles to my house!!!!!!!!!  It's pretty horrible I might say - I missed the exhibit on Sunday - missed seeing many friends who come to see the exhibit.  I missed more than a full day of hooking/class time and my progress on this rug really shows it.  On the positive side - I did get a good start on this very large rug which is an original design by friend Katie Puckett who is a co-director of this rug camp.  I got to name it so it is Medieval Melody and I wanted William Morris type colors.  I must admit that I started this rug about 4 years ago with another teacher - somehow it just did not come together - it did not excite me - the colors were not what I wanted - it was too monotone so I rolled it up and put it away with the thought that one day I would pull it out again and find a teacher who was willing to work with some of the wool I had previously purchased and maybe add some of their own flavor and spark to the rug.  I knew I would get what I was looking for from Vivily Powers - I have had Vivily several times before at the rug camp I attend every year in Sebring Fl.  She did not disappoint - after tossing out a few of her choices that were too bright for what I had in mind - I added a gorgeous dusty plum 5 value color set and a rich rusty red 5 value set all looked awesome upon her great backround color called White Trash (yep she uses cute catchy names for many of her wool color formulas) - So she will have to dye more wool for me but I have made the plunge and am quite happy with how the rug is shaping up so far.  Here is a close up of the center medallion. 
Vivily came up with a beautiful spot dye that was the inspiration for the whole color plan on the rug. It is the leave section of the red flower on the right.  There is also a great 4 value turquoise set that is being dyed but is not currently hooked into the rug - so that will be a lovely addition to this color plan. 

Here is the full view of the rug including the border which is really the focal point of the whole rug.  For any rug hookers out there - I have started in a 5 cut and I might add some 4 for that looping vine in the border or any other fine detail - since there is not a lot of open backround in this rug - I will probably just stick with a 5 cut even in the backround.

Here is my mom's new rug - it's called Bunny Trails and is by Not Forgotten Farms reproduced to canvas by Spruce Ridge Studios.  My mom is a meticulous hooker - it takes her a while to make progress but she does a lovely job with the actual hooking.  She wanted something bright and springy and this certainly fills the bill.  The house is 2 shades of yellow gold - how about that blue door ???  Don't you love the texture of the daddy bunny and his cool ty dyed shirt - Vivily was trying to encourage my mom to make a plaid dress for Mommy Bunny but I'm not sure she is going to bite on that idea.  I love the rounded edge on the top of this rug - should be great fun to watch it take shape.

Here is Vivily on the right with fellow student and friend Susan Rogers on the left.  Susan is doing a lovely crewel pattern called Vasa and her color plan was exquisite.  Susan is a quilter convert to rug hooker - she told me she would sit and hook all day if she could and I think she has some interest in dyeing as well. 

 Dawn friend and a charter member of our local rug guild was hooking a stunning peacock design.  The colors in this rug were so wonderful - I know it will be fun to watch this one come alive.
Ladie (yes that is her real name) was doing a neat rug that was adapted from a old post card or some type of media like that.  She lives on St Simons Island Ga and  I wish the photo was better - the waves at the bottom were so neat - it has a shrimp boat and a rendition of the lighthouse on the island.  Her color plan was gorgeous and she said she dyed all the wool herself. 

there were about 15 or so people in my class - there were lots of  great rugs being hooked that I did not get photos of - sadly people were in and out a lot the last 2 days and I was mostly out of commission so I missed getting photos of many of my class mates rugs.

Off the Ocean 2011 is now a distant memory - it was their 12th camp and my 12th camp with the directors who are a mother daughter team and good friends of mine.  I have been fortunate enough to take classes with many great teachers at this camp - I have started a new rug each year except this year - yes I have many WIP's which are not finished from this and other camps but when I look back over the past 12 years of rug hooking - I have had so much fun and created some awesome rugs and made many friends along that journey.  I would not take anything for the experiences I have had and the time spent hooking with my mom and our friends is priceless.


Katrina said...

Love the pictures, your rug is gorgeous. What a shame you were so sick for your weekend away. I can imagine it was so disappointing. Hope you are feeling much better.

Margaret said...

Oh how awful that you were sick for rug camp! Such a bummer! I love your rug though. The colors! It's great that you had someone who could work with you and get something you really love. Can't wait to see more! Your mom's rug is cute too, and the other ladies' rugs are beautiful as well. Yours is my favorite though. Hope you're feeling better.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Bummer about being ill during rug camp. I'm so sorry to hear that as I knew how much you were looking forward to camp.
The colors you've picked for your rug are gorgeous. Your Mom's rug just makes me smile... who doesn't love bunny rabbits?
Hope you're all better now.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh, NO! I'm so sorry you were sick, Mel! I love the rug you're working on, though. The colors and the design are just gorgeous.

Deb said...

Oh Mel, how absolutely awful that you had to be sick during the rug camp!! I hope that you're feeling much, much better now though.

I think that the colors you've picked for your rug are gorgeous and it's going to make a beautiful rug.

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear you were sick during an event that you look forward to all year. The new colors on your rug are gorgeous!

Cari said...

Oh Mel...I'm so sorry you were sick at your retreat. I know you were so looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the pics that you took. You new rug looks like it will be so much fun. Hugs and you take care of yourself.

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear you were sick for your camp weekend! I do hope you're feeling better now, and I think you've got a good plan for your rug now. It is gorgeous!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that you were unwell at the workshop, and hope that you are feeling ever so much better. The rug design and colours that you chose are absolutely lovely! I cannot wait to see the finish.

Be well and happy hooking!

Warmly, Judy

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
What a clever name for your rug :) Your colors are beautiful. 4 & 5 cut ~ no way would I ever hook that You will have such wonderful detail because of it.
I am sorry you were sick and could not enjoy the camp. What a disappointment :( I hope you are feeling back to normal.
Your mom, along with everyone else, are doing a great job on their rugs.
Pug hugs :)

Nancy said...

Oh no! How horrible to be sick at rug camp! I hope you're feeling better now.

Thanks for sharing everyone's gorgeous projects, and yours is just beautiful Melody!

TeresaB said...

Not fair at all that you were sick for such a wonderful weekend! I love the colors you're going to use on your rug, I can't wait to see it all come together. And your mom's bunnies are adorable!

Heather said...

That's just terrible to be sick at an event! =( I used to be sick on Christmas every year when I was a kid...I guess the anticipation was always too much for me!

Your rug is going to be absolutely stunning. The design is fabulous and the colors are looking great. I can't wait to see the turquoise added in there! There are some really impressive ladies at your camp!

Karoline said...

What a shame you where sick at Rug Camp, hope you're feeling better now.

The rugs all looked lovely.

Jeanne said...

Wow Melody - what a fantastic rug you are starting and I just love those bunnies on your mom's. I would be very daunted to start something that size. Oh for more time to learn new things! I've got a couple punchneedle kits and haven't even learned that yet LOL. What a shame you weren't feeling well at camp when I'm sure you were so looking forward to it. It's just not fair!

You keep plugging away on Plymouth Sampler - if I can do it you can too! Once you get that darn border done the rest goes faster I promise!

Roberta said...

Hi Melody, as you know I am finally catching up and I have to say, I love some of your finishes from previous posts especially the fingerless mits.

How sad and terrible you were so sick for your retreat - this flu thing is just all over!!

Since you are a rug person - I have a stitched rug that I need finished!! will chat with you about this soon.

Siobhan said...

What gorgeous rugs!! Oh wow, everything is fabulous. I am sorry to hear that you were sick during camp--how terrible is that?! I hope you're feeling much better now.

Susan said...

Mel, I'm behind on my blog reading, but just have to say how gorgeous the colors in your rug are! So sorry you were sick during camp and hope you are fully recovered now.