Monday, June 10, 2013


When I get ready to make a blog post and start scrambling for blog fodder it seems like nothing much has been going on in the world of my needlework progress.  Sure seems to be a common question with everyone - "where does the time go" - IT JUST GOES !!!!!!!

Many of my blog friends are participating in or are "following" the Year of Scarlet Letter blogs.  I have been working on (well not really) the Where the Hart Lives sampler.  It was a WIP when I joined the blog and while people are finishing huge SL samplers right and left - I am still stuck on the border - AACCKKK

It's not that I don't like the sampler - I do - actually when I leave it put up for a long time - I really like it when I see it again and I tell myself - Oh gees - surely I am half finished - NOT - I guess just like with any goal - baby steps get you to the completion.  I am going to try and renew my promise to at least work on this sampler once a week.
 Mary Moteshed by Needlework Press has had most of my very little stitching time lately.  Love the PTP Mello linen it is stitched on.
 For some reason I am stuck on stitching samplers containing people lately.  I would love to have the Solvine Palphreyman sampler by Handwork which is similar to this one.  If anyone has a copy they would be interested in parting with - please contact me.
If there are any knitters out there - perhaps you've heard of The Loopy Ewe.  I know I've mentioned Sheri's great shop before.  I am just an online customer but she runs Camp Loopy every summer.  There is a different project/challenge every month of the summer - 3 in all.  I have participated every year and this year I drug a few friends along to camp with me.  Here is a photo of my DF Kris and me at Starbucks this weekend "camping" and doing our WWKIP ( world wide knit in public) day.  My blue whale is in the foreground - beautiful colorway and it's coming along.  Have to be done by the end of June and the next challenge starts on 7/1.

 Here's a better shot along with my camping equipment - my trusty Camp Loopy project back pack.  When I first got this - my husband said - OMG - are you going to wear that thing !!!!!!  It was very comical at the time - I guess he thought I had really flipped my lid.  I'm not critisizing people who would wear it as a backpack but I'm not the backpack/fannypack type and it was just very funny at the time.
Another photo of DF Henri and Kris along with my oddly illuminated CL owl sitting in my chair.  This was at a different Starbucks location the weekend before as it was our "start day" for camp loopy - we all wanted to be sitting around the campfire together.  "camping" at starbucks is about as adventurous as this gal is going to get LOL

 The other thing I've been hard at work on this Black Elinor - that's what I call this scarf.  It's been an ongoing project for over a year.  I find black very hard to work on but a good friend and celebrity in the rug hooking work Polly Minick had seen my green Elinor at a rug workshop and asked me if I could make her one in black.  Well - Polly is coming to my area for a rug hooking workshop this weekend and I "need" to have her scarf ready for her to take home.  Too bad you can't see anything much from the photo but I have to show "almost completed" projects when I can.  It is a cable ridge pattern and has a nice cable panel. The yarn is exquisite Shibui baby alpaca with a strand of their Silk Cloud - to say its yummy is an understatement.  I hope Polly loves it.  With that said - I'm sure my next post will show highlights of the rug hooking workshop we are having with Polly this weekend.  A trunk show of her and her sister Lauries designs - hooking and having fun with local friends and friends from out of the area who are coming for the workshop.  What could be better for June jottings.  Until we meet again dear blog friends - have a jovial June!



Kim said...

I'm certain Polly will LOVE the gift! Looks great, Mel! And oh my gosh that owl IS glowing!! LOL Too funny! I didn't get in on the first round of Camp Loopy, but maybe will be in a position to start the next one. How lucky that you get to so many rug hooking events! Am hopeful that once I get to Texas, I can find a rug group too! Keep on keepin' on!

Jackie said...

Now I just have to see you wearing the Camp Loopy bag backpack style! Poor Jody-it sounds like you scared him!

Katrina said...

Fun, fun projects!!!!!!!!!!! Love the knitting too.

Margaret said...

OMG -- to know Polly. OMG. Such a privilege! She is going to LOOOOVE that piece you are knitting for her. It sounds scrumptious and it looks wonderful! Love the Loopy Ewe knit fests you've been having too -- another pretty piece! lol about the backpack. Why not wear it? lol! I think perhaps carrying it discreetly in my hand would be more my style. :D Your stitching is looking great too! I think the secret is that we all need more time in the day for all we want to accomplish. I'm looking forward to seeing your rug hooking workshop with Polly. I'm green with envy!

Deb said...

I love both of your samplers but the Hart Sampler seems like it's so much work!!

Too funny about the backpack. And Polly is going to love that piece that you're knitting for her!!

Ellen said...

Your blog posts are always a feast for the eyes!!

Your Hart sampler is really coming along nicely, and I love your new start. I bought recently that chart for myself and also a copy for a friend's birthday.

Your other projects also look great--you always seem to have so many wonderful projects going on.

I'll look forward to seeing you wearing your owl backpack the next time I'm down your way.

Karoline said...

You've got some great projects on the go Mel.

If you work out where the time disappears to let me know. I reckon we all need one of Hermione's time shifter devices!

Devon said...

Wow if I need motivation I know where to Are keeping busy..I just picked up my knitting, I have done some bead work but still no stitching. Hope your summer is going good. Hope to se you soon..