Friday, June 21, 2013


Can't believe that we had Polly Minick of MinickandSimpson fame for a workshop right in my little town of Orange Park last weekend.  WOW is all I can say - Polly was awesome - the workshop, trunk show and lecture was amazing.  I've had Polly before down in Sebring for a rug camp but this time she really went all out for Calico Station our LQS who put on the workshop.  Her sister Laurie shipped down quilt after gorgeous quilt, quilt kits and inspiration to last a lifetime.  Polly even took rugs off her walls and brought them.  They are a dynamic design team for Moda and there was even a co-worker of theirs from Moda in attendance at the lecture on Sunday.  I apologize but I think maybe her name was Cheryl and she was a designer herself when she was recruited to work for Moda.  Her colorful comments really added to the lecture and trunk show.  I think Polly said M&S had done 35 collections for Moda - can you believe ?? I just can't say enough about the wonderful works of fiber art these two sisters create.  I have some of their books but there is nothing like seeing those huge quilts in person - most of which have been hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted by Laurie.

I could gush on and on but I am going to get going with the photos because that's why you are all here right !

Here is a photo of Polly and I standing in front of a lovely shop quilt made from their wildly popular blue and white Indigo Crossing fabric collection.  There was tons of that stuff flying out the door that weekend.  I'm thankful I don't quilt - I was sorely tempted but resisted because the wool fumes were overwhelming and I was already drooling over the available wool kits.

Here is a rug I started with Polly prior to this workshop at another camp.  I was having a hard time jump starting my new project so I just kept hooking on this one.  I do love it so much - for anyone who wants to know - this rug is on the cover of the Americana Collection book.  A little later I will show the cover rug which lives on Polly's wall at home.

This was not a kit from Polly - however the majority of the wool is from Polly.  I added the yellow greens and did the backround in Polly's signature style of combining 3 similar backround wools together.  LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Here is my new endeavor - the Folk Art Star rug which appears in the Folk Art Friends book.  The stars in this version are all antique black - again in Polly's unsinkable style with 3 different wools in antique black blended to give a lovely patina.  There are 20 fair sized stars in the body - 4 smallers stars in each corner and I will use my favorite "colonial" type colors behind the stars and in the scrappy border.  It is quite a large rug - roughly 2' X 4' I would say and you may see it finished in the next decade but who cares - I love it and it will be a blast to hook.
In the backround is Polly's gameboard rug next to DF Karen who has head down and is working away.  Over to the left is DF Donna who was working on Polly's amazing Lady Liberty rug - can't believe I failed to get a photo of Donna's beautiful Semper Fi flag she finished on Memorial Day weekend.

 Here is Polly's Uncle Sam's hat rug which is mounted for hanging.  Same size as mine - slightly different coloration - so beautiful !!
 OMGosh - can you believe how gorgeous this quilt is.  I'm not sure what book it was from - DF Karen is assisting in the trunk show presentation.
 I "think" Polly said this quilt didn't make the book but a beauty indeed.
 I think this is from the newest book Quilts and Rugs by Quiltmania - I think it was called Snow Days.
 Another of Polly's amazing rugs mounted for hanging in her home.  I'm pretty sure this is from the Americana book.
 Don't remember too much about this quilt - but another signature blue and white beauty.
 Probably my favorite quilt in the show - Spirit of Sacajawea - Stunning is an understatement to be sure.  All that applique - apparently some shops have offered as a block of the month. 
I can't remember if this was from the American Summer book but I think so.  I think Polly said this quilt and a rug was going to a new home in Australia.  So yes - Polly does sell her rugs in galleries and she has collectors of her work all over the world as does Laurie.  So if you see something you can't live without - give them a shout and see what work of art can come to live at your house.

This is the wonderful vintage bicycle rug from the American Summer book.  Don't you love the streamers from the handlebars - that brings back memories doesn't it !

Another exquisitely appliqued quilt - not sure of the book but the colors look like Spirit of Sacajawea - pardon me on any of these if I am wrong.

 The really unique muted flag - again mounted to be hung in Polly's home

 LOVE LOVE this one - if Polly had brought this kit it would have come home with me.  Let's don't talk about the TWO kits that *DID* come home with me - they are even more my style - a hint - nautical/sea creatures - some of my favorite subjects to hook.

Another great Christmas themed rug - Behind the pillow is Pam one of the owners of Calico and seated beside her is Martha - Their shop has been in business for 30 years and is a great shop -  Even though I don't quilt I go to their once a month Friday night "dinner with Vern" event ( Vern is the shop cat) 
All the rug hookers who attended felt very welcome at Calico and we really appreciate their generosity in opening their shop to Polly and her band of groupies.
I had a bunch more photos that just didn't come out because I was jiggling too much or someone stepped in front of the shot.  The workshop was so inspiring - Polly is an amazing folk artist who has coined a look that is sought after and collected by both rug hookers and fans of fiber art.  Her work has graced many magazines, galleries, art shows and we were just overwhelmed by her wit and wisdom in regards to her storied career that spans 30 + years and over 400 rugs.  If you ever get a chance to meet or take a workshop with either or both of the dream team of Polly and Laurie - don't pass it by - it will be an experience you will remember always.  Cheers !


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, so lucky you are!!! What a wonderful time -- and thank you for sharing with us! I love these ladies and their beautiful work. I love your rugs that you are working on too. I'd love to see the kits you bought. I bet they are wonderful -- they sound like what I would like too. :D

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful pictures. I think I have all their books including the newest one. So much inspiration!!!
Lovin' your rug!
Hugs :)

Deb said...

I am so green with envy that you got to go to that. It looks like it was just the best day!! One of them (can't remember which one) teaches classes at a quilt store somewhat near me and I hope that someday I can take a class with them. But what an inspiration and fun time to have spent the ay like that.

That quilt with the flag in the center - that is in their newest book that was put out by Quiltmania called Quilts and Rugs. It's a fantastic book!

I'm glad that you posted all the pictures!!

Deb said...

Oh, should have added that the quilt is called Peaceful Journey!!

Jackie said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend Mel! I see a few familiar faces in the audience. I really like the rugs you're working on too.

Penelope's Beehive said...

Upon my word...what FABULOUS photographs! One more lovely than the next...I am simply overwhelmed!
Your rugs are coming along beautifully, and I feel certain that you gathered much inspiration and new friendships at the workshop. I shall look forward to seeing the finish of each one of your splendid projects!
Sending hugs your way...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

What a great post!! Love their newest book and am surprised at how big the rugs are! I just didn't think of them being so large ~ what a project to get them to the class! Your pix are really good and we can tell you had a wonderful class with Polly! Thanks for sharing!,

Cari said...

OH MY GOSH you think people would laugh at me if I wore a drool bib to one of their classes?? LOL
What a wonderful display of talent !! Thank you so much for sharing !! HUGS and HUGS


krayolakris said...

Great post Mel. Your photos really captured the details...each quilt and rug more amazing than the last. We enjoyed Polly's stories greatly. Karen did a nice job of holding up all the pieces! It was a very special opportunity especially upon hearing of their huge success at the textile show in France! So nice of the shop to have a 2-day workshop and lecture. All the chocolate treats were nice too LOL!

Gwen said...

Lovely post and pictures. I am sure everyone had a good time. Thanks for sharing.