Monday, August 18, 2014


How did that happen ?  August is more than half over , gees - would someone please slow this merry-go-round down.  I guess we are officially entering the dog days of summer - extreme heat and humidity down here in the deep south.  Great time to stay inside and give some time to  needlework projects .

I have not been rug hooking much this summer.  I never really do hook as much in the dead heat of summer.  However this has been my summer project.  I have finished all the motifs on the right side of the rug and filled in some more backround.  I'll probably continue to work on this till after Labor Day - the last summer patriotic holiday when I will put this Polly Minick design away and drag out something else.  Probably something seasonal for fall or winter.  I love how this rug is coming out.  It is hooked in a 6cut  using some of Polly's wool, some stashed wool and some beautiful hand dyed wool for the backround.

YIPPEE YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!  Look what arrived this weekend.  I was the lucky winner of Melinda's blog giveaway over at the Merry Wind Farm blog.  Look at this darling pin bed and see how creatively finished it is.  Melinda also displays and sells her beautiful things on the Early Mercantile website so check her out on there and also on her lovely blog.  She is a very talented stitcher and also a rug hooker, not to mention has a fabulous 1800's farm house and surrounding gardens and fields.  What a life . . . .

Melinda also gifted me with two great books - Another Place and Time by Maggie Bonanomi - and the Spring 2014 Prim Quilts and Projects mag.  I spent many an hour dreaming my way thru these two books.  THANK YOU MELINDA!!!!!!!  for a great blog giveaway.

This doesn't look like much but it is the wide ribbing on my Camp Loopy 3 project.  Amery is the project name and if you click the name you will be carried to Ravelry.  The designers version is much more striking than my blah charcoal gray with a deep eggplant cast. 
Here is another shot - it is not a circular garment I just had trouble photographing the 495 stitches used in this ribbing.  The yarn choice was Malabrigo Rios - a hand dyed worsted weight.  I have completed the ribbing and am about 3/4 done with the project.  I am on track to finish all 3 of the summer Camp Loopy projects.  Just a refresher - this is sponsored by The Loopy Ewe.  I am excited about finishing all 3, this truly is a challenge to me to dedicate myself to these projects.  When I finish I will have knitted about 1700 yards since  June 1st. I am doing Camp Loopy again this year with my Bee Eyes knitting group, DFs Henri, Karen and Starr.  I think we are all on track to finish all 3 projects.  Even though it has been fun - I will be glad to get back to my stitching and hooking in September.  Oh I always have knitting on the needles and the pull of the wool is great in the fall - it will just be nice not to be on such a stringent schedule for hitting a deadline.
I'm afraid I don't have any stitching progress to show you at all.  I have had to keep my head down and really knitting this month to get that 800+ yard project done.  However on the horizon is a possible hexie hand piecing project and hopefully getting back to needlepoint Wednesdays.
I am attending one of the awesome Camp Blanding retreats this coming weekend with a bunch of gal pals who do an awesome variety of work.  Several of them have succumbed to the honeycomb crazed Lucy Boston hand piecing.  I think I will start with my little hexies first and then see how it goes and whether I will be mesmerized by Lucy Boston.
  I plan to be back here again in the near future - so until we meet again - I hope all my friends in blogland are taking time to enjoy the dog days.


Cari said...

Hi Mel… love your rug! This is such a fun design. And your knitting is amazing. I don't think I could finish so many projects in such a short amount of time!! Love reading your blog. Hugs and take care. !!

Nancy said...

Your rug looks beautiful! Enjoy your gift and your new books!

Susan said...

The rug looks great! That's a lot of knitting, but you will have three finished objects to show for your time. Looking forward to seeing your hexes.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Melody,
I received your sweet note today, I am so happy that you like the books and pin pillow. I don't know how I missed this post on your blog, you are on my reading list :) So you are a knitter too! That is one thing that I have never tried. Like you, I don't do too much hooking in the summer, but I am trying to get back to a Maria Barton rug that I am working on. I am so obsessed with stitching that it is sometimes hard to find time for the other things. It's been hot and humid here too, but this is the first really hot weather we have had this summer. Still, I am ready for fall and winter!
Hugs, Melinda

Anne said...

Love your rug Mel!! I'm like you and find it too hot to work on projects like that or crocheting but it's nice for the days to cool down a bit so I'm working on my blanket more and more. What a sweet pin pillow you won from Melinda! Your knitting is lovely too and is coming along nicely!! Hugs!

Karoline said...

Both the rug and your wrap are looking lovely.
Gorgeous gifts from Melinda

Mmm Lucy Boston quilts... You could always read one of her books if you don't fancy the quilt, The Children of Green Knows has been one of my all-time favourites ever since I first read it.

Margaret said...

Your rug is gorgeous! That's so great about your Camp Loopy projects and being on track too! I think I would stress out. lol! Love your 3rd project! I'm still tempted by Lucy Boston. I have the book but that's it so far. I hope you enjoy the hexies and get into English paper piecing. It's so much fun!