Wednesday, August 27, 2014


For those followers and friends who have been with me a while already know I am a sloooow rug hooker.  In most cases it takes many years to finish a project - especially a big project.  That would be the case of my Antique Blue Basket.

do you see there is only ONE small bud left to hook and just a few inches of backround.  I can't even believe I am this close to finishing this rug.  It is my oldest rug WIP and 2014 WILL be the year it is completed.  I will show the whole rug when the last loop is pulled.

Another rug that is almost as close to being finished is my Angel Sampler rug.  I have always loved this rug.  It was color planned by  Diane Stoffel.  Having 2 rug finishes is BIG for me and I can't wait to have these two OFF the list and on the floor.

Here is the other side of the runner.  I worked on this at the January Camp Blanding retreat and then just put it away, knowing I only had a small amount left to finish.  I will show a finished photo on this one.  We just finished up another Camp Blanding retreat.

Here is a photo of my DF.s - Katie on the end, Joanne, Karen, Denise, Henri and me.  We had a great 3 day and all kinds of projects were being worked on.  It is mainly a quilting retreat put on by Gloria Parsons Olde Green Cupboard fame.  We are already planning CB retreats for 2015.

here is DF Henri's gorgeous chickadee canvas in a 3 cut.  She is also very close to finishing with only a small amount of backround left and borders.  GO HENRI GO HENRI ! 

The Lucy Boston craze has hit our rug hookers too.  Here is a square (is that what you call them?) that Joanne completed.  She also completed whipping on a HUGE beautiful rug.  Why the heck don't I have a photo of that rug among my retreat photos.  SHOOT ! 

DF Katie was making baskets with Gloria most of the weekend but after completing a zillion baskets she took time to relax and sew some beautiful Lucy honeycombs.  She and Joanne use the English Paper Piecing method that Lucy made famous.  I am going to give this hand piecing a try but I am going to use the fabric stamps which eliminates the need to use the paper pieces.  More to come on that I hope.

Last but certainly not least is Denise with her fall pieced wall hanging.  LOVE the fall fabrics.  She finished the border at the retreat and she was also working on binding a beautiful full size quilt but alas I didn't get a photo of that one either.
So friends - my great expectation is that I am anticipating not one but TWO rather large rugs finished in the near future and I couldn't be happier.  Not to mention my Camp Loopy 3 project will be finished TONIGHT !  I've been binding off all week but last night I just could not face that so I worked on my antique blue basket and just had to share my good news.  Until we meet again - I send you warm and wooley thoughts ~ ~


Henrietta Allegrante said...

Sure enjoyed reading this post, it's WOW!!!

Margaret said...

OMG!!!! I'm so so excited for you with your two big rugs! I've always loved that angel rug and am so thrilled to see it again! And I love that other rug as well. You have fabulous taste in what you hook! Love seeing all the fun at your camp. The Lucy Boston blocks are gorgeous! Great post! Looking forward to seeing your Camp Loopy 3 project finish!

Jackie said...

You're So close! Can't wait!

I've seen a couple of pics of the CB retreat - it doesn't seem like there were as many people there. It's always a good time though and lots is accomplished (along with some very good socializing!).

Susan said...

Way to go, Mel! Both rugs are gorgeous. Are they on your deClay challenge list?

Cari said...

Oh Mel…what a lovely post. I can't wait to see your two completed rugs. What an accomplishment that will be !! Love all the pics of your fabulous retreat !! Please give sweet Henri a big hug from me and here's a big hug to YOU !! Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Your rugs are so pretty Mel! I was going to ask you if you put them on the floor or if you hung them on the wall - you answered my question!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You go girl! It is always so exciting to finish a project and yours are beautiful. I have seen the EPP craze and am thinking of joining--the blocks are beautiful

krayolakris said...

Two large scale projects nearing completion! How exciting!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm impressed!
LOVE the angel rug.
Hugs :)

Gayle said...

Big rugs are SUCH a huge time commitment, huh? I started one years ago and got stuck on the middle part. So I started working on the borders and got them finished. Now that I've figured out the center, the rug is too big and heavy to put on my floor frame so I'm holding it in my lap - not a great situation. Hope you aren't having any of these problems! LOL

Karoline said...

Looking forward to seeing your big finishes! Sounds like you all had a great time at the retreat

Devon said...

You can do it, looks like a good time at camp blanding..