Thursday, December 24, 2015


Seasons Greetings to everyone !

We are back from our Christmas vacation in Tenn.   In search of cold weather !
A photo of my DH in front of the condo unit.

To prove we did find some cooler weather !

Love the winter landscape at the condo.  The Smoky mountain range in the background.

Spent a day at Dollywood with my folks.  Yes it was C O L D and I was woefully underdressed for the occasion.  I only wore a sweatshirt and didn't even bring a scarf or shawl, no jacket or hat.  By the time darkness fell - I was ready to go back to the warm condo and do some knitting!

It was a first for us to take a vacation at this time of the year.  We enjoyed it a lot,   the days just flew by.  We had 24 degrees and snow flurries on Friday in and around Cherokee NC.  The temps seemed to rise about 10 degrees every day but still better than the record highs we are still having in NE FL right now.  Seems so un-Christmas like to be wearing summer clothes and have the AC blasting.

I did a little stitching on my No Pole Express but not enough to snap a photo.  I mainly knitted on a shawlette in a special edition Christmas color called Peppermint Stick Forest by Blue Moon Fiber Arts purchased at The Loopy Ewe.  It is easy knitting on a design called Fractal Danger.  I'm sure after Christmas I will lose interest in it and put it away till next December but for now - it's holding my attention. 

Are any of you starting a new project on Christmas Day or New Years Eve/Day?  I am hoping to start my Amy Mitten Scottish sampler SAL with our EGA chapter tomorrow.  However with that said - we do have a lot of cooking (and cleaning up) to do in the meantime.  I hope I have the energy to sink a few stitches tomorrow and help get my dear mom started on hers.

I'm  hoping my NYE start will be the canvas SAL with our EGA chapter.  I am doing a special club piece by Kathy Rees/Needle Delights from Tomorrows Heirlooms.  It's called Elements and the first one is Earth.  LOVE the colors ,  next is Water I think and that will come in January but I am just focusing on the one right now !

Wishing all my friends in blog land a most wonderful Christmas - If I don't make it back here before the new year - I wish you peace, happiness and health in the New Year ! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Merry, merry Christmas, Mel. May it be the best ever and may you and your family be blessed with health, happiness and lots of stitching/knitting/hooking time in 2016.

Margaret said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mel. I'm glad you found some cooler weather on your vacation. It's weirdly warm here too -- very strange weather. I don't think I will have a specific project to start on Christmas or New Years. Although you never know!

Loraine said...

What a wonderful trip! I loved reading about it and I can totally relate to being cold! We went North on Christmas Day to attend a party an hour and a half away, and it was about 20 degrees versus our 45. Haha. I seriously couldn't get warm all night after that!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Big hugs!