Monday, December 14, 2015


At the rate December is flying by - I figured I better make a post in a hurry or Christmas would be here and gone !

I am seeing so many wonderful blog posts and FB entries on the groups and from stitching friends showing all their beautiful trees and things finished for holiday delights.

I only have 1 finish to show you today and an "almost finished" piece .

This is a shawl called Big Blue - I got about 1/2 done with it last summer and then put it down as I so typically do with any project.  I decided it needed to be off the WIP list.

It is a gorgeous color of Madeline Tosh Sport yarn called Blue Spectrum - I am not typically a "blue" person but I found this yarn in a shop in GA and they only had 2 skeins of several colors and this was the most appealing of what they had.

Here is my "almost" finished tree #1 from the Fanciful Forest club I was doing with The Needlepointer in WA.  Yes the club is over and this is just the first tree but I have lofty goals for more trees in 2016.  Yes its time to start agonizing over those Christmas Day and New Years Day new starts if you are of that school of people who does that type of thing every year.  Next post I'll show you a few things I have planned for those starts.

Have to show you my best friends in the world - my folks.  This was taken recently at brunch at the Club Continental - one of our favorite places to be during the Christmas season.  This lovely estate home turned private club has been mentioned on my blog before.  It is a great wedding venue and special occasion place for my folks and my DH and I.  Go out to their website and read the very interesting history of this lovely estate.

Last year we had Valentines Day dinner in front of this gorgeous fireplace with a roaring fire inside.  I don't think we are going to have anything this year but a fan or AC blasting.  It continues to be record highs here in the deep south.  I hear there might be a tiny cool front coming soon.

Showing how abnormally hot it is here - this was a recent photo of my DH sitting on an outside patio overlooking the water at a favorite seafood restaurant. 
Well friends these are a few of my favorite things -  what are a few of your favorite things?
I enjoy hearing your comments and I hope you are having a most marvelous holiday time and enjoy all the sounds and sounds of the seasons.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great pics of your folks. How lucky they are still with you :)
Beautiful finish and almost finish.
I'm sure you'll have lots of fun projects for the new year.
Hugs :)

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Melody, great picture of your parents and your DH. It has been warm here also, I want snow!!! Your shawl and tree and wonderful. One thing I never learned was knitting.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your husband is a hottie AND he listens to the Eagle :)
Your Mama and Papa are cute as buttons too!
And I adore that was the 70's here this weekend and yesterday it dropped like a rock, we keep our house very cool (I found that everyone stays healthier when we do that) and I find myself chilled along my shoulders...a shawl would be just the thing! I need to take up knitting again :)

Ellen said...

What a pretty shawl! Hopefully it will soon be cool enough for you to wear it.

Great photo of your parents and of Jody.

Mary said...

Merry Christmas Mel!! Here's hoping your holidays are bright and glittering, even if not cool.

Just me said...

I love the pictures of your projects and of course your parents! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! See you at stitching ...Barb

Margaret said...

I love your shawl finish! I'm definitely a blue person, unlike you, so I love the color! Your parents look so young! They are a lovely couple -- you are so lucky to have them close by and to share interests with them too. I love reading about your relationship with them and with your DH. You have a special family! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Jackie said...

I remember the shawl you've just finished - glad you got back to it. It's gorgeous and probably coming in handy this week for you.

I've been to Club Contential once - the food was delicious - and the views were amazing. I'm sure it's even more gorgeous decorated for the holidays.

Looking forward to seeing your plans for 2016!

Jeanne said...

How fast the year has gone by Mel! Love your shawl and that's such a nice photo of your parents. Sending your the merriest of greetings for your holiday and wishing you all the best with lots of fun and new projects in the new year!!