Thursday, March 25, 2010


What can I say - Sebring was total bliss - the weather was cool and refreshing. My mom and I and DF Susan traveled down together on Sunday.  The bad weather was nipping at our heels the whole time.  We stopped for a lovely lunch at a favorite spot in Winter Park and OH WOW did we ever get caught in a torrential downpour.  Once we got back on the road the rain was quite heavy - needless to say I was very glad to arrive at our destination safely.  We checked in and got settled but did not leave the hotel for the next 3 days and you will see why we did not see any need to leave the property.

Come Monday morning - the clouds and rain were all gone away and here was the gorgeous site that greeted us.

The Inn on the Lakes is a privately owned family property.  We sprung for a small upcharge and opted for  lakefront rooms. We opened up the windows and they stayed open for the entire duration of our stay there.  Sleeping with open windows was total bliss.

 Their landscaping is just magnificent - it is truly something to behold.  Take in the sites and enjoy!

This rug camp had 3 national teachers - Mom and I and DF Susan were all in the same class.  We've had Vivily Powers (Colorama) before.  My rug is rather small 24" x 24" and is designed by Bea Brock - a texas artisan - I had given the canvas to mom as a gift several years ago but she never warmed up to it so she suggested I take it and see what I could do with it - here is my progress as of the end of the workshop.

Mom started a darling 18" x 18" canvas by Not Forgotten Farm - we just adore Lori's designs and this one is just so dang cute.

here is DF Susan's progress on her little pastoral scene - she is an awesome hooker.

here are a few of our classmates rugs - sorry I can't show them all and no these egrets were not worked in class - these were ongoing projects.  Same with the rug called Alphapets - many hours have already gone into these rugs.

There was an exhibit held - it was small as the camp was small.  I only snapped a couple of photos and regret to say I did not get a good enough photo of my mom's santa rug and there was a big glare on Susan's Houses rug I showed on the blog last month.  WHAAAAAA - however - here is a few snaps from the exhibit.  enjoy! 

Hope you are all having a good time with your projects.  Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.  Without them - the blogs would not be as much fun to read.  Happy Springtime Stitching!


Margaret said...

What a beautiful place your retreat was at! Wow! And all the rugs! I love to see them all! I like what you worked on a lot, and that Not Forgotten Farm rug of your mom's is one I've always liked! Such eye candy -- thank you for the pictures! Glad you had a great time!

Jackie said...

Mel, what a beautiful setting for a retreat! It's wonderful.

You and your mom's rugs are gorgeous. I love the colors and it looks like you got quite a bit completed. The other projects (in progress and completed) are great too - I always enjoy seeing the wide variety. Very inspiring!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wow... what a gorgeous setting for your rug retreat. I love seeing the rug hooking projects you and your friends are working on... thanks so much for sharing with us.

I think I would have had a fabulous weekend just enjoying the resort.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the retreat! Since my son graduated from college, I dont' get to Florida and your pictures made me realize how much I miss seeing those palm trees occasionally. The rugs are all beautiful! Please post more pictures of the one you were working on--those colors are gorgeous!

Nancy said...

What beautiful scenery! I love all the different colors of the flowers. It must have been so fun to be there.

The projects you, your mom and your friend started are beautiful, and the finished projects you shared are just amazing! Did you hear me sigh?

Cari said...

Wow Melody - what a beautiful venue. And I love your rugs. The colors are just stunning. I MUST get into rug hooking...although I'll have to do that between midnight and 5 a.m. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work with us! Have a great week. HUGS

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous surrounding for your rug hooking adventures! All the rugs are amazing. I love the one you're working on.

Loraine said...

My mouth is still gaping open! What gorgeous works of art. What a beautiful place to be! I'm so glad you had a great time. Sounds like pure heaven! Thanks for sharing. Hugs to you!

Sherry said...

Wow! What a beautiful place to go! I wouldn't have wanted to leave! I love all the eye candy! Just beautiful.

Karoline said...

Your retreat sounds lovely.

Siobhan said...

Wow. That's all I can say, wow. What an amazing place you stayed at, and oh my gosh--the talent that you, your mother & friend, and all of the ladies at the retreat have--wow.