Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's a fine spring day here in NE FL - I have the french doors open in my office and a gentle breeze is blowing in off the river.  If I could be stitching or knitting it would be total bliss but it is quite enjoyable for a work afternoon.

I was so excited yesterday when I got an email from Joanie that I had won her "I'm so tired of winter" giveaway.  I've never won a thing so needless to say I was very excited to hear that news.  Pop over to Joanie's blog and see what she is up to.

Before I show you a few fun bunnies - I am going to show a couple of photos of my main sampler WIP's - Here is a shot of Elizabeth Savilles - I am really enjoying this sampler - the silks are so lucious and so far there are only 3 colors of Gloriana being used - 2 pinks and one green - lovely isn't it !

Here is only 1/2 of the Spanish Mystery SAL - this sampler is SOOO big - I can't hardly fit the whole width in one frame - I am starting on the 4th band - thankfully it is not that light blue - I was getting tired of that color.  This sampler is relaxing and easy to stitch in spite of the huge size  - Jody thought it was a lap robe because when it is chilly at night I throw it out on my lap as I am stitching on it  - I'm sure some of you will shreik but I don't see any harm in utilizing the other end of this 1/2 yard piece of linen to help keep me warm at night .  Oops - I see a leaf I forgot - will go back and catch that one tonight.

Finally the Miss Trenners Academy box set and charts have arrived.  I've been waiting for this pre-order from market for a long time - actually I have been waiting for this box set since I first heard about it from Ellen - With my Needle when I saw her in December.  They are much larger than I expected and I LOVE them - I have the perfect spot for them to live while waiting for the stitching to be done.  Everything Ellen does is incredible - her finishing instructions are always top notch.  I am so pleased I was able to get a set of these limited edition boxes for my collection.
 There is a great primitive artisan in our area - she used to sell a great deal of her creations to the Olde Green Cupboard .  She has a shop in St Mary's GA called the Feathered Nest - Meet Bertram the bunny - he is soooo cute - he is sitting on a wooly carrot - his momma Harriet came to live with me last year.  I will probably show some shots of more of  my easter stuff in April.
I've been working on my Hare Easter lately.  This was adapted from Paulette's (Plum Street Samplers) freebie design for cross stitch.  I thought they needed some grass to stand in so I started adding that at rug guild on Sunday.  That pale aqua around their legs is the color of the backround.  My friend Katie transferred this pattern for me to rug canvas and she added a cute border with carrots which you can't see because I have it folded back -  I am having second thoughts about hooking this border - I want the bunny family to be the main focus of this rug and I think those giant killer carrots might be distracting from the subdued colors in the center.  I found a great easter eggy spot dye that would make a great border to finish off the rug.  I know exactly where I got it and from what teacher but Katie thinks she can duplicate it as I don't have enough to put a decent sized border on with what little I have left in my stash.

Speaking of rug hooking - I am leaving Friday morning for Sebring for a 4 day rug camp with my mom and DF Susan.  Mom and I have been going to this camp in March for quite a few years now.  We just love going to this small family owned inn on the lakes - their meals as chef prepared and it is just a wonderful relaxing setting.  We have the same teacher that we had at the rug camp in January.  We are both continuing on with our new starts from January.  Hopefully next post - I will have lots of shots from the exhibit and from our class to show you.

many thanks to everyone who commented on my Merrie Halloween - to finish a rug is a great accomplishment for me and I so appreciate all your wonderful comments on her.  Wishing you all warm spring days, gentle breezes and little march hares in your gardens.


Ranae said...

Oh! I just love the Hares, that is looking so neat.
The WIP's are turning out fabulous.

You crack me up with using the linen to keep warm, lol

Have fun at the rug camp

Heather said...

Those pinks and green certainly are pretty...must be really fun to stitch.

Omigosh, THE BUNNY! SO CUTE!!!

And your hare rug is adorable as well. Can't wait to see what border you decide on!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Congratulations on your win...I am certain that you will enjoy your new treasure!
Ooooh my, so many lovely projects...I adore your rabbits. Can one ever have too many?
Wishing you a lovely warm day...I am thoroughly green with envy...we still have a bit of snow on the ground! (Grumble, grumble)

Margaret said...

I love all your WIPs! Your Hare's Easter is coming out so nicely! It's just wonderful! Elizabeth's colors are gorgeous! Your mystery sampler is so pretty too! I love your little bunny on the carrot -- how cute is that! Great post!

Alice said...

I love those pinks! And Bertram is adorable. Such nice Springy WIPs.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Oh, lucky you heading to rug camp. Please take LOTS of pictures to share.
Pug hugs ;)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Have fun at rug camp Mel. All your WIPs look wonderful and I love the primitive bunny and the Paulette's design done in rug hook. Spring is finally here, even though we're supposed to get more snow this weekend. Bleck.

TeresaB said...

Oh My! Those bunnies are too adorable. I've been thinking I need to stitch them and now I'm going to have to find my copy of that freebie, pull some fabric from my stash and start to stitching! And your other little hare is too cute. It's a good thing I haven't been to visit. LOL! Can't wait to see which border you decide on for the bunnies. Enjoy camp!

Sylvia said...

I love what you are doing with the Hares - very cool. Your WIPs are beautiful, esp. Elizabeth.

Siobhan said...

Those Hares are adorable!! How cute. You are so clever. Bertram is adorable, too!

Your stitching WIPs are gorgeous. That Elizabeth--oooooh. Beautiful! LOL at using the Spanish fabric as a blanket!!

Katrina said...

What gorgeous eye candy!!! Love your stitchy pieces, the boxes and bunnys. Have a fun weekend at your rug camp.

krayolakris said...

Bunnies! We love 'em...thanks for sharing. Your projects are wonderful & I enjoy Jody's take on the Spanish Mystery Sampler. Please take lots of photos in Sebring, especially their beautiful flower gardens, if you can. Enjoy the spring breezes! Happy Hooking!

henri said...


Have enjoyed seeing your WIP's--just love the
'Hare's". . . very partial to bunnies!! Love all the
colors you chose.

Have a wonderful time at Sebring, I know you will.

Michelle said...

Your Elizabeth and Spanish WIPs are looking beautiful. The Hares are so cute - love how that's coming along. And the bunny on the carrot - adore!!

The Scarlett House said...

As always, you have such fun projects in the works. I really like the Hares done that way...very cute!

Susan said...

I love the hares! Can't wait to see more of Elizabeth--such pretty colors.