Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I had another cheery title picked out for this blog post but I just could not force myself into a cheery mood.  The news of Lisa Rowell's tragic death in Ohio hangs heavy in blogland this week.  There was also another sad passing of a vibrant 50something rug hooking designer and teacher - Kim Nixon of Under the Rug studio in Tennessee.  She succumbed to cancer leaving behind a family, many friends and fans.  I was never able to take a class with Kim but my A&E cube stool cover is one of her designs.  Both of these talented ladies will be missed.
I don't have much to show but I did finish my february assignment on the Spanish Mystery Sampler - an SAL I am doing with the Attic.  It is so wide - I have trouble getting a decent photo of it.

Here is a close up shot so you can see more of the color contained in the February band and since yesterday was March 1st - I felt I had to sink a few stitches but my heart just wasn't in doing any stitching last night so I switched to knitting before I screwed up on this.

This seems like a pitiful amount of stitching but honestly - I don't get much done.  This is my start on Elizabeth Savilles.  I could not resist starting her since we are having unseasonably warm temps here in NE FL - All the flowering trees are blooming - I just wanted something bright and colorful to stitch.  This is stitched on the called for LL Meadow Rue - vintage 36ct and Theresa at Shakespeares's Peddler so kindly converted the Olde Willow cottons for me to Gloriana silk floss and Gloriana Florimell.  The colors are stunning and I am so pleased with how they look on the linen.  I was working on this sunday and found an error and had to pull that whole flower out and start over - goofed up on the stem which made me 1 stinkin stitch off.  Don't you hate that !

What is this mystery shot??  This is all that I have left to do on Merry Halloween - YAHOO !!!!!!!
I finished the last of the black backround on Sunday morning - All I have left is the mound she is standing on.  Just a few more hours and I will have this Miss completed.  Mom and I are making our annual trip to Sebring for a rug camp at the end of the month and I so wanted Miss Merry to be finished for the exhibit especially since I missed finishing her for the exhibit in January.
I got a big box of wool from my teacher for Sebring week before last.  Since I revamped the whole color plan on my big oriental rug in January - I needed more wool in certain colors - so I really should spend some time with that rug before the end of the month.  I would love to come close to finishing the center medallion while at that camp.  She is also brining my backround to Sebring and then the color plan will be complete. I hope 2011 is the year to finish up a few rugs - I have several that could be finished this year if I just remain focused and continue to hook thru the summer months.

I'm going to leave you today with a quote from Marie Beyon Ray that really hits home in view of the passing Kim and Lisa.

"begin doing what you want to do now.  We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand --- and melting like a snowflake."

Wishing you all peace and much happiness


Nancy said...

All of your projects are just beautiful Melody, and I hope you continue to enjoy them.

I love the quote you shared, and I am a firm believer that you should make the most of each and every day. Wishing you peace and happiness too.

Deb said...

I think that Lisa's death really has hit a lot of us hard. I was on a board with her and it was just a few days ago that she posted. How tragic and how devastating for her family. Also for Kim's as well.

You're off to a great start on both of your projects. Both the samplers and rug look great. Amazing how long it takes to do all these things, isn't it?

Cari said...

Mel, your stitching and hooking are lovely. Reading your blog always has me drooling. My heart is heavy with the passing of Lisa and now your friend Kim as well. Gosh....your quote is wonderful. Hugs

Katrina said...

Beautiful comments about Lisa and Judy and I love the quote at the bottom. It's just so true.

Gorgeous projects, I have the chart for the Spanish Sampler, it's huge! And I love Elizabeth Saville too.

TeresaB said...

First I know exactly what you mean about having to be in the mood to write up a post. I have stuff to share but can't seem to get in the mood to write.

I'm so excited you almost have your rug done! She's one of my favorites that you have shown me and I can't wait to see her all completed. All your stitching looks fantastic as well. Lovely stuff.

krayolakris said...

The recent news has been hard to absorb, for sure. Your quote is very fitting and we should all take it to heart.
Congrats on your rug progress...just a strip or 2 a day and you'll soon be done!

beeinstitches said...

Great progress!!! on your stitching projects and Miss Merry - almost done!!! wooohoo! Too exciting!
Such sad, sad news about both Lisa and Kim. The world's creative forces certainly have been diminished with their passings.
Yes, Yes, time to do what you love!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mel ~
Great quote. If that's not the truth! Lisa's tragedy occurred only about 45 minutes from me. I read it on the front page before I realized who she was. So sad. The same for Kim.
I'm looking forward to seeing your completed rug!!!
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

Oh Melody! I'm so sorry. Not only Lisa, but Kim too. It's so sad. Such talented women, who will both be sorely missed.

I love your progress on the Spanish Sampler! Bummer on the ripping on Elizabeth. The colors you're using though -- gorgeous! And Merry Halloween! Oh that's so exciting! I can't wait to see your finish and do a big happy dance for you!

Kathy said...

First I want to say thank you for the lovely comment on my blog about my Irish Rory. Wow, from Irish to Afghans. Now that's a switch. :) Afghans are gorgeous. Especially when they move. They always remind me pf people in flowing pajamas. LOL Do you still have them?

Second. Your stitching is fabulous. You are working on some gorgeous pieces. My favorite has to be the one that you made your mistake in. :)

I too am sorry to hear about the passing of Lisa. I had only recently discovered her designs. She will be missed by many. My heart and prayers go to her family at such a tragic sad time. And I am sorry to hear about Kim as well. :( I hope and pray that her family and friends can find comfort.

Laurie in Iowa said...

A lovely tribute to both Lisa and Kim. There are a lot of us in stitcher's blogland that have heavy hearts this week.
Love all the projects you're currently working on. Great conversion for Elizabeth.

Tanya said...

Very nice tribute to Lisa and Kim. They will be missed. And I love the quote, definitely something to live by.

I didn't realize how big the spanish sampler was -wow. Great start on Elizabeth. I look forward to seeing your Halloween rug.

Jackie said...

Your quote and the events of this week really drive home that we need to live each minute to the fullest starting right now.

You're so close on Merry Halloween. She'll be a wonderful finish for sure. I had no idea the mystery sampler was so large! It looks beautiful!

Isadarena said...

Dear Melody, I hardly hope you'll always enjoy your knitting and all your different projects although your heart is so sorrowful.
I understand what you mean about having many difficuties to write your post.
Big Hugs,

Jean in Georgia said...


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean, the tragic news just stopped my creative self and I couldn't help but think about her all day yesterday. So sad.
Feathers in the Nest

Karoline said...

Peace and happiness to you too. It's been a bitter-sweet time, at the same time as I got the news about Lisa I heard that a friend here had a brand new baby boy. Talk about the circle of life.

All your projects are looking lovely, great progress

Loraine said...

Your projects look great! Your white sampler looks huge! I think you've made great progress.
I think Lisa's death has been very hard for all of us that stitch. The circumstances just could not have been worse, and I too, have been in a funk all week over hearing about it. Hopefully we can keep stitching her designs and remembering her.
Sorry to hear of your friend Kim. Hope you have a better week!

Michelle said...

I'm loving the quote you shared. Lisa will be truly missed and her death has hit hard. I'm sending prayers to both her family and to Kim's.

Love your Spanish Sampler, and Elizabeth is looking fantastic. Love the pink! Oh I can't wait to see the finish on your rug!!!

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing that quotation. One of my cousins has been battling cancer and was told this past week that there is nothing more the doctors can do for her. She is four or five years younger than I and the news is making me think about how fleeting time is.

The Scarlett House said...

Okay Mel, you could get me into serious trouble if I lived by you. Everytime I see one of your wool projects, I want to make a rug. I am creeping over to the wool darkside ever so slowly. I jusy bought a punchneedle to try. They sort of look like miniature rugs, so I'll experiment with that first. Loved the quote.

Siobhan said...

That is a wonderful post and quote, Mel. Do you remember KimWI from Legacy? I just found out recently that she passed away in January. I thought of her when we got the news about Lisa, because I know how excited she was that Lisa had started to design. Such sad news lately.

Your projects are BEAUTIFUL!! I was going to swap out my Meadow Rue for Elizabeth but see that yours looks great--but of course, your silk would show up better than the OWS cottons I have. Hmmmm... must think on this some more! Anyway, great job so far.