Monday, July 17, 2006

Mermaid sighting!

Wanted to update my blog with a couple of photos taken by my friend Jill at the rug hooking workshop last weekend in Sebring FL. The mermaid is almost finished. WOW - doesn't she look good in these photos!

I am now about 1/2 done with the outer and final border. I won't say how long I have been working on this mermaid but it has been delightful to hook. The colors are so pleasing and the subject matter is interesting. Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 03, 2006


I have some exciting things coming up this week. Off tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday. - YIPPEE !! Always great to have a day off. I am also off Friday this week and heading down to Sebring for the summer Scrub Hooking workshop. I am going to do a giant zinnia pattern and learn to use a dip dye. I chose a pretty rose pink for my main color so the dip will go from practically white to a deep rose pink. Zinnia's were one of my grand mothers favorite flowers and she had them growing in her garden every summer when I was a child. Occasionally she would let me cut some for a little vase on the dining room table. Funny how we recall those fond memories of the little things in our past.

I am starting several stitching SAL's - today a board friend in England is starting a SAL on the Blackbird design Quaker Garden - I have everything kitted up and assembled - ready to go so I will start that tonight. Tomorrow I am doing a tiny little patriotic SAL called "Liberty for You" which is a cute little sheepy holding a flag. Even got my mom involved on that one. Later this week the Mystery Stole SAL starts - clues are to be issued one a week for 6 weeks. I have to get my swatch made up - am hoping to use some stashed 4ply wool instead of going out and buying MORE yarn. Need to check the yardage and see how the swatch looks. The stole was meant to be worked on a lace weight yarn and I do have a lovely skein of Helen's Lace on hand that I was hoarding for just the right project. My friend bought some lovely 50%wool 50% silk lace weight yarn from the LYS on Saturday - she has already completed her swatch and says it is lovely. I did very good to resist buying any more yarn on Saturday.

I am planning a pretty quiet 4th this year. I have the option of going to my folks place at the lake and cooking out and so forth but there are a million visitors on the lake and in the adjoining houses. I am pretty tired and it is a 50mile drive so I think I am just going to chill out at home and get some extra rest in the morning. We might cook a burger or we might go out and get BBQ if there is any BBQ joints open tomorrow. Thankfully we are off from work - the rest of the plan is just whatever comes up.

My mermaid rug is coming along very well - I hope to show a progress photo after this weekend. I only have about 2/3 of the outer (final) border left to go. I will have a BIG finish for this year at least in rug hooking. Actually I have a summer sweater that is nearing completion - I think about 10 more hours will wrap up that project as well. I have beautiful buttons from my trip to NYC last summer - I am anxious to affix them to my hand dyed cotton sweater.

Wishing all my friends and my folks a very happy 4th of July - relax - have fun and take a few stitches!!!!!!!!