Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am so ready for fall! We actually had record lows last night which is very unusual for NE FL in October. I am usually knee deep in knitting projects in October but this year I am in a knitting slump - not to say that I have not added lovely fall yarns to my stash this month - the long awaited Rowan Colorscapes for the Fall VK Fassett jacket and also the luscious Cocoon - too gorgeous to escape my clutches. I swatched up the Coocoon but that was as far as it went - the VK design - AACCCKK - not even that much - oh I did get a nice start on a beautiful jacket from the new Debbie Bliss mag - the Drop Collar jacket done in a beautiful rustic gold chunky donegal tweed.

I am trying hard to finish a mini oriental hooked rug called Desert Rose - I am down to the final two borders and just can't seem to get over the hump. This coming weekend is our long awaited rug hooking workshop at the Azalea House with national teacher Diane Stoffel from Cape Cod. Diane did the color plan on my beloved mermaid and also is responsible for the reasonably decent job I did on Shakespeare the marmoset monkey! I am doing a cool folky type design by NotForgotten Farm called Merrie Halloween. I can't WAIT to see what gorgeous colors Diane has cooked up for that project. My dear mother and I are sharing a room and we are both looking forward to getting away from the guys for the weekend and having some fun with our friends who are coming from all over FL for this intimate workshop.

On the stitching report - EEEKKKKK - that is almost worse than the knitting report - what have I done - NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING - have not touched any of my WIP's in soooo long - have taken a few stitches on a little halloween ornament but that is the extent of my efforts. Now I have to admit - I have been doing a good bit of canvas work lately - I have been keeping up to date with a guild group project with my local ANG chapter and that has been fun so far. I also finished a Lee tote insert which I started a couple of years ago - Yeah I know -I know - it could have been finished in a few months but give me a break - at least it is done now and DF Nancy has already mounted it in the bag and made sure I was able to use it this weekend for the retreat to carry a small knitting project or maybe a small stitching project since a good many of the attendees at this workshop are also stitchers.

Hopefully I can put up some photos soon of the finished tote and the finished oriental.

Until then - Happy Halloween - don't eat too much chocolate and make good use of the coming LONG nights on the sofa!