Wednesday, July 27, 2016


July is almost over, it's been incredibly hot this month down here in the deep south.  I think they say it's hot everywhere in the US even places its supposed to be typically nice .  Well I'm just sick of it and it's way too early in the summer for me to feel this way.

I'm going to minimize how much I am beginning to hate summer and move right on to a few fun things we did in July.

Earlier this month our EGA chapter duClay based in Orange Park FL hosted a favorite teacher of ours Janeann Sleeman.  Please click the link to see photos from the class.  I was chairing the workshop and taking the class so I didn't get any photos of my own.  All the photos were taken by a chapter member and class participant Jill E. 
This is a photo of the wonderful kits for the class that Cathy at Inspired Needle. made up for our chapter. Cathy is a plural member of duClay and she does so many nice things for our chapter and is a great online shop to deal with.  The egg canvas is a Labors of Love easter egg , the first in a set of 3.  The stitch guide was also their creation.  Soooo adorable.

My summer as usual has been consumed with Camp Loopy knitting challenges.  Here is my goofy Loopy Ewe bag with my 5 prominent Camp Loop buttons.  Yep this is my 5th year participating, last year it was the agony of defeat when I didn't finish the last challenge on time.  Who knows about this time - every year it seems to get harder and harder. with the extreme heat - it never seems appealing to be sitting under a big wool anything and since I *AM* the Woolwoman - I almost always use wool to knit with.

Here is my camp loopy one project for June - the challenge was that it needed to either be lace, fair isle or intarsia I think.  I quickly picked lace and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting Antarktis by Janina Kallio.  I have picked another Janina pattern for CL 3 in August.

Here is  my never ending CL 2 project.  The challenge was to pick a pattern in your Ravelry library, file of patterns or whatever that you've had on your radar for a year or more and never knitted before.
I chose Zuni for my second challenge.  It's a great pattern but you had to do 600 yard minimum this month and therein lies the challenge for me.  This yarn is by Copper Corgi a hand dyer out of Savannah, one of my favorite places in the world.  The yarn is called Jones St which is a DK blend of merino wool, alpaca and silk, it's just gorgeous.  I hope to wear it down to Jones St this fall or winter and get a photo.  I was in Savannah last week with bag in hand but it was WAY too hot to consider a photo opp in downtown Savannah.

A parting shot of a great BBQ joint east of downtown Savannah on Marsh Island or something like that.  Wiley's Championship BBQ.  Part of the draw was that my dad is also "Wiley".  These folks really do BBQ competitions and used to be in the Atlanta area.  It was truly wonderful BBQ and we like to think we are very discriminating BBQ lovers.  We liked their NC vinegar sauce so much we brought home a pint.
Well friends - I am off to a needlework retreat tomorrow down in Sebring FL with our EGA chapter.  My mom and I will be roomies, there are 20 ladies from our chapter from as far away as PA (waving to Susan) coming to this retreat.  Usually I go to Sebring at least once a year for rug hooking but this time from the looks of it - I'll be knitting my fingers off to meet the 7/31 deadline for CL 2.  I truly hope I can finish and actually do some stitching with my friends.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.  I hope you are all having a great summer sitting in your A/C and doing what makes you happy.