Monday, November 14, 2011


Jody or JD as he sometimes calls himself is 50 years young today.  I can't believe how the years have flown by.  Ours is an interesting story - I have known Jody since he was just a kid riding his bike around our neighborhood.  He was and still is best friends with my only cousin - they are only 4 days apart and grew up in the 'hood together.  While they have somewhat drifted apart - they still keep in touch by phone but since we have all moved away from the area we grew up - the boys are now seperated by about 25 miles.  So in essence - I have known Jody for probably 40+ years and we have been together as a couple since 1980 when I finally saw him one day with my cousin and thought 'HUMMM' - is that Jody??? Wow he has grown up and is pretty cute.  I was in between boyfriends at the time and since he is almost 5 years younger than I am I had never viewed him as anything other than "my cousins BFF".

Jody is a very talented musician - he has played in various bands over the years and has been really missing not having any equipment to not only fill some void in his life but also just to keep limber and stay involved with making music. So for his 50th - I bought him a new Ibanez bass (don't ask me the model - there were dozens of them and I get confused) it is a beautiful very deep navy blue metallic and I think the color was called metallic thunderstorm. He also got a "combo" amp - it pales in comparison to the giant stacks of towering equipment he used to have when he was playing in local bands and doing gigs. I'm really glad he moved out of that phase but I have no doubt he was good enough to be in a professional touring band - I'm just selfish and glad he did not go down that rock and roll highway.

I wanted to get a photo of him holding the guitar but he was too shy.

Here are just a few shots of my best friend Jody.  My soulmate - my buddy.

 This one taken on the porch at my parents house at the lake is one of my faves.  I think he is still a very handome dude and has lots of beautiful thick hair - I'm always trying to get him to let it grow long again but that is selfish of me.  Who wants all that long  hot hair to deal with down here in sweltering NE FL.
 Having fun on the lake - that must have been summer before last because the lake was so low this past summer from no rain that my folks could not even get their boat out of the boathouse.
Happy Birthday my love - may you have many happy healthy returns.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I always struggle with blog titles - pardon me for being silly.  There is a partridge - I tried to think about finding a pear to take a photo of but I could not.  Thereby - my silly blog title.  There is a partridge and it is "on" pear - vintage pear linen that is .  har har

Too bad I am such a poor photographer - however here is a photo of my finish of the BBD partridge bonus chart. It was stitched with the called for Belle Soie silks - two strands so the color is vivid and rich.

I used a wonderful pre-made box I found on vacation at 3 Sisters Antiques and Needlework in Knoxville Tenn.  It has stenciled colonial type designs on all 4 sides and the top which is now covered.  I thought it was just perfect.

Looks like I had too much light on the subject but I could not get the designs on the box itself to show up.  It has ball feet and it was a gift for DF Carol for her October birthday.  I gave this to Carol when she came up for our EGA guilds workshop with Ellen Chester (more on that event in another post) and I just did not get a photo of Carol with the box.  I'm sorry that opportunity slipped by me.  Anyway I am "finishing" challenged so I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.  I ended up pinning the piece to the mat board instead of lacing like the BBD instructions said - I just could not get that to work - of course I have zero experience in that realm so I was quick to get exasperated with it.  Once I pinned it - then gluing the chenille to the box did not work for my project either - so I had to couch the chenille in place to cover the pin heads.  All in all - I was very pleased with the finish.

Here is the darling little Liberty Hill Scissor Box set.  It was SO wonderful and really came in handy with the partridge finishing and using all those nasty pins which needed to be corralled and contained but yet within reach.  It is always fun to add to my LH collection.

Two blog posts in one week - WOW - amazing.  I still can't figure out why my "followers" dont' show up on my blog any more - if anyone knows how to correct that problem - please enlighten me.  Next post I hope to show a few photos from the wonderful workshop we had with Ellen Chester.  Until then - happy stitching/knitting and hooking.