Friday, July 05, 2019


Hi Friends

What little I have to show is from June.

As my long time followers know - every summer I do Camp Loopy - A virtual knitting camp with a small group of friends.  This is with The Loopy Ewe a great online and brick and mortar shop in Colorado.  This is my 9th year of participating WOW !  can it be true.  This year is Space Camp and it's been fun to chatter with my fellow space camp friends making up corny terminology taken from Star Trek episodes and so forth.

Last month I showed you my beautiful yarn choice.  Shell Beach was the colorway by Qing Fibres dyed in England.  Here is the finished shawl - Drops of Joy by Woolenberry.  The odd thing is that I was unable to finish the whole bottom border of the shawl - a pretty fishnet feature.  I wrote the designer mentioning that maybe she needed to change her yardage requirements.  I even dropped a  needle size but still had to bind off because I was out of yarn. 

 A closer version so you can see the two rows of fishnet lace and more about the color of the yarn.  It does look like beautiful shells.  it's still a very usable size but it was just a puzzle as to why I ran so short on yarn.
 The other shawl in progress I dont' think I've ever shown in a monthly club from Jimmy Beans Wool. this is a Sunshower a design  by Ambah in Australia.  You get one color a month and you had two color scheme choices in the beginning.  I've never done a monthly like this before and so far it's been manageable to keep up with every month.  I just added the Harvest gold colorway but my Camp Loopy knitting really takes precedence over everything else. 

It's a really easy relaxing pattern but it's getting big quick.  The yarn is a favorite - Madelinetosh Merino Light - so far I have 6 colors there so I guess I am halfway thru.  There are little eyelets sprinkled around - the rest is mindless garter knitting.

I started feeling bad about how much rug hooking I have piled around and I wanted to work on something easy like filling background.  I have this wonderful Uncle Sam hat -  a Polly Minick pattern.  I did this in a class with Polly some years ago.  I didn't realize I had so much background left to do.  The background is Polly's signature 4 different navy type colors, one hand dyed by Jeanne Benjamin and the other three are overdyes of textures.  Hooked in a 6 cut for any rug hooking fans out there and YES Lauren - I know - If I was hooking is in ginormous 10 cut or whatever - I would be finished by now LOL ! 

 This is a closer shot of the rug.  I did get some background filled in the few hours I was in the mood to sit under wool in sweltering down south humidity.  It's a fair sized runner but will be fun when done.  A few of the colors are from my stash or actually most are I think.  I have several more Polly canvases I would love to get to in my lifetime.
well friends - where does the time go - June is gone with the wind and July is upon us already.  I hope summer brings all the things you love and love doing.  Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.  I am seeing a few people come back to blogging and it's great to see.