Friday, July 31, 2020


HAHA!  those of you who are stitchers thought I had something to post about Jolly July Christmas stitching.  Well guess what !  I have made very few stitches in anything this month but I have almost finished the needlepoint project I was doing for my mom's August birthday.  I'll show it next post when it is fully finished.

In the meantime - all there really is to show and talk about is my Camp Loopy knitting for July.  Halleluiah !  I was able to power thru and get July done with a few days to spare.  This is Tailfeather and the yarn is Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted dyed in the UK - it was awesome to work with and I loved the pattern too. It is a medium gray with just a few colored speckles.  Thus perfectly mimicking feathers.  I had to restart my camp project on July 4th as the first pattern I picked was oddly written and I was really hating it so I knew I wouldn't be able to finish.  I had a hard time finding a pattern that complied with the challenge rules of being 600 yards or being a pattern that would fall into the Science lab theme.  WHEEEEEE  another finish in the pile !
 Camp Loopy August is this lovely merino/cashmere blend by Dream in Color.  After doing typical Mel drab in June and July I needed to amp up the color selection.  This is prickly pear and haywire.  WHOOOHOOO!  Love the greens with a bit of speckle.  I'm doing a Woolenberry pattern called Moon Dust.  the challenge is 800yrd or more this month - SHEESH!!!!!  Some years I can do 800 yards and some years I have failed - actually more than a few years I have failed in August. BOOOO - but I'm going to try real hard and might even be up at midnight tonight to cast on.
 Yes this is how every close I am to finishing my oldest rug WIP.    SOOOOO close.
If I just put a couple of hours into it this weekend I would be finished.  I've run out of many of the greens so now I;m agonizing about what greens I can use to finish up and I would like to do a new to me finish on the edging.  We were supposed to have a rug workshop in August but that just got canceled.  Don't get me started on everything that has been canceled.  Anyway I was hoping to learn this new way of finishing the edge with hooking wool instead of whipping with wool yarn to bind.
Well it's the end of another month.  I know many of you are still staying home and not going out or not going out much.  I do hope whatever you do and where ever you go you will find peace and happiness.  I d love to hear from  you , thank you for your comments on my blog