Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has sprung!

March already?? - It is already unseasonably warm here in North Florida and all the spring flowers, trees and bushes are in bloom. Pollen is so heavy you have to rake it off your car. This is the first year of my life that I have had trouble with my eyes - oh well - middle age has struck I guess!

Had a rug hooking workshop the first of March with Bev Conway from Vermont. Started a canvas out of her repertoire - A fall scene called Pumpkin Patch which has a scarecrow as the focal point. I enjoyed spending time with my friends but the weather was crummy - rained the entire weekend until it was time to go home. Have another rug hooking workshop next weekend in Sebring FL - quite far south where all the foliage is very tropical. I go to this location 3 times a year for 3 day camps and it is glorious. Hook as late as you want - sleep as late as you want - it is just a great time to be had at an old family owned hotel called Inn on the Lakes. I am starting a minature oriental rug with Vivily Powers. I am trying to get a grip on the concept of oriental rugs so that I can return to my huge oriental and do a nice job on it. Hoping Vivily, a long term teacher and someone I have taken before and respect very much can help me drill home that concept.

Am knitting a lot too - Have almost finished one sock out of the new Colinette Jitterbug and close to finishing the back of my colinette cadenza cardigan. Gorgeous yarn - Another midnight knitting at our LYS to look forward to next month.

Stitching - hummm - I am working on a new Long Dog design called St Reatham - gorgeous gigantic sampler - am using Gloriana silk floss in a color called Victorian Garden - hope to get a WIP photo soon. Needlepoint update - am just starting a lovely canvas that I got in the fall at my fave needlepoint shop The Black Sheep in Winter Park Fl - Sadly the owner wanted to retire and has sold the shop but at least it will remain open on the avenue and I hope to visit it soon to see what changes the new owner makes. I plan to keep in touch with the former owner - we have become good friends over the 15+ years I have shopped and taken classes with her. I have an exciting workshop this month with the local ANG guild and a national teacher Carole Lake. 4 of us are also doing a more advanced correspondence course with Carole which we will kick off with an informal meet and greet and dinner during the time she will be in north florida. Lots of exciting things planned for the next several months before the 2nd phase of my project starts up again in Auburn Alabama. Have to have all the fun I can before that gets going and draining the life out of me. Speaking of work - I have just about adjusted to my former boss being gone. My new boss is really kind and has been making some positive changes around here and bless his heart he is getting me a really expensive and ergonomically correct executive chair from Relax the Back store. YIPPEE - I am sooooo excited about that!